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 The sudden onslaught of countless arrows from both sides was completely unexpected by the players. After all, facing the massive Skeleton army ahead, they hadn't expected there to also be an ambush on both sides.

Chi, chi, chi...

Countless arrows fell like rain, burying themselves into the players' bodies. Blood spurted everywhere as many people immediately died.

The smell of blood caused the Skeleton army to rush over with even more vigor, and their aura became even more ferocious.

At that moment, 12 figures appeared in the air, all of whom gave off a massive aura. The pressure that came from the 12 figures weighed down on the players' chests, making it difficult for them to even breathe.


Bai Qi raised the Seven Murders Sword and sent all of his power into it, causing it to give off a terrifying blood-red light that almost dyed the entire sky blood-red. A sword wind gathered around him, and it was filled with a murderous aura that made the players below feel incredibly terrified.

Following this, Bai Qi slashed downwards, causing a massive blood-red sword light to flash towards the massive shield wall.

The other City Lords also unleashed their power and attacked the shield wall as well.

The terrifying attacks blasted the shield wall open like lightning, and many Shieldbearers and Infantrymen were instantly killed.

In just an instant, countless attacks flew past, causing blood and severed limbs to fly into the air. The ground was dyed blood-red, and even though the player army had many people, they did not have any extremely powerful figures, which was their greatest weakness.

Liu Hongjiang could only order the countless Archers to attack the 12 figures in the sky. The multitude of arrows forced Bai Qi and the others to temporarily retreat and go on the defensive.


A massive explosion rang out as the Skeleton army smashed into the remainder of the shield wall. The remaining segments were not very powerful anymore and was wholly unable to stop the incoming Skeleton army.

The instant that the shield wall was destroyed, the countless Skeletons eerily laughed and started to madly attack the players. The beast-type Skeletons rushed up to bite the players, while the humanoid Skeletons continuously slashed out with their weapons. Those that were weaponless stabbed out with their claws, piercing players' chests.

The player army desperately retaliated, and their attacks either sent the Skeletons flying or reduced them to a pile of bones.

Swish, swish, swish...

A massive number of arrows once again shot out from the left and right towards the chaotic battlefield. As the arrows rained down, countless players were killed.

Great Qin's soldiers were hidden in the distance and only attacked with arrows, mainly to avoid fighting with both the players and Skeletons. After all, Great Qin was unable to control all of those Skeletons, so it was possible that they would harm Great Qin's soldiers as well.

The player Archers wanted to return fire, but because Great Qin's soldiers were so far away and were hidden within the surrounding forest, it was very difficult for them to hit Great Qin's soldiers.

On the other hand, Great Qin's soldiers all had higher cultivation and better equipment, and their arrows were able to pierce two or three players at a time - they were on a completely different level.

With the help of the countless Archers, the player army was forced back by the Skeleton army, and they were unable to resist them at all.

Seeing Great Qin's strength, Liu Hongjiang felt incredibly shocked - no wonder so many people had lost to Great Qin.

The chaotic battlefield allowed Great Qin's City Lords to attack the player army. Sword lights that were 100 meters long flashed out, and because the players were all relatively weak and all bunched together, each attack hit many of them.

Each of the attacks caused thousands of deaths - the players' bodies were obliterated, making the gory smell incredibly intense.

The player army was completely suppressed - they were attacked by the Skeletons from the front, assaulted by arrows from the two sides, and blasted with attacks from the 12 City Lords above.

The battle was completely one-sided, and the player army continuously retreated while the Skeleton army continuously advanced, and the death toll for the players continuously increased.

Many people felt quite afraid, and seeing that there was no hope of victory, they started to run. Their battle intent was not very strong, and they had already been greatly scared by Great Qin. Facing such a ferocious attack, they did not dare to continue to resist.

Seeing this, Liu Hongjiang's heart sank, and he hurriedly called out, "Don't be afraid of dying! Maintain your lines! Even if you die, anyone who contributes will receive ten times the rewards! Don't worry. The Dynasty Legatees and the various factions won't let you down!"

"10 times the rewards?" This caused the players who had started to escape to stop in their tracks. Those rewards were simply too tempting, and it was to the point that they were not afraid to stay and die. They would not die a true death anyways, so they would do it for the money.

At that moment, another figure appeared in the sky, giving off a terrifying pressure, making it seem as if the air had frozen.

Liu Hongjiang looked up in surprise at the cloaked figure and thought to himself, This is Great's Qin Legatee? What a terrifying existence!

Zhao Fu looked at Liu Hongjiang and understood that he was the commander. As such, he took out a bow and nocked an arrow on it before drawing it fully.


An arrow shot out, turning into a cold light that tore through the air and almost instantly pierced through Liu Hongjiang's chest. Liu Hongjiang only had Stage 1 Cultivation, so he did not have any power to resist Zhao Fu's attack.

However, as Liu Hongjiang fell to the ground, there was a slight smile on his face that was quite perplexing - why would he smile as he died?

Zhao Fu did not notice this strange smile and instead turned his attention to other parts of the battlefield.

After losing their commander, the player army completely fell apart, and countless players desperately ran while the Skeleton army madly chased behind them.

No one knew how many players ended up escaping in the end, and this battle was Great Qin's victory. It was just that the two million or so Skeletons only had around one million Skeletons remaining.

Players' corpses littered the battlefield, and Zhao Fu ordered the soldiers to gather the spoils and then return to Great Qin. Because they had the Skeleton army, it had not been too difficult to deal with the players, and Zhao Fu smiled.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu sensed that something was off, and he looked into the distance, a look of shock on his face... he had fallen for their trap!

The three other player armies of three million players each were ferociously charging over, giving off terrifying auras. What made Zhao Fu's expression even worse was that there was an army of 1.2 million people coming from the east, who were all Stage 1 soldiers, as well as 12 City Lords flying over.

Great Qin was in dire straits this time - it was surrounded on all sides and could not run at all, causing Zhao Fu's face to pale.