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 Seeing them beg for mercy, Oleg's expression did not change at all. Countless arrows once again shot out, tearing through the air and killing the countless Chinese people trying to surrender.

The survivors finally realized that surrendering was useless, so they could only run towards the system main city. Now that the system main city was surrounded, there was no chance of them breaking through the encirclement, so they could only try to run within the system main city.

However, they were blocked by the firm barrier, and they pleaded with the system main city to let them in and preserve their lives.

The City Lord looked at the corpses outside, the ground that was dyed with blood, and the weapons that were scattered everywhere. The expressions of the people who had died were quite unsightly, creating a horrifying scene, and it was as if it was a hell on earth.

Looking at the people wailing outside the system main city, the City Lord could only sigh and ignore them. If he let them in, the system main city would lose its neutral status, and the same thing might happen to them. As such, he could only ignore their pleas.

Oleg looked at the system main city and felt that it was a pity. He then said, "Kill all of these Chinese people and clear the battlefield; let's attack the next region before the Chinese people have time to react!"

The other Russians eagerly rushed up and killed the remaining Chinese people before taking the equipment off the corpses.

Looking at the countless dead Chinese people, Oleg smiled - this was the first time he had attacked a foreign nation, and having obtained such achievements, he would receive much praise after returning to Russia.

This was his first step in China, and his goal was to conquer all of China and kill all of the Chinese people.

When he thought of that, Oleg confidently smiled; if it wasn't for the internal fighting within China, causing the shift in Fate, he would not have been able to invade China so early on.

Oleg knew quite a bit about the internal fighting in China - it was mainly because of Great Qin, that monster, which was simply too dangerous. If it was not destroyed, no one would feel at ease. In fact, Oleg had even provided resources to help the allied factions destroy Great Qin.

However, the Chinese side had been too arrogant and overconfident, and it had thought that the foreign factions would not invade them. Right now, the Chinese territory was like a big piece of meat, and everyone wanted to leap on it and take a bite.

"System announcement! The Marquis Peak Region has been conquered by Russia; China's overall Fate has decreased, and Russia's overall Fate has increased."

A system announcement sounded out, making Oleg's smile bigger. Because the Chinese system main cities had become neutral and did not protect Chinese people, they no longer belonged to China and were true neutral factions. As such, killing all the Chinese people in a region equated to conquering a region.

Most of the Russian players looked happy and excited, and they looked over the Chinese players' corpses. They had made great gains this time - apart from the spoils, there were also the War Points, which could be exchanged for many good things.

After a while, they finished clearing the battlefield, and the Russian players followed Oleg's command to push the Chinese corpses into a mountain of corpses with the Russian flag stuck on top.

This made all of them feel incredibly proud, as they had stomped China beneath their feet and trodded on China's pride, making all Chinese people see how powerful Russia was.

The countless Russian players laughed and felt their blood heat up as they followed Oleg onto the next region.

Turning to the incoming Mongolian army, it was led by a fierce-looking young man with a well-built body. He was called Tut, and he had a prestigious background in Mongolia.

Because of Mongolia's traditions, as well as the fact that its territory was mostly flat land in the Heaven Awaken World, the Mongolia players mostly knew how to ride horses and were skilled at archery, which gave them a big advantage; they were much more powerful than those who stayed in their rooms studying.

Almost all of the Mongolia profession types were Cavalry, and they barely had any other professions. Even though they did not have as many people, only roughly five million or so, they were not weak at all. Their Cavalry was incredibly fast and sharp, and it could not be stopped by ordinary armies.

Tut led the Mongolian army like a sharp arrow as they pierced through everything they came across and destroyed all enemies. The sound of the horse hooves drumming on the ground seemed to shake the heavens and the earth, giving off an incredibly fast and ferocious aura.

The situation at the border between China and Mongolia was similar to other boundary regions - there were less than 1.5 million players because the territory that China had was quite sparse, so it was impossible that every system main city would have many people. The more Fate that a region had, the more players would spawn, and the less Fate that a region had, the fewer players would spawn.

The Chinese side was still split into two factions: one wanted to fight even though they knew that they could not win, but they could at least die a glorious death; the other wanted peace and wanted to use any measures to avoid fighting and preserve their own interests.

After living comfortable lives so far, most people chose to try peaceful methods, but before they could even send out a representative, the Mongolian army had cut through the crowd of Chinese people like a cold blade.


Pained cries rang out as countless Mongolian players charged on their horses, brandishing their weapons as they killed all of the Chinese players in front of them.

Warm blood flew everywhere, and the Chinese players fell like blades of grass. Some people resisted, while others chose to surrender.

The Mongolian army did not stop at all and gave off a ferocious aura as it continued charging through the massive crowd of Chinese players. The crowd of Chinese players was instantly annihilated, and it was unable to stop the Mongolian army at all.

All of the surviving Chinese players were flooded by the Mongolian players behind, and regardless if they wanted to fight or surrender or if they were men or women, they were killed without mercy.

In just a moment, 1.5 million Chinese players had been slaughtered, and they had not been able to stop the Mongolian army at all. Following this, the Mongolian players started to clear the battlefield.

Tut ordered the remaining Chinese players to be beheaded and for their heads to be hung off their horses - these were their spoils, and they serve to show their victory and their strength.

Countless Mongolian people approved of this because they felt that having Chinese players' heads on their horses was quite glorious and exciting.

All of their suppressed hatred towards China exploded out all at once.

Very soon, the Mongolian army, with bloodied heads, including the elderly, children, male, and female, hanging off their horses, continued onwards excitedly to the next region.