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 After those system announcements sounded out, the whole world exploded from shock. No one had thought that such a thing would happen; they hadn't known that heavily wounding Great Qin would result in the second layer of the Heaven Domain Boundary being closed, for the New Year Festival to stop, and for the world to progress to the second stage of the Chaotic World.

Most people didn't know what the Heaven Domain Boundary was, so not many people were worried about that. Countless people felt that it was a pity that the New Year Festival had closed ahead of time, but the second stage of the Chaotic World was quite dangerous.

The boundary regions were already incredibly chaotic, with both sides hatefully fighting each other all the time. Now that there were massive rewards, they had even more of a reason to fight and kill, and there would no longer be any peace between them. One side would kill the other, or the other side would kill them.

This would, without a doubt, intensify the hatred between two nations, and luckily, the passages between regions had not been opened yet, or else there would be wars on an international level that would affect an entire nation's Fate.

After hearing that they had heavily wounded Great Qin and that Great Qin had used up all of its Fate, the Dynasty Legatees had been ecstatic. Now, they were far ahead in terms of Fate. They also heard that 200,000 or so of Great Qin's soldiers had died, making them feel even more confident.

However, they had never expected that heavily wounding Great Qin would lead to such a thing.

It was fine for the other countries, but anyone who killed Chinese people would receive five times the rewards, and there was also extra Fate up for grabs. With this massive temptation, even those who did not have enmity with China would want to attack them.

The Chinese factions were at the center of the Midland Continent, and there were 22 countries around it. There was no other country with as many other countries bordering it.

However, as the head of the Heaven and Earth Legacies, and being at the center of the Midland Continent, China did not have to fear the surrounding countries - that was the confidence that it possessed.

Of course, the other countries could only spy on them and would not dare to actually move out against China because they were afraid of retaliation from China. With their strength, there was no way that they could win against Great Qin.

After all, China was not only incredibly powerful right now, but it also had a massive amount of Fate, making it difficult for them to obtain an advantage against it. As such, they could only watch for now. However, no one was willing to submit to others and live below them.

As such, the various countries would, sooner or later, act against China, wanting to step on the Celestial Empire and take its place, becoming the supreme existence.

However, they had been waiting for an opportunity this entire time, and now, this time had finally come. Fate was no longer on China's side!

Right after those system announcements sounded out, the flames of war erupted out all around Great Qin. China had been too confident, and it had relied on its status as the Celestial Empire and its massive amount of Fate to look down on everyone, not putting them in its eyes at all.

However, because of this confidence, it was going to go through a catastrophe!

China's Ancient Clans, as well as the Hundred Schools of Thought, all sighed, as they knew such a day would come. They knew of the threats on the borders, which was why they had tried to prevent any internal fighting.

However, they had been unable to stop either side, especially the various Dynasty Legatees. In order to heavily wound Great Qin, they had even joined forces with foreign factions.

Now, Great Qin had used up all of its Fate, and Great Qin's Legatee had received a backlash from the heaven and earth Fate, which was what they had wanted, but they had also doomed all of China.

Great Qin had been the first to build a Town, then a City, and possessed much of China's Fate. It was one of the five Great Ancient Empires, and it also had China's Clan Armament. Moreover, Great Qin's Legatee was the only person how had awakened the Myrtle Imperial Star.

With its massive amount of Fate, Great Qin had become China's main pillar, and now that it had collapsed, all of China would collapse as well.

Now that there had been a shift in Fate, everything would be fine if China could defend against the invasions, but if it couldn't, all of China would be in dire straits.

China's Fate had collectively decreased, resulting in all Chinese people's luck to go down. Not only would their land be taken, but countless Chinese people would be massacred as well.

After hearing these system announcements, as well as the reports that battles had erupted all around China's borders, the Dynasty Legatees' expressions became quite unsightly. Their plan had succeeded, but they hadn't wanted this sort of thing to happen, as all of them would be affected as well.

Right now, China looked like a delicious piece of meat to everyone else, and it would be surprising if no one attacked them. Out of the 22 countries around China, only Pakistan did not attack, while the other 21 countries sprang at China like ravenous wolves.

The people on the other continents admired those on China's continent, as they could attack China and receive massive rewards.

Some ignorant Chinese people, who also received this system announcement, felt incredibly angry that the New Year Festival had stopped because of Great Qin.

It was only the fifth day of the New Year Festival, and it should have concluded in two days. It was rare for there to be a festival where they could obtain a large amount of rewards without doing much, so now that it was gone, it was a big loss to them.

"Screw you, Great Qin!"

"Great Qin, I hope your whole family dies! You screwed me over, you idiot!"

"Damn your ancestors, Great Qin. You idiots ruined the New Year Festival!"

"Screw Great Qin's entire family!"

Countless people started to curse at Great Qin continuously because their interests had been harmed.

They did not think of who had caused all of this - if it wasn't for ordinary people like them, Great Qin would not have been forced into this sort of situation and consumed all of its Fate.

However, if Zhao Fu had known that consuming all of Great Qin's Fate would lead to an outcome like this, Zhao Fu still would have done this. After all, he'd rather destroy the whole world than have the world destroy him.

Back at Great Qin, Zhao Fu looked quite shocked as he had never expected such a thing to happen. He understood why he had been injured so heavily - he had received a backlash from the heaven and earth Fate.

Zhao Fu looked up at Xianru and asked, "You also received the system announcements, right?"

Xianru lightly nodded.

"Do you have any methods that can heal this Fate backlash?" Zhao Fu asked. He felt that his body was incredibly weak, without any power at all. Even with his powerful Sovereign Bloodline, his recovery would be incredibly slow. Zhao Fu understood that this sort of backlash could not be easily healed.

Xianru lightly replied, "You don't have to worry about this, Your Majesty. As the ruler of Great Qin, if Great Qin's Fate recovers, it will help heal you. Also, the Phoenix Qi from the Emperor Phoenix Statute can also help."