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 After walking for a day, the player army found a flat region and tiredly began to set up camp. They did not sense any danger and had some people stay up as guards while the rest went into their tents and slept.

Of course, they could go into the New Year Dreamland and participate in the event; after all, by doing this, they would not be wasting any time.

"Ai, it's freezing, yet they want us to stand guard at night," a youth said as he stood next to the bonfire with his arms wrapped around him.

A chubbier youth next to him also said unhappily, "Yeah! Why does it have to be us standing guard! Why can't they do it!"

A middle-aged uncle near them looked at them and said, "Ask the manager tomorrow; he'll most likely give us some more rewards. Also, I'm going to just go into the New Year Dreamland quickly; as long as we go in, we can still get 100 New Year Points and use those points to redeem things. We can't let those 100 New Year Points go to waste."

Hearing the middle-aged uncle's words, the two youths grinned. Since there would be extra money, there was nothing to complain about. As such, they allowed the uncle to quickly enter the New Year Dreamland, after which they would also go in and get those 100 New Year Points as well.

The uncle was not worried about much; after all, there were many night vigils, so there would not be much danger. As such, the uncle leaned against a tree and closed his eyes, entering the New Year Dreamland.

Just as the two youths were about to start chatting again, a cold light flashed, and blood spurted out. The two youths fell to the ground, dead.

A few hooded figures appeared next to them, and one of them checked on the two youths before motioning at the uncle leaning against the tree. One of the hooded figures went over and knocked the middle-aged uncle out.

It wasn't that the Great Qin Assassins didn't want to kill him but that after entering the New Year Dreamland, if they suffered a fatal attack, they would receive a system announcement and would be forcefully woken up. As such, they could not kill anyone who was sleeping.

However, taking advantage of the players' relaxed guard, the Assassins could kill many people during the night, but their goal was not simply to assassinate.

The 50,000 Assassins were split into four teams to deal with the four player armies. Because of the New Year Dreamland, the Assassins did not wantonly massacre and instead knocked out the people who were in the New Year Dreamland and moved their bodies.

After knocking those people out, they would drag them out of the camp, and the Assassins came and dragged 50,000 people out of the camp.

After bringing these people out of the camp, the Assassins bound them with ropes. Because they were now quite some distance away, it did not matter if they yelled out, as no one would hear them.

Buckets of cold water were poured on their bodies, and that icy feeling woke all of them up. Looking at the hooded figures around them, they instinctively sensed a wave of danger and started to cry out.

"Who are you all? Let me go!"

"Sir, I just wanted to earn some rewards; please don't kill me!"

"Please don't kill me. I'm still a child!"

The Great Qin Assassins coldly looked at all of them and did not reply. Instead, they took out sharp knives and started to carry out Zhao Fu's orders.

After the night passed, as the sun gradually rose from the horizon, the rest of the players arose from their slumber and yawned before leaving their tents.

"Ahhhh!!" A cry sounded out, causing many people to rush out of their tents in surprise, and they found many dead guards.

The enemy had attacked the previous night, but none of them had noticed anything!

The commander in charge hurriedly said, "Hurry and check who's dead and who's missing!"

A few people beside him immediately left, and they came back a while later and replied, "We're missing around 50,000 people, and apart from some people who were killed, there aren't any other losses."

"There are only 50,000 people missing?" Hearing this, the commander let out a sigh of relief. They had three million people, so 50,000 was not a great loss.

It seemed that Great Qin had discovered them, so they could not act carelessly. After thinking about it, the commander gave out some orders.

As for those missing 50,000 people, without even thinking about it, the commander knew that they were dead. Because these people did not die true deaths, no one else minded too much either.

However, after knowing that Great Qin had launched a sneak attack at night, they all felt quite scared and became even more cautious.

After packing their things, the commander gave the order to quickly advance so that they would join together with the other armies. Once they had 12 million players gathered together, Great Qin would not be able to do much, and he was confident that they would not lose.

This was because Great Qin had been forced to retreat by a few million players last time, which meant that Great Qin did not have any terrifying measures left. As such, they felt quite confident.

If the 12 million players attacked Great Qin together, there was a high likelihood that they could destroy Great Qin or at least heavily wound it. After going back, they would be viewed as heroes and would be heavily rewarded. When he thought about that, the commander started to grin.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" Terrified screams sounded out from ahead, and the commander was greatly startled. He immediately took people over.

After reaching that place, he saw many people collapsed onto the ground, their bodies trembling and their faces pale. Some people were even continuously vomiting.

The commander felt quite surprised, but as he looked ahead, he felt a bone-chilling feeling spread throughout his body. His hands and feet felt incredibly cold, and he had an incredibly shocked expression on his face because this scene was simply a bloody purgatory.

There were many corpses hung on trees, nailed to trees, or lying on the ground. All of these corpses had died different deaths, but all of them had died in horrific ways.

Some people had been skinned and then hung, allowing the cold wind to blow against their exposed flesh. There was a layer of ice on their bodies, and a few people were still on their dying breaths, weakly breathing.

Some people had been bound to trees, but their stomachs had been sliced open from their throat to their lower body, causing their internal organs to spill out.

Some people had their hands and feet chopped off, their eyes gouged out, and their tongues cut off. Ropes were tied around their waists, hanging them on the trees. Some were still howling pitifully.

Some people were pierced by long spears through their anuses, and some of them were speared together, making them look like a kebab skewer.

Some women's eyes had also been gouged out, and their lower bodies had been pierced, nailing them against trees.

Some people even had pieces of their flesh cut off, leaving them a bloodied mess, and their corpses were also nailed against trees.