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 All of the corpses had expressions twisted in extreme pain as they hadn't died from a fatal attack. Instead, they had slowly died from unspeakable agony.

There were countless corpses here, forming the terrifying scene ahead. Almost all of the 50,000 people who had disappeared had died here.

What sort of person would do such a thing? It was simply too inhumane and cruel!

Seeing the shocking scene ahead, countless people felt a chill within their hearts, and their bodies uncontrollably trembled. Great Qin's ruthlessness froze them in place, and they did not dare to take a single step forward.

They would not die true deaths, but Zhao Fu would make them wish for death and make them endure immense pain and suffering. Zhao Fu had not wanted to do this, but they had provoked him time and time again and brought a great threat to Great Qin.

They had pushed Zhao Fu's patience to the limit, so he was forced to use this sort of cruel measure to force back the attacking player army.

Seeing this scene, many people in the player army did not wish to continue anymore. Once they were caught by Great Qin, they would end up like this as well; they would be better off dead than alive, and they did not want to suffer this sort of pain.

As such, many people decided to leave. If they stayed here and were caught by Great Qin, they would be doomed.

Seeing this, the commander calmed them down before returning to the real world to report this.

As this matter spread into the real world, countless people gasped - these measures were simply too cruel and ruthless. As a cultured society, those who heard about this started to condemn and curse at Great Qin.

They already thought of Great Qin as evil and what they were doing as just and righteous, so everyone stood on the victims' side, acting like they were supporting righteousness.

The countless factions also felt quite terrified - right at the beginning, Great Qin had used such extreme tactics. It seemed that before, Great Qin had been showing mercy the entire time. Only now did everyone realize just how terrifying and merciless Great Qin was, so they had to be wary when opposing Great Qin, or they would turn out like that as well.

Countless people condemnedGreat Qin's cruel behavior, causing Great Qin's reputation to plummet even further.

Seeing how madly twisted Great Qin had become, the Hundred Schools of Thought and various sects all sighed - they were unable to stop either side.

The Dynasty Legatees all believed that something must have happened to Great Qin; otherwise, it would not have used such cruel and merciless tactics to scare people off. As such, they decided to continue the attack.

After receiving a reply, the commander returned to the Heaven Awaken World and told everyone that the rewards would be doubled and that suicide pills would be provided - if they were caught, they would be able to immediately commit suicide and not endure any pain.

Suicide pills were a very unique type of medicinal pill that could be consumed first and activated later. They contained lethal poison and would allow one to die quickly.

Hearing that the rewards would be doubled and that suicide pills would be provided, the players felt quite excited, and many of them decided to stay and continue.

Zhao Fu also heard about this. He had thought that with these terrifying measures, he would be able to scare off a large portion of the players, but it seemed that he had underestimated the factions and players.

As such, he could only use that to destroy one of the player armies before thinking about how to deal with the other three.

Zhao Fu gathered his military forces and set out.

The east side's commander was called Liu Hongjiang, and he was from the School of Military. He led the strongest army out of the four player armies.

Facing his army, Great Qin's Assassins had nearly failed, but because there were so many players with their guards down, they had still been able to take away some people.

Zhao Fu's main goal was this army - if they could destroy the strongest army, their morale would definitely plummet, and Great Qin's chance of success would greatly rise.

On the east side, a valiant-looking middle-aged man led the player army slowly forward - this man was naturally Liu Hongjiang.

Liu Hongjiang was somewhat well-known in the School of Military, or else he would not have been made the commander. He had complete confidence for this battle, and he was certain that they would be able to heavily injure Great Qin.

Everyone else tried to curry favor with Liu Hongjiang and insulted Great Qin, while Liu Hongjiang merely smiled. He did not bother listening to these people, and because he knew just how terrifying Great Qin was, he did not dare to be careless.


A massive explosion sounded out as ten black pillars of light rushed into the sky, and a gigantic black magic formation appeared, giving off a large amount of black light and an eerie deathly intent.


It was as if there was a flood approaching from ahead as a flood of deathly aura surged towards them. Liu Hongjiang was greatly startled and knew that Great Qin was attacking. However, he quickly calmed down, called over one of his trusted aids, and gave him some instructions.

After listening to Liu Hongjiang's words, the trusted aid immediately turned and left.

"Prepare yourselves!" Liu Hongjiang roared as all of the players started to get into formation. The Shieldbearers rushed up to form a shield wall, the Archers drew their bows, and the Infantrymen also braced themselves.

Before bringing this player army out, Liu Hongjiang had given them some basic training, so they could coordinate in an orderly fashion.


The massive sound continued to come closer, and Liu Hongjiang's pupils constricted as he saw just what was coming - they were Skeletons. There were humanoid Skeletons and beast Skeletons, and there were roughly two million or so of them.

All of the Skeletons gave off a black aura, making it seem as if a black ocean was flooding towards them. Its aura was incredibly ferocious, and the deathly aura also made the players feel a chill within their hearts.

Liu Hongjiang already knew a lot about Great Qin, and he knew that Great Qin could summon Undead Disasters. However, he had thought that they were unable to do so anymore, or else they would not have been chased down by those three million players previously, which was quite shameful.

However, Liu Hongjiang had never expected that Great Qin could still summon an Undead Disaster and one of this magnitude.

These Skeletons were comprised of the corpses that Great Qin had collected while clearing the Forest of Horrors, as well as the wild beasts it had come across and the livestock it had raised.

That was why Zhao Fu had ordered his soldiers to collect these corpses - to be used in key moments like this.

Originally, Zhao Fu only wanted to use this Undead Disaster to break through a defensive wall and stop Great Qin from being surrounded.

However, he had never expected these people to suddenly attack Great Qin. However, now, he had a better use for them, and with their help, Great Qin would be able to easily destroy this player army.

Swish, swish, swish...

Before the Undead army had rushed up, countless arrows suddenly shot out from the left and right, tearing through the air with immense force.