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 This meant that they could run away or betray him at any time, as their Loyalty was only at 50. This meant that their attitude towards Great Qin was neither good nor bad.

Once their Loyalty fell below 50, they could run away, and if it fell to zero or below, they would definitely leave, and he would not be able to change their minds. There would be little to no chance of reconciliation.

Zhao Fu was surprised that their Loyalty was not 100 unlike Bai Qi and the others, who were loyal to Zhao Fu to the death. No matter what Zhao Fu told them to do, they would follow Zhao Fu's orders and not disobey him.

And yet, these Generals were not as loyal. Zhao Fu thought about it and realized that it was most likely because they came from a parallel world and had no relation to him or Great Qin unlike Bai Qi and the others.

After all, Bai Qi and the others had been sleeping within Great Qin's Legacy, so they would naturally be 100% loyal to Great Qin. For these people who came from a different world and belonged to different factions, it was impossible that they would be 100% loyal to Great Qin.

"What is it, Your Majesty?" Xianru asked when she saw that Zhao Fu's expression wasn't too great.

Zhao Fu told her what was on his mind, and Xianru lightly smiled and said, "In that case, Your Majesty, you should make them your concubines. Even if they're not willing at first, after becoming your women, they won't be able to fight against reality and will serve you in the end.

"Also, because they're all Great Generals, not only do they have Great General Fate, but because they're also women, the Phoenix Qi that they possess is also abnormally strong, and it is comparable to that of an Empress's! Your Majesty, not only can they help you claim new territory, but they will also be able to help you stabilize your existing domain. You can never have too many of such people."

After hearing Xianru's words, Zhao Fu hesitated, as he wasn't sure if this was the right thing to do.

Seeing this, Xianru understood what Zhao Fu was thinking and slightly bowed as she said, "Your Majesty, you have to think of the grand scheme of things. This way, not only will you be able to subdue them, but you'll also be able to provide the Emperor Phoenix Statue with a large amount of Phoenix Qi."

"Alright!" Zhao Fu looked at the five people in front of him and said, "Now that you are Great Qin's Generals, I will not mistreat any of you. If you view me as a friend or family, I will do the same!"

Despite Zhao Fu saying such words, the five people's Loyalty did not change at all. Even though what Zhao Fu said were his heartfelt words, all five of them were Generals and would not make a judgment of Zhao Fu simply based off what he said. As such, they remained wary and alert.

Zhao Fu understood this, so he said, "Shang Yang, take Li Mu and familiarize him with Great Qin. As for you four, come with me!"

Sun Hanxiang and the three other women looked at each other but were unable to guess what Zhao Fu's aim was. As such, they followed Zhao Fu to a hall, while Xianru stayed by Zhao Fu's side.

After entering the hall, Xianru started to write on paper with a brush, and Zhao Fu looked at the four of them and did not hesitate to say, "I want you all to become my concubines!"

This caused the four women's expressions to all change - they never expected that this would be Zhao Fu's aim. They were all Great Generals, yet he did not value their skills and abilities. Instead, he was after their bodies; could they really serve a lascivious and incapable ruler like this?

Sun Hanxiang, Wei Qing, and Xu Liuyi's Loyalty plummeted to zero, and they decided to escape instead of serving Zhao Fu!

Zhao Fu couldn't help but sigh as he had expected this. However, what surprised him was that Bai Xihan's Loyalty increased by ten, rising to 60.

What was going on? Was it because Bai Xihan also belonged to Great Qin in the parallel world? Was that why she was more loyal to Great Qin?

Zhao Fu looked at Bai Xihan's icy-cold face but could not guess what she was thinking.

"Your Majesty, I request to leave. Rest assured, I promise to never act against Great Qin as an enemy," Sun Hanxiang said resolutely as she paid her respects to Zhao Fu.

"Your Majesty, I would also like to leave. Please allow me to," Wei Qing said seriously.

"Your Majesty, I would also like to leave. I will not become an enemy of Great Qin either," Xu Liuyi also said.

Zhao Fu felt quite frustrated - it had taken a lot of effort to obtain these Generals, yet they said they wanted to leave. It was impossible for Zhao Fu to allow them to leave, as they would definitely accomplish great things. If they were to serve someone else, they would be very dangerous for Great Qin, so releasing them would be like releasing a tiger back to the mountain.

Moreover, since Great Qin had expended great resources to summon them, how could he just let them go like this? Even though Zhao Fu didn't want to force them to stay here against their will, he had no other choice.

Zhao Fu could only reply with a cold expression and domineering tone, "Do you really think that's possible? You will become my concubines; that's something you cannot change. Come to my chambers tonight; this is non-negotiable!"

By now, Xianru had finished writing, and hearing Zhao Fu's words, she smiled and handed the four pieces of paper to Zhao Fu.

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, Sun Hanxiang, Wei Qing, and Xu Liuyi's faces became pale, and they felt quite angry. Sun Hanxiang pointed at Zhao Fu as she cursed, "You lewd and incapable ruler! Do you really think we'd submit to you? You underestimate us too much!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite angry and icily looked at them.

However, he did not bother saying anything because they could not resist. As long as he made them his concubines, the Nation Fate suppressing them would make it impossible for them to even die. Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and took the four pieces of paper.

"Mm! I'm willing to become your concubine!" someone icily said, surprising everyone and making everyone look at that person.

Zhao Fu also looked at Bai Xihan with surprise. Facing everyone's gaze, Bai Xihan stood there like an ice statue, not reacting in any way.

The scene fell silent, and Xianru quickly broke the silence as she said, "Your Majesty, hurry and confer the title on them."

Zhao Fu came back to his senses, took out the Imperial Ruler's Seal, and pressed it on the four pieces of paper, causing them to shine with golden light. Sun Hanxiang, Wei Qing, and Xu Liuyi's expressions fell, as they had a bad feeling. However, they were unable to resist, and they did not even have any weapons on them.

They were much smarter than average women, so they thought about it and decided to wait for an opportunity.

Zhao Fu did not say much as he waved his hand, and the four pieces of paper turned into golden rays of light that entered the four women's bodies. Immediately, a large amount of golden Phoenix Qi flowed out of their bodies, after which four small golden phoenixes flapped their wings and flew towards the Heaven Prayer Platform.

"Skreeeee!" A phoenix cry sounded out, bringing with it an immense might as the entire sky was dyed golden. Clouds started to swirl, and Zhao Fu had never expected their Phoenix Qi to be able to cause changes within the Emperor Phoenix Statue.

Even the golden dragon within Zhao Fu's body was quite shocked and said, "Zhao Fu, I never thought that you had something like this! Once it develops, it will be incredibly powerful!"