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 "Your Majesty! What should we do?" The City Lords also sensed this, and they flew up into the sky, their faces paling when they saw this.

Zhao Fu had never thought that they had already grasped a way to break through isolation barriers and that slowly advancing had only been a feint. Once Great Qin attacked one of the armies, the other three would immediately advance quickly.

Only the high-ranking commanders knew about this, or Great Qin's spies would have long since reported it. In that case, how should they deal with this?

Zhao Fu's expression became incredibly cold, and he did not seem as flustered. He thought for a moment - the players were quite weak, and he had measures to deal with them, but what about the 1.2 million Stage 1 soldiers?

Great Qin only had 800,000 soldiers, and there were 600,000 or so Stage 1 soldiers. There were 200,000 or so soldiers who were at Stage 0-8 or Stage 0-9, but facing 1.2 million Stage 1 soldiers, it would be simply too difficult.

However, Great Qin still held some advantages. First, the attacking side was affected by the event's debuffs and had lost 30% of their stats, and their equipment was only Blue grade, while at the very least, Great Qin's soldiers had Silver grade equipment.

Moreover, with the five General Armaments' buffs, as well as the Great Qin City's buffs, Great Qin's soldiers' stats were far higher than the system main city soldiers' stats.

Since they could not escape, their only option was to fight. They would either win or die!

"I'll deal with the three player armies; you all take care of the system main city army!" Zhao Fu said seriously to his City Lords after making his decision.

Hearing this, the City Lords gathered Great Qin's 800,000 soldiers, who gave off an immense wave of killing intent.

"Hahaha... Great Qin can't run this time. Brothers, charge! Destroy Great Qin!"

"Trash Great Qin, I'm going to do the will of the heavens and destroy you!"

"Kill! Kill everyone in Great Qin and see if they can still be so arrogant! This elder's going to trample Great Qin's Legatee to death!"

Countless players excited rushed over - with their nine million or so players and 1.2 million system main city soldiers, they were completely confident that they could destroy Great Qin this time.

Great Qin's 800,000 soldiers austerely faced off against the system main cities charging at them from the east, while Zhao Fu stood against the three player armies by himself.

Countless players flooded over, creating a rumbling that seemed to shake the heavens. The aura in the entire Forest of Horrors became incredibly heavy, and many wild beasts were scared into fleeing.

Zhao Fu stood in the air, coldly looking at the flood of players. The Sky Desolation Azure Dragon would only act when Great Qin was about to be destroyed. Even if the 800,000 soldiers and all of his Generals were killed, the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon still would not act.

Also, because the golden dragon had expended all of its strength to give Zhao Fu the Heaven Murder Bloodline, it was unable to deal with these players either.

Since the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon and golden dragon both could not help, Zhao Fu only had one method left, which was to use Great Qin's precious Nation Fate. Even though Fate was very important to Great Qin, if its 800,000 soldiers all died here, the player army would be able to rampage throughout Great Qin's territory.

The Sky Desolation Azure Dragon had guaranteed that it would not allow Great Qin to be destroyed within 100 years, but that was only with respect to Great Qin being destroyed. Even if the player army took over the entirety of the Forest of Horrors, causing Great Qin to have nothing, the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon would not act. Zhao Fu did not want such a thing to happen.

As such, Zhao Fu decided to use Great Qin's Nation Fate. Great Qin's Fate was not as little as before; after the first battle at Heavenstone City, Zhao Fu had been very careful as to how he used Fate.

After developing for so long, Great Qin's Fate had increased, and after conquering numerous cities, towns, and villages, as well as destroying many Legacies and conquering a lot of territory, it had 100 times more Fate than before and could be described to be an ocean.

Now, Zhao Fu planned to use up all of it. The sky gradually darkened, and a gale started to blow as clouds gathered. Everyone innately felt a sense of danger descend, causing their hairs to stand on end. It was as if a massive disaster was going to explode.

In the air, Zhao Fu's black cloak lightly fluttered as he stretched out a hand and pointed it towards the sky as he roared, "Great Qin's Fate... gather!"


A shocking explosion sounded out as a gigantic whirlwind burst forth. The clouds started to rapidly spin as thunder could be heard from the sky.

Traces of a black aura continuously rose up from the ground in the Forest of Horrors, which gathered towards Zhao Fu. The traces of black aura soon formed a black flood that entered Zhao Fu's body.


A sky-toppling pressure descended that seemed to want to annihilate the heavens and the earth. The pressure almost felt corporeal and caused the ground in the surrounding 10,000 meters to sink down by one meter, and many trees and boulders were crushed.

Cracks appeared in the sky as the ground continuously trembled. A massive wind blew as the light flickered, and it seemed as if the heavens and earth could not withstand this sort of power.

In the air, Zhao Fu was covered by black flames, making it impossible to see his body. Only his two blood-red eyes, that gave off an intense light, could be seen within the black flames.

The countless players felt the dangerous aura from the sky, making them feel as if their bodies had fallen into a freezing ocean, and they couldn't help but tremble.

The 12 City Lords from the surrounding regions also felt this terrifying aura, and their expressions changed as one of them said, "That person's trying to cast some terrifying attack; quickly stop him!"

The other City Lords nodded and sped up as they rushed towards Zhao Fu, wanting to stop him, but 12 figures stood in their way.

Seeing so many City Lords blocking their way, the other City Lords felt incredibly surprised. If Great Qin wanted to attack a region, that region would find it extremely difficult to defend.

Now that Great Qin had such terrifying strength, it seemed that their plan to work together and destroy Great Qin had been the correct one to make.

"Demon Domain Doors!" Zhao Fu cried out from within the black flames as an orb that was as big as a fist rose out of the black flames and shot into the sky.


The sky seemed on the verge of shattering as the black orb spread out, creating a massive black hole that spanned 10,000 kilometers. A massive amount of demon qi flooded out, and that demonic and dark aura filled the entire space around it.


Countless demons flooded out of the black hole, giving off twisted, wicked laughter. There were all sorts of demons - there were not just little demons but also snake demons, goat-headed demons, and the like.

What was even more shocking was that these demons were not made of demonic qi. Instead, they had real flesh and were real beings.

The Demon Domain Doors was the upgraded version of Hell's Doors, and it was even more powerful. Only by consuming a large portion of Great Qin's Fate had Zhao Fu been able to use this skill.

The demon tide gave off a shocking dark aura as it charged towards the three player armies, and facing the twisted-looking and ugly demons, the players felt a chill within their hearts and looked completely terrified.