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 What surprised people even more was that Great Qin's Legatee was not even within the top ten because the top ten names were all publicly revealed. All of them were Dynasty Legatees, and because none of them had hidden their names, it was confirmed that Great Qin's Legatee had not entered the top ten.

It was not just the Chinese factions who were shocked; the factions all over the world were shocked too. After all, after being suppressed by Great Qin for so long, now that they had finally surpassed Great Qin, they couldn't believe what was happening and felt like it was a dream.

How was it possible that he had not entered the top ten? He had obtained a monstrous 580,000 New Year Points on the first day and annihilated everyone, making them feel so much pressure that they could not breathe. This had forced all of them to think of measures to obtain more New Year Points, resulting in these gains.

Seeing that Great Qin's Legatee, who had astounding results in the first day, not even make it into the top ten on the second day, countless factions could not process what was going on.

Following this, many laughs and cheers erupted. They had finally once again beaten Great Qin and did not have to suffer its immense pressure. Their melancholic emotions immediately became emotions of joy.

"Great Qin's so trash; now, it's being suppressed by us!"

"Brothers! Let's go get a drink! We wrecked Great Qin this time!"

"Haha, Great Qin's not all that great. I thought it was so strong, but it can't even enter the top ten now. What trash!"

"I'm so happy! We actually beat Great Qin! By the way, where can I pee?"

Seeing that Great Qin had not performed well, countless people were incredibly excited and mocked Great Qin. They had been suppressed by Great Qin all this time, so all of the feelings they had repressed were vented out.

However, this was the truth - regardless of the reason, Great Qin had not entered the top ten, and they had been victorious.

However, what they didn't know was that this was because Zhao Fu had given up the first place spot. If he wanted to obtain it, no one would be able to defeat him.

Right now, Zhao Fu cared the most about collective gains and disregarded his individual gains.

Also, some people did not sense any danger. Now that foreign factions had started to take first place, that meant that they were becoming more and more powerful. Meanwhile, the Chinese side was still fighting internally and trying to destroy Great Qin.

However, since they did not care, how could Zhao Fu care? He only wanted to protect his own subjects; that would be enough for him.

Since they did not treat Great Qin as their own, Great Qin would not treat them well either or help them in the future.

Let alone the top ten, Zhao Fu did not even make it into the top 50 and was only ranked 58th. It seemed that almost every Legatee had some sort of technique or method, or else they would not be able to obtain so many New Year Points.

Zhao Fu sighed as the New Year Dreamland closed and his consciousness returned to his body in the Heaven Awaken World. Now, it was time for the thing he had been anticipating - collecting all of Great Qin's New Year Points.

After seeing the total, Zhao Fu was completely startled - Great Qin's total this time was two billion New Year Points, which was simply too shocking.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu couldn't help but feel ecstatic, but he quickly calmed himself down and rushed to the Exchange Stone Stele. Apart from the first General Medallion that Zhao Fu had obtained, none of the others had been purchased yet, as no one else had gathered enough New Year Points.

Now that it was the second day, people had definitely collected enough New Year Points, so Zhao Fu could not delay and let others claim all the good prizes.

After going to the Exchange Stone Stele and seeing that the other General Medallions were still there, Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief. Just as he was about to purchase the second-ranked General Medallion, a violet light flashed as it suddenly disappeared.

Zhao Fu was greatly startled and hurriedly purchased the third-ranked General Medallion, after which the fourth-ranked and fifth-ranked ones disappeared.

"Damnit! The parallel world Wang Jian has been claimed!"

Zhao Fu inwardly cursed as he hurriedly claimed the sixth-ranked General Medallion, and a violet light flashed as the seventh-ranked and eighth-ranked General Medallions also disappeared.

Zhao Fu couldn't waste even a single second and felt incredibly hurried as he claimed the ninth-ranked General Medallion and immediately went to purchase the tenth-ranked General Medallion. However, a violet light flashed, and Zhao Fu's heart sank.

However, suddenly, the tenth-ranked Medallion appeared in Zhao Fu's hands, and Zhao Fu felt an immense wave of relief wash over him. His body was covered with sweat, and he had thought that it had been claimed by someone else. However, it turned out that he had been the one to have claimed it.

Zhao Fu had two billion New Year Points, so claiming four General Medallions was no problem at all. After all, the first-ranked General Medallion had only been 500 million New Year Points, and all of the lower-ranked ones were worth less and less.

What Zhao Fu was most afraid of was having a large number of New Year Points but not having anything to buy - that would simply be a tragedy.

Luckily, he had been able to obtain four General Medallions today: the first was the third-ranked General, Bai Xihan; the second was the sixth-ranked General, Wei Qing; the third was the ninth-ranked General, Li Mu; and the fourth was the tenth-ranked General, Xu Liuyi.

Now, all of the ten Great General Medallions had been claimed, and with the first General Medallion that he had claimed, Zhao Fu had obtained five General Medallions.

That meant he could summon five Generals, of whom four were women and one was a man. Zhao Fu did not mind if they were men or women; all five of them were Great Generals and would be of immense help to Great Qin. Moreover, they all had their own General Stars.

Now, it was time to summon all of them. Everyone else felt quite curious about these parallel world historical Generals, so many people came to watch.

Zhao Fu took out the five General Medallions and threw them into the air. They gave off a large amount of white light as five figures gradually appeared before everyone.

The first was a woman wearing men's clothes. She had a nice-looking face and a graceful bearing, giving off a steady and imposing aura - she was Sun Hanxiang.

The second was also a woman who wore white clothes and looked extremely beautiful, but her face was as cold as ice, making people not dare to approach her. This was especially so with her eyes that were filled with a faint killing intent - she was Bai Xihan.

The third was also a woman. She wore a suit of armor, had above average looks, and had tanned skin, giving off a heroic air. She was Wei Qing.

The fourth was a young man who had white skin and wore gray robes, and he gave off the airs of a great general - he was Li Mu.

The final person was a young woman who also wore a suit of armor and had a mature body. She had womanly airs about her and looked quite beautiful - she was Xu Liuyi.

Seeing the five people in front of him, Zhao Fu looked at their stats and found that their Loyalty was only 50 as opposed to 100.