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 Now that Great Qin's Legatee had once again not made it into the top ten, many foreign factions started to mock and provoke China.

"Chinese people are all trash; victory belongs to us. Next time we attack China, we'll take their women and make them serve us!"

"China has gone into decline; wasn't it so powerful before? This is too disgraceful!"

"We're the most superior in the world! The Chinese are like livestock and should be killed; they're not even worthy to put on our shoes for us!"

"Hahaha, Chinese people are dogs; if you're angry, come bite me!"

Facing these words of mockery and provocation, many Chinese people could not endure it and cursed back, and an intense battle of cursing ensued.

However, there were many people who did not bother to take notice of this and continued to go about matters peacefully. They wanted to show the foreign nations that Chinese people were friendly and that they could co-exist in harmony.

Zhao Fu did not know about any of this, and after coming out of the New Year Dreamland, he looked at the four women sleeping beside him. He got up and left, going to collect Great Qin's New Year Points.

This time, they had collected another two billion New Year Points. Zhao Fu came before the Exchange Stone Stele and looked to see if there was still anything worth exchanging for.

All of the ten General Medallions had been claimed, so Zhao Fu looked at the General Fates. Compared to the General Medallions, the General Fates were much cheaper.

After all, Great General level General Fate cost about 300 million New Year Points, but every faction could only purchase one Great General level General Fate.

The other ones were all inferior General Fates, and there were also purchase restrictions. As such, Zhao Fu spent 300 million New Year Points to purchase a Great General level General Fate and did not see anything else of value.

He did not bother looking at any inferior General Fates, so he could only continuously look through the Exchange Stone Stele. Otherwise, all of the New Year Points he had would go to waste.

Back within the room, the four women had woken up, and seeing that Zhao Fu had already left, they felt quite surprised. Nothing had happened during the night, and afterward, some female attendants came in to bring them breakfast and things to wash up with. They then took them to their own rooms.

There, they also met the other women who had been made concubines. Seeing so many beautiful women, Sun Hanxiang, Wei Qing, and Xu Liuyi inwardly cursed at Zhao Fu for being a lascivious and incapable ruler.

However, after chatting with them, they were surprised to find that they had misunderstood Zhao Fu. Afterward, a few female soldiers took them out of the City Hall and showed them around the Great Qin City. Seeing how prosperous and bustling the Great Qin City was, as well as how the residents praised Zhao Fu, Sun Hanxiang, Wei Qing, and Xu Liuyi fell silent, while Bai Xihan's expression remained the same as she walked beside them.

After looking through the Exchange Stone Stele, Zhao Fu saw that there was not much else of value, so he called Xiao Jian over and gave him a violet orb - this was the General Fate.

He could only exchange for one, and out of the Generals, Xiao Jian's performance had been the best. Even though he was a bit extreme, he could resolve matters that he dealt with quickly, so Zhao Fu decided to give the General Fate to him. If he could obtain another one, he would give it to Zhang Dahu because he did things calmly and steadily.

Xiao Jian immediately expressed his gratitude to Zhao Fu before returning to his own courtyard to fuse with the General Fate.

Zhao Fu took care of some more matters before wearily returning to his room at night.

Zhao Fu was surprised to see that the four female Generals were within his room, as he did not ask them to come. He had only wanted to humble them the previous night, but tonight, the four of them were already lying on the bed.

They thought that Zhao Fu still wanted them to sleep with him, and they also wanted to test what he was thinking. As such, they were very cooperative, and not only were they lying on the bed, but they were also only wearing a thin gown that accentuated their body's curves.

What was going on? Zhao Fu felt incredibly surprised, and after looking at their Loyalty, he saw that Sun Hanxiang, Wei Qing, and Xu Liuyi's Loyalty had increased from 0 to 20.

Even though this Loyalty was not very high, Zhao Fu was still pleasantly surprised because as time went on and they understood Great Qin more, their Loyalty would continue to increase, and they would most likely serve Great Qin in the future.

Moreover, Bai Xihan's Loyalty had increased to 70. Zhao Fu guessed that something must have happened during the day for their Loyalty to rise so quickly.

Following this, Zhao Fu entered the New Year Dreamland, and through his efforts, he received similar gains to the previous night.

"System announcement! The New Year Dreamland is about to close, and the Dreamland Rankings will be revealed. The top 1,000 rankers will all receive prizes."

Following this, a massive stone stele appeared in the sky, and names and numbers also appeared.

Number 1: Tina Pendragon, 220,000 New Year Points!

Number 2: Caesar Augustus, 200,000 New Year Points!

Number 3: Akhenaten, 210,000 New Year Points!

Number 4: Minamoto Jin, 190,000 New Year Points!

The top two people did not change, but the new third place was Akhenaten, the Legatee of the Ancient Egyptian Empire. Minamoto Jin was now ranked fourth, and ranked fifth was Tsarist Russia's Legatee, and Great Zhou's Ji Shenming was sixth.

This time, the factions all over the world celebrated - now, China, which had always been number one, was not even in the top five. This was something worth being excited about.

On the other hand, countless people within China had dark looks on their faces and felt quite dispirited. Their confidence had been heavily wounded, and the enemies of China became more and more arrogant, their insults becoming worse and worse, saying things like they wanted to make the men slaves and use their women like tools.

Zhao Fu's ranking was still a bit higher, but he started to worry about the rankings and was worried that there could be a big shift of Fate.

During ancient times, the world's Fate was mostly gathered around the east, and the west had been fairly behind. However, after a big shift in Fate, the world's Fate gathered mostly around the west, causing the east's Fate to weaken, and even now it had not fully recovered.

Zhao Fu was worried that such a thing could happen again. Even though China had a lot of territory in the Midland Continent and had a big advantage, once its overall Fate weakened, it would not be able to withstand the invasion of foreign nations. If this was the case, Zhao Fu had to quickly restore Great Qin.

Not too long after his consciousness returned to his body, an urgent knocking sounded out at the door as a soldier said, "Your Majesty, things are bad! I have an urgent matter to report!"

Zhao Fu's expression immediately changed; very rarely were there such urgent matters, so something big must have happened. Zhao Fu quickly got up, put on his clothes, and went outside.