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 On the other hand, Zhao Fu coldly looked at the player army that was continuously decreasing in numbers and ordered the demons and Skeletons to continue attacking madly.

At that moment, Zhao Fu's face started to become pale because the drain from using Demon Domain Doors was simply too great. Even though he was using up Fate, his body started to be unable to bear the strain, and he wanted to get rid of the player army quickly.

Otherwise, as soon as he lost consciousness, the demons would return to the demon realm. Zhao Fu couldn't pay attention to the other battles, but he knew that they would be incredibly bitter and intense as well.

He had to get rid of this player army because if they combined with the system main city army, Great Qin would have no hope.

The countless demons and Skeletons heeded Zhao Fu's orders and attacked the players even more savagely than before. The ground was covered with corpses, and fresh blood ran everywhere, the gory smell making everyone want to vomit.

Seeing how terrifying the demons were, many players did not want to fight anymore and started to slowly retreat before turning and running. Seeing that the player army was about to fall apart, the commanders yelled, "Those who run won't receive any rewards, while those who die in battle will receive bonus rewards!"

This made the players who were about to run stop in their tracks. After all, they had come here for the rewards, and they had gone through so much already. If they lost their rights to the rewards now, all of this would have been for nothing.

Countless players gritted their teeth and started to counter-attack against the demons and Skeletons. Hearing that they would receive bonus rewards if they died in battle, the players did not feel as scared anymore and started to vigorously counter-attack.

However, the demon tide did not decrease at all, and the player army continued to fight with the countless demons and Skeletons.

The numbers on both sides continuously decreased, and death covered the entire battlefield.

With the demons' evil nature and the Skeletons' hatred of living creatures, as well as the fact that they held the upper hand, even though their numbers continuously decreased, they showed no intent of retreating. Their minds were filled with thoughts of slaughter, and the deaths of other demons or Skeletons did not affect them in the slightest.

This was what made them different than players - even though the players had stayed, because of their terror, their battle strength had greatly decreased, and the battle leaned more and more in favor of the demons and Skeletons.

Elsewhere, the battle between Great Qin's soldiers and system main city soldiers was also incredibly intense, and it was completely different compared to the scene with the players; this was a true battle.

Both sides had incredibly strong battle intent, and neither side feared death. Blood continuously flew into the air, and people continuously fell, their life slipping away.

However, the system main city army was still at a disadvantage. They had to face the maddened and bloodthirsty Great Qin soldiers from the front and the 100,000 Battle City soldiers from the back. When the Battle City soldiers had betrayed them, they had killed many of the people around them.

There were less than 30 people fighting in the sky, but their battle was not any less intense.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Massive explosions rang out in the sky, and the destructive power from that battle destroyed everything around them. The trees on the ground were easily obliterated, and the shockwaves made it so that no one dared to even go near them.

This battle also slightly favored Great Qin - with the five General Stars' power, Great Qin's City Lords were slightly more powerful than the system main city City Lords.

There was also Ge Nia with his extraordinarily sharp sword skills, forcing a City Lord into passively defending without getting even the chance to counter-attack. After all, if he was not careful, he would be heavily wounded, if not killed, by Ge Nia.

A trace of blood flowed out of Zhao Fu's mouth - he felt as if his body was being torn apart, and his consciousness started to go hazy. However, the battle was not over yet, so he could only grit his teeth and continue activating Demon Domain Doors.

Time gradually passed, and Zhao Fu continued to grit his teeth and persist. He was not just bleeding from his mouth. He was also bleeding from his nose and even his eyes, and his consciousness became more and more hazy.

By now, Zhao Fu didn't have the heart to look over the battlefield, and he could only focus on trying to stay conscious. He bit his tongue, and the pain woke him up a bit, allowing him to continue holding on. However, why was activating Demon Domain Doors so taxing?

His body started to hurt more and more, and Zhao Fu felt that the pain already surpassed the side-effects of using Demon Domain Doors.

"Cough!" Zhao Fu felt a sweetness in his throat as he coughed up a mouthful of blood. The demonic flame around him disappeared as his body started to ooze with blood.

There was no time to think about anything else, and Zhao Fu focused his very being on maintaining the Demon Domain Doors. The pain became more and more intense, and it was as if his flesh was being carved away and his bones were being shattered.

Zhao Fu completely disregarded everything else, and he could only faintly sense that the battle around him was becoming more and more intense, as the sound of battle and shouts sounded out in the surrounding ten or so kilometers.

Finally, Zhao Fu was unable to hold on any longer, and his consciousness faded. His vision turned black as his body powerlessly fell from the sky.

After a while later, Zhao Fu slowly woke up, and he saw Xianru's face. Right now, Zhao Fu's body was laying on the ground with his head on Xianru's lap.

"How is the battle?" Zhao Fu's voice was a bit hoarse as he feebly asked Xianru.

Xianru lightly smiled as she replied, "The battle has concluded, and Great Qin won. The Generals are clearing the battlefields right now."

"What about our losses?" When he heard this, Zhao Fu felt slightly relieved, but he had to worriedly ask about the losses.

Xianru looked at Zhao Fu, and her smile dimmed as she said, "Great Qin lost 240,000 people, and five Generals died."

"Cough!" Hearing those figures, Zhao Fu felt an ache within his heart, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Xianru quickly stroked Zhao Fu's chest to make him feel better and comforted him, saying, "Your Majesty, our gains were also incredible. We killed 700,000 enemies and obtained 100,000 captives. 300,000 people also ran away. Great Qin also killed six City Lords and captured one alive. Commander Bai Qi and a few others have gone to relocate their system main cities."

As for the players, only a small portion of them escaped as most of them had been killed by the demon tide. There were also less than 100,000 Skeletons remaining.

Hearing Xianru's words, Zhao Fu felt much better. However, he suddenly saw many system announcements, making him feel greatly shocked.

"System announcement! The Heaven Domain Boundary has been affected, and the second layer has closed ahead of time."

"System announcement! The second stage of the Chaotic World has been unlocked. Killing people of different nations will give a different number of War Points."

"System announcement! Great Qin has used up its Fate, causing a shift in Fate, and the New Year Festival has ended ahead of time."

"System announcement! Conquering Chinese territory will give additional amounts of Fate, and killing Chinese people will give five times as many War Points."

"System announcement! Chinese people, defend against the invasions. Killing invaders will give two times as many War Points."

"Warning! If China's overall Fate is lowered to a certain level, China's position as the head of the Heaven and Fate Legacies will be lost."

"System announcement! Great Qin's Legatee has received backlash from the heavens and earth."