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 Looking at the six women in front of him, Zhao Fu felt a bit surprised as he knew one of them and had some impression of the others.

One was Sun Sisi, and the other was the female City Lord from East Green. The female City Lord had participated in the battle against Great Qin and been taken captive at the end.

"Who brought her here?" Zhao Fu asked as he looked at Sun Sisi, feeling a bit displeased.

Zhao Fu did not mind other women being brought here, as he only needed their Phoenix Qi, but why had they brought his classmate?

Xianru felt a bit surprised and asked, "Your Majesty, are you familiar with that woman?"

Zhao Fu nodded and replied, "I guess!"

Xianru understood and lightly smiled as she said, "No wonder! I saw that her Phoenix Qi was not something that she was innately born with and was instead something that she had gained; it seems that it was because of Your Majesty. In fact, she doesn't have much Phoenix Qi, so Your Majesty can let her go. However, she has seen Your Majesty before."

After the four regions around them had isolations put up, Great Qin had closed all of its stores in fear of retaliation, and Sun Sisi had lost her job. However, she had not left and was found by Great Qin's Assassins. The Assassins did not care who it was; anyone who had Phoenix Qi would be brought to Zhao Fu.

At first, Sun Sisi had been quite afraid when she had been brought here, but seeing other women also bound up and brought here, she felt a bit better.

After hearing from one of the other women, she was shocked that she had been brought here by Great Qin. However, why was Great Qin capturing ordinary people like her?

Even though she wasn't sure why, she knew about how terrifying and cruel Great Qin was, and the other women's faces were quite pale. However, even if they wanted to commit suicide and return to the real world, it was not possible.

Apart from the female City Lord, who looked furious, the other women were so scared that they did not dare to raise their heads for fear of angering the person sitting above. Hearing how everyone else addressed this person, they were shocked to realize that this person was Great Qin's legendary Legatee. After recalling the terrifying rumors about him, they lowered their heads even more.

At that moment, Sun Sisi realized that the person's voice sounded quite familiar and felt like he was her old boss, but how was that possible?

Finally, Sun Sisi couldn't resist her curiosity and she peeked up, seeing a pale-faced young man sitting there. Sun Sisi stared for a moment before calling out, "Zhao Fu?"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu looked at Sun Sisi and dryly laughed before slightly nodding.

Immediately, Sun Sisi understood everything - no wonder that mysterious boss had treated her so well; so it was her classmate. Sun Sisi had a bit of an impression of Zhao Fu.

Even though they were classmates, Zhao Fu was fairly introverted, and he didn't really interact with anyone else. He was usually by himself, and he was quite ordinary as well.

Zhao Fu was Great Qin's Legatee? Sun Sisi's mind went blank, shocked to the point that she didn't know what to say.

Seeing this, after some consideration, Zhao Fu decided to keep her here, as he could not allow his identity to be leaked.

Zhao Fu ignored the female City Lord's gaze, looked at the other four women, and said, "Raise your heads!"

The four other women slowly raised their heads.

Seeing their faces, Zhao Fu saw that they all had decent looks. The first was a young woman with delicate features and a childish face; the second woman had a slim figure and gave off weak airs.

The third was a woman around 40 years old. Even though her age was much older than the others, she was still quite attractive. The fourth woman had good looks, but her lips were a bit thin, making her look quite shrewdish.

Xianru had gathered information on the four of them, and she told Zhao Fu about them - two of them were from large families, one of them was from an ordinary family that was a bit well off, and one of them was surprisingly from Flower Moon.

Zhao Fu had never expected to catch another person from Flower Moon. However, now that they had brought her here, he could not let her go. Otherwise, with Flower Moon's power, they would be able to make quite a bit of trouble for him.

Xianru took out six pieces of paper that she had already written on and handed them to Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu took them and stamped the Imperial Ruler's Seal on them before saying, "Sun Sisi, Zhao Yining, Liu Rubai, An Yanling, Bao Ningzhu, Li Wanbai, I confer upon you the title of Imperial Concubine."

Six rays of golden light shot into the six women's bodies, and golden traces of Phoenix Qi rose up from their bodies and floated towards the Heaven Prayer Platform. A trace of golden aura descended from above Zhao Fu and entered his body before spreading out.

The image of a golden phoenix appeared within Zhao Fu's body, giving off a brilliant golden light. Under this golden light, Zhao Fu's body was considerably healed.

In just a short while, Zhao Fu's injury had become much better, and a slight rosy glow returned to his cheeks. The Phoenix Qi was quite effective, and without the Emperor Phoenix's power, Zhao Fu most likely would have been crippled after suffering the Fate backlash. It seemed that Phoenix Qi was incredibly important.

Zhao Fu thought for a moment before having people take the women away and take care of them. The women reacted like the other women had, and they still had not realized what had happened.

Afterward, they were taken to a large courtyard, and Liu Rubai excitedly looked at a woman in front of her and called out, "Fourteenth Sister!"

That woman turned to look at Liu Rubai and looked quite surprised; she had never thought that she would see her here, but she immediately realized something and said, "Twenty-sixth Sister, you've also been caught?"

Liu Rubai awkwardly smiled before the two of them started to excitedly chat. They both belonged to Flower Moon, and Liu Rubai had always been worried about her Fourteenth Sister. Seeing that she was fine, she let out a sigh of relief.

Turning to the overall situation of China, the flames of war had burst forth all around China; none of the surrounding nations wanted to let go of this rare opportunity. Such shifts of Fate were incredibly rare, and they had only happened once in the real world.

The Dynasty Legatees and various factions had expended a large amount of resources and people to deal with Great Qin, resulting in a shocking battle, but that had caused the entirety of China to sink into a position of weakness.

This gave the foreign factions an opportunity, so they madly went all-out, ferociously biting at China.

The battles were completely one-sided because the other nations were going all-out and had been spying for a long time, allowing them to make extensive preparations. Their battle intent was incredibly strong, and they swore to break through China and take its position.

On the other hand, the Chinese side still had not realized what was going on and still felt incredibly confident that China was invincible.

Very soon, there was a state of emergency all around China as they faced the attack of the 21 nations, which would lead to an incident referred to as 'China's Shame.'