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 At the south of the Midland Continent, China faced the attacks of three nations: Russia, the most terrifying of the three; Mongolia; and Kazakhstan.

Even though they had less people, they were not weak at all and were much more powerful than smaller nations. Each of these nations had at least one Nation Armament, while Russia had three.

They attacked China from three routes, and the most obvious one was Russia, with the Kievan Rus' Legatee, Oleg, leading them. Kievan Rus was the first nation of Russia, and it was extremely famous within Russia. Oleg was also a noble and an elegant person, like a real prince, and after hearing the system announcement, he quickly gathered the players in the regions around him and started to attack China.

Ten million Russian players were led by Oleg and were the first to attack. They were like a massive river streaming between the regions, giving off an aura that could shake the heavens, as they charged at the Chinese side's system main cities with unstoppable momentum.

The Chinese players were not ready at all, and seeing the Russian players suddenly attacking them, they were incredibly terrified and wanted to negotiate for peace. After all, they only had 1.5 million people, so how could they defend against Russia's attack?

The Russian players had already surrounded the Chinese side's system main cities, and a Chinese representative shakily walked out in front of a young man who was covered with golden armor and riding on a tall warhorse.

"Lord, we would like to peacefully resolve things. We'll give you anything you want!" the person cautiously said.

Oleg elegantly looked at the Chinese person in front of him before looking at the person beside him, who immediately yelled, "Kneel! Who are you to stand while talking to His Majesty?"

Hearing this, the Chinese representative's face froze, and after hesitating, he still kneeled and said, "Your Majesty, is this fine? We want peace, not war!"

Oleg lightly laughed, and his blue eyes looked at the Chinese representative as he said, "You Chinese people are indeed soft. You want to peacefully resolve things? That's impossible. You people should be conquered by Russia, so you can go back now!"

The Chinese representative's expression became quite grim, and he wanted to say something. However, the person next to Oleg cut in, "Hurry up and piss off, you trash. Otherwise, we'll kill you!"

The Chinese representative was so scared that he scrambled back to the system main city.

The scenes within the Chinese system main cities became quite chaotic; some were yelling things like, "Let's fight to the death! We'll just die once, but we can show them how strong China is and make them pay the price for humiliating China!"

However, others yelled, "You idiot! You can go by yourself; I don't want to die. The only thing you stupid people know is fighting; it's much better to resolve things peacefully."

Some other people said approvingly, "That's right. It's better to be rational than impulsive. Look at our equipment and our cultivation; it took a long time and a lot of money to just get to this point. If we fight them and die, we'll lose everything."

Others nodded and said, "Don't listen to those stupid pigs; if they want to die, they can die by themselves. If we die, we'll have to start over, and we'll lose all of our money. If we lose our money, our country's economy will plummet.

"As such, we have to win in terms of economy; a war of finances is the best type of war. Those hot blooded people can go die by themselves; our country doesn't need idiots like you making trouble for us."

Those who wanted peace made up around 80% of the people, and they completely outnumbered those who wanted to fight. Moreover, they cursed and rebuked those who wanted to fight, making them give up on the idea of fighting.

Within a City Hall in a Chinese system main city, a City Lord sighed and said, "We can't defend against so many Otherworlders; it's best that we stay neutral!"

The others nodded and left.

The players within the system main city suddenly felt an energy enwrap their bodies before the scene before them flashed and they appeared outside the system main city. A firm barrier then appeared around the system main city.

By staying neutral, the system main cities decided to evict the players inside and allow the players to fight outside.

In this sort of state, the system main cities would be protected by a powerful barrier but not protect anyone.

This sort of neutral defense status could not be used when being attacked by another system main city or when it still harbored any players.

Ordinarily, system main cities could not use this sort of neutral defence status, but because of the big shift in Fate, they were able to activate it.

The shift in Fate resulted in players gathering in massive numbers, and that would greatly damage system main cities. Because of this, the system allowed the system main cities to undertake drastic protective measures.

After being thrown out, the countless Chinese players had not realized what was happening and stood there in surprise. Oleg and his army had been waiting this entire time, and rows of Archers aimed at the dumbfounded Chinese people.

Swish, swish, swish...

The sound of the air being torn sounded out as a dark mass of arrows, giving off an incredibly sharp aura, rained down on the Chinese players. Blood flew everywhere as cries sounded out, and after just the first wave of arrows, a third of the Chinese players had died.

The blood and the pained cries caused the countless Chinese people to realize what was going on. They quickly grabbed their shields to defend, and some people furiously rushed towards the Russian people.

Chi, chi, chi...

Another wave of arrow rain descended, piercing through countless Chinese people and making their bodies look like wasp nests.

Some people understood that escape was impossible, so they roared and rushed towards the Russian army, while others knelt on the ground, pleading for mercy.

The Russian players mockingly laughed as they shot the rushing Chinese players to death. They then looked at the Chinese players kneeling on the ground, then looked at Oleg.

Oleg raised his head and looked at the surrendered players with a trace of disgust as he said, "The great Russia does not accept captives. These Chinese people are like pigs; kill them all! How disgusting!"

Seeing that the Russian players were about to execute them all, they all started to wail as they pleaded for mercy.

"Lord, I'll kowtow to you! Please don't kill me!"

"I have some Russian blood in me! I'm one of you! Please don't kill me!"

"I want to be Russian! Please don't kill me!"