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 The Light Sword's name became 'Seraph Sword,' and Zhao Fu put the sword away. Now that he already had four swords on him, he simply could not carry any more swords.

The Seraph did not seem displeased at all and only smiled as she respected Zhao Fu's decision. This made Zhao Fu feel quite guilty; even though Zhao Fu's power leaned towards darkness, the King's Power did not lean towards good or evil, so Zhao Fu could use the Seraph Sword if he wished.

At the same time, the Seraph did not express any ill intent to the Sky Demon, making Zhao Fu feel quite surprised.

After all, angels and demons were bitter enemies, and the Sky Demon expressed intense disdain towards the Seraph, as she instinctively hated light attributes.

Zhao Fu thought about it and asked his subordinates about a storage for swords, and he obtained an item called a 'Sword Mark.' It was a Gold grade item that they had just obtained during the New Year Festival.

The Sword Mark was a mark that could store swords. Upon using it, a mark would appear on one's body, which would function like a spatial ring but was quite different.

The swords within the Sword Mark would be able to freely enter or exit, and the Sword Mark could be used even in places where spatial rings were sealed. Moreover, it had a function that could maintain the swords.

Zhao Fu used the Sword Mark, and a mark in the shape of a sword appeared on the back of his left hand. Zhao Fu looked at the space within the Sword Mark and found that there were 42 rectangular slots, meaning that he could store 42 swords.

He could put in all of his swords. The other swords did not mind going into the Sword Mark, as it was essentially the same as being worn at Zhao Fu's side.

Zhao Fu then tried out the Sword Mark - he first put the five swords in and then summoned them out. The mark on the back of his left hand flashed as five sword lights shot out, and five swords that gave off different energies floated in front of Zhao Fu, allowing him to choose.

Zhao Fu was quite satisfied with this Sword Mark and also quite happy that he had finally obtained the last sword necessary to form the Eight Absolute Sword Formation. Zhao Fu didn't bother catching the golden animals, so it was time to set up the formation.

After collecting all of the materials required, he went to an empty area in the city and drew lines, forming a 1,000-meter wide magic formation, and used energy stones to provide the energy.

He then had Bai Qi, Wei Liao, and Wang Jian lend him their swords and put the eight swords in different places around the magic formation. Each of them gave off a resplendent sword light as they fused into the magic formation. The magic formation gave off eight different sword lights and an incredibly dangerous aura.

The Eight Absolute Sword Formation was finally complete, and Zhao Fu activated it to see what the effects would be like.


A massive explosion sounded out as a flood of sword qi erupted out, seeming to slash through everything in the surrounding 10,000 meters. As the sword qi flew about, gashes appeared on the ground, making anyone who saw this feel a deep sense of shock and fear.

The Eight Absolute Sword Formation's true power would only be revealed at night within the New Year Dreamland, but the power that it showed already was already quite shocking.

The daytime event was not too important, and Zhao Fu could leave catching the golden animals to others. Seeing that he still had some time, Zhao Fu gathered his Generals and discussed how to face the incoming army.

After the New Year Festival passed, they would definitely attack. They had simply too many people, and it would be quite difficult for Great Qin to face them. Whether they won or lost, those people would fulfill their aim in dragging down Great Qin.

The meeting lasted until the New Year Dreamland opened. Zhao Fu then had people go to activate the Eight Absolute Sword Formation as he entered the New Year Dreamland.

After entering the New Year Dreamland, Zhao Fu once again became a little Nian and had to start over from the beginning.

However, within Zhao Fu's body, there was now a trace of white sword qi. This white sword qi was not as powerful as the four sword lights from before and could not instantly kill other Nians, but it would still be effective at striking their bottoms.

However, as a long-distance attack, it was still a massive advantage over the other Nians who had to get close to hit other Nians' bottoms.

As soon as the white protective barrier disappeared, Zhao Fu immediately started his massacre. At first, he hid away and continuously use the white sword qi to hit other Nians' bottoms while they were distracted.

Because the sword qi was quite sharp, upon hitting other Nians' bottoms, they would feel a sharp, prickly feeling, causing them to howl. Because Zhao Fu was hidden away, there started to be rumors of an invisible bottom-stabbing demon.

On the other hand, Zhao Fu looked quite innocent as he hid in the midst of other Nians and continuously used his sword qi. However, as he gained more and more New Year Points, his body became larger and larger, and he was discovered in the end and chased after by thousands of Nians.

Facing so many Nians, Zhao Fu had no choice but to run. Luckily, with his speed, he was able to shake all of them off.

Following this, Zhao Fu ran into someone familiar, Liu Xinze. He hadn't expected to be able to find him again, and Zhao Fu felt quite surprised. After chatting, they decided to continue to work together until they reached a level where they had to split up.

Without the four sword lights, Zhao Fu could not wantonly go around committing massacres, and it would take much longer for him to level up. The white sword qi was only effective against Level 1 and Level 2 Nians, as Level 3 Nians had protective barriers, so it would not be too easy to attack them.

However, Zhao Fu could accept this as even though the sword qi was not very powerful, almost everyone in Great Qin would have it. This sort of sword qi would give them a big advantage, and in light of their collective gains, Zhao Fu did not mind not doing as well.

After rising to Level 5 and obtaining the bloodline attribute, the speed at which Zhao Fu obtained New Year Points became even faster. Just based on his powerful bloodline alone, he was able to destroy other Nians at the same level.

One time, ten or so Level 5 Nians felt quite jealous of Zhao Fu's rainbow light, so they decided to work together to deal with Zhao Fu.

Facing the ten or so Level 5 Nians, Zhao Fu did not show any signs of panic because he had a Sovereign Bloodline and his stats were many times theirs. As long as he wasn't surrounded by them, he would not give them an opportunity to attack him simultaneously, and he would be invincible.

As such, in front of Zhao Fu's immense power and speed, the ten or so Level 5 Nians failed and were killed by Zhao Fu, causing Zhao Fu to become a Level 6 Nian.

Time quickly passed, and soon, it was time for the end of the New Year Dreamland. This time, Zhao Fu's gains were not as great as last time - he had been a Level 9 Nian last time, but this time he had only been a Level 7 Nian.

"System announcement! The New Year Dreamland is about to close, and the Dreamland Rankings will be revealed. The top 1,000 rankers will all receive prizes."

Number 1: Tina Pendragon, 190,000 New Year Points!

Number 2: Si Ji: 160,000 New Year Points!

Number 3: Ji Shenming, 140,000 New Year Points!

Everyone was quite surprised that the person in the number one position was Tina Pendragon - this was the first time someone other than a Chinese person had ranked first.