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 The massive surprise Rhode gave Zhao Fu was that apart from the armor and equipment that the Grey Dwarves were already holding, they also had another 4,000 pieces of equipment.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu quickly asked Rhode to take him there.

Soon, Rhode brought Zhao Fu to a very large storehouse. It was filled with bronze armor and weapons, and they all shined with a metallic light. Zhao Fu felt as if he had walked into a massive treasure trove, and he quickly went over to take a look.

[Bronze Concentrate Armour]: Grade: Blue, Stats: Strength +1, Constitution +1, Description: Superior quality armor forged from bronze concentrate.

[Bronze Concentrate Sword]: Grade: Blue, Stats: Strength +1, Agility +1, Description: Superior quality sword forged from bronze concentrate.

All of them were quality goods and gave at least 2 points of stats. They were worth around 600 or so silver coins each, and obtaining them meant that everyone in Zhao Fu's army would be able to have new equipment, boosting their strength greatly. Moreover, with this super-big bronze concentrate mine, they would not have to rely on obtaining the rusty equipment from the region of bones anymore.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu's eyes flashed as he thought of a good way to make money. Since he no longer needed the rusty Blue grade equipment from the region of bones, he could sell all of them now.

Li Wen obtained 100 or so pieces of equipment every day, but because they lacked people with forging skills, repairing them took quite a long time. Now that they had an extra 1,000 Grey Dwarves, they could quickly repair them. The 1,000 or so pieces of equipment that Zhao Fu's soldiers were currently using could also be sold.

Of course, Zhao Fu did not plan to sell them to a shop; rather, he wanted to open his own shop. He would only be able to sell the rusty equipment for 300 silver coins a piece to a shop, but if he sold them himself, he would be able to sell them for 400 silver coins each.

Zhao Fu felt quite excited - he had come another step closer to refining a godly spirit. Afterwards, Zhao Fu went over to the Grey Dwarf Barracks.

[Dwarven Warrior]: F+ grade Military. Description: Powerful warriors among the Dwarves. Effect: Receives [Brandish].

[Dwarven Blacksmith]: D- grade Military. Description: A Dwarf who has raised his or her Dwarven talents to its limit. Effect: Receives [Enhanced Forging].

After looking through these professions, Zhao Fu found that the Grey Dwarves had a special military profession, Dwarven Blacksmith. It was D- grade, which was quite powerful. After all, Zhao Fu's Demon Priest profession was also D- grade. However, Zhao Fu's profession was a battle profession, while this was a trade profession. Adding on the Dwarves' latent talent in forging, this profession was quite incredible.

Rhode Village was currently an Intermediate Village, and the limit of the number of Dwarven Blacksmiths was 10.

After going through Rhode Village, Zhao Fu started to make plans for the mine. The gigantic bronze concentrate mine was simply priceless, and it was enough to make anyone go mad over it. Even main cities would want to take it for themselves if they discovered it.

As such, Zhao Fu stationed 2,000 of his soldiers there and ordered them to strictly keep any creatures from coming within 10 kilometers of the mine. This place would determine Great Qin's future.

Following this, Zhao Fu also instructed his people to construct a teleportation channel here to make it convenient to move to and from the Great Qin Village.

Zhao Fu then split his remaining 1,400 soldiers into two teams and placed them under the command of Zhang Dahu, Saar, and his other capable generals. They were to continue exploring the Forest of Horrors and attack any Basic Villages.

Now, Basic Villages were like bits of meat hanging around Zhao Fu's mouth, waiting for him to devour them. If they discovered any Intermediate Villages, they could merge the two teams and attack it. If they discovered any Advanced Villages, Zhao Fu would personally take command.

As such, Zhao Fu did not bother with Basic and Intermediate Villages, and he left them to his subordinates.

By now, Zhao Fu already had 20 villages: eight of them were Human Villages, four were Goblin Villages, three were Gnome Villages, two were Kobold Villages, one was an Orc Village, one was an Elf Village, and one was a Grey Dwarf Village.

Including the Great Qin Village, Zhao Fu's villages spawned at least 130 villagers every day. In three days, he would be able spawn more villagers than what a Basic Village could have. After reaching this point, Zhao Fu finally started to slow down the population growth.

After returning to the Great Qin Village, Zhao Fu took the teleportation channel to Holy Light City and bought a spatial ring. Zhao Fu had long since wanted to buy one, but he had forgotten about it every time. Spatial rings were quite expensive, and a spatial ring that had 10 square meters of storage cost 10 gold coins.

After buying a spatial ring, Zhao Fu returned to the Great Qin Village. He gathered the money that he had collected after all this time and many pieces of equipment before going off to start his shop in Holy Light City.

Just as he was about to leave, Liu Mei rushed over and blocked Zhao Fu's way. Behind her was Asani, the 15-year-old Elf, and Zhao Fu couldn't help but wonder why they were together.

At this moment, Liu Mei unhappily said to Zhao Fu, "Your Majesty, I also want to go to a main city. Why don't you ever bring me?"

"Why would I bring you? I have serious matters to take care of there," Zhao Fu responded, feeling strange.

"Then take me as well. I'm quite pretty, so I'll be able to make you look better," Liu Mei said arrogantly in a confident manner.

Zhao Fu was not sure what to say. Liu Mei was indeed quite beautiful, and she was the seductive type. However, rather than making him look better, she would most likely bring him trouble.

As such, Zhao Fu resolutely refused.

Liu Mei went over and hugged Zhao Fu's arm, rubbing her large chest against him as she said coquettishly, "Your Majesty, I want to go, and so does little sister Asani."

She was using this ploy again. Zhao Fu got goosebumps all over his body, and when he heard what Liu Mei said, he looked towards Asani.

There was still a trace of fear on Asani's face when she looked at Zhao Fu, but she still managed to nod as she looked at Zhao Fu with hopeful eyes.

Zhao Fu thought about it and couldn't help but agree. However, he told them that he would only take them after sorting out the matter of opening the shop.

Liu Mei cheerfully laughed and let go of Zhao Fu. She pulled Asani's arm as they ran off.

Zhao Fu lightly smiled and shook his head before using the teleportation channel and going to Holy Light City.