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 As Zhao Fu thought about ways to obtain a large amount of New Year Points, he suddenly felt an immense pain within his head. It was a sharp, stabbing pain, and it was as if something was stabbing into his brain.

This immense pain caused Zhao Fu to powerlessly fall to the ground and roar in pain.

After hearing this large Nian fall to the ground and roar in pain, many other Nians ran over, and there were many Level 2 Nians and Level 3 Nians among them.

It was evident that this Nian was unable to fight, and with how big it was, killing it would result in a massive amount of New Year Points. Everyone was greedy for New Year Points, so countless Nians rushed over.

However, no one dared to make a move - after all, a thin camel was still larger than a horse, and it was still a Level 4 Nian, which was an apex predator in the New Year Dreamland. Many of them were afraid that Zhao Fu was pretending, as all of them were fine.

However, could they just keep watching on like this? The Nian horde felt quite hesitant, but suddenly, they all saw a little Nian rush out and hit Zhao Fu's bottom before quickly retreating.

Massive amounts of bubbles flowed out of Zhao Fu's body and entered that little Nian's body, making it immediately double in size and become a Level 2 Nian.

Seeing this, the countless Nians' eyes went red, and they were able to confirm that Zhao Fu was indeed unable to fight. Right now, Zhao Fu's head hurt so much that he was unable to pay attention to anything else.

As such, the Nian horde swarmed towards Zhao Fu and was just about to reach him when his head suddenly stopped hurting. Instead, there were now four sword lights within his head, which all gave off different lights and different auras. Zhao Fu could tell that these were his four swords.

Zhao Fu opened his eyes and looked at the approaching Nian horde as his eyes became cold, and he sent out the four sword lights.

The four sword lights shot out in different directions, sending out massive rays of sword light that quickly annihilated all of the approaching Nians.

Seeing this, the Nians at the outer ring were given a big fright and immediately ran away, resulting in there being a big, empty area around Zhao Fu.

At that moment, Zhao Fu's body gave off a large amount of white light. Even though Zhao Fu had just lost some New Year Points, the four sword lights had killed countless Nians, including Level 2 and Level 3 Nians, causing Zhao Fu to become a Level 5 Nian.

As a Level 5 Nian, Zhao Fu was now as big as an ox and even more powerful. Moreover, the light that Zhao Fu's body gave off was not white anymore but rainbow-colored. Now, Zhao Fu looked like a divine beast.

Zhao Fu felt a bit surprised, and after looking at the system announcement, he realized what was going on - Level 5 Nians were given a bloodline attribute.

In other words, his own body's bloodline was able to affect his Nian body within the New Year Dreamland. With his Sovereign Bloodline, it was not too surprising that he would give off rainbow-colored light.

With this bloodline attribute, all of his abilities became even more powerful.

After becoming a Level 5 Nian, Zhao Fu was essentially invincible, and he could also control his sword lights. He no longer had to chase after other Nians or hit their bottoms; he could directly use his sword lights to kill them and obtain New Year Points.

Zhao Fu did not know what was happening; it was as if there was a bug. However, he didn't mind and killed everyone who came his way, causing his New Year Points to continuously increase.

Suddenly, a violet glutinous riceball appeared, and its violet light shot in all directions, dying the area it was in with a violet light. Seeing this, countless Nians rushed over because violet glutinous riceballs were worth 1,200 New Year Points.

Because of how fast he was, Zhao Fu quickly arrived but laid an ambush. Seeing the massive number of Nians rushing over, Zhao Fu grinned as he sent out his sword lights towards them.

After seeing Zhao Fu, countless Nians turned and ran as they cried out, "The big Nian's over there! Don't go over!"

The 'big Nian' was naturally Zhao Fu. With his massive body, terrifying attacks, and unique rainbow light, he had become countless Nians' nightmare. Because Nians could continuously revive, people continuously told other people, resulting in most people knowing about Zhao Fu.

As such, as soon as they heard about the 'big Nian,' countless Nians desperately ran away and did not dare to go for the violet glutinous riceball. It was clear just how terrifying Zhao Fu was.

However, they were unable to escape; Zhao Fu caught up and pierced them with his sword lights, killing many of them, and the rest of them scattered in terror.

Finally, looking at the empty region, Zhao Fu put away his sword lights and ate the violet glutinous riceball.

"System announcement! You have eaten a Violet Glutinous Riceball and obtained 1,200 New Year Points!"

"System announcement! You have become a Level 6 Nian!"

Just as Zhao Fu ate this violet glutinous riceball, he received two system announcements. His body once again became bigger, and he was now as big as an elephant. The aura he gave off was also even more powerful.

At the same time, Zhao Fu received a new attribute, which was Beast King Domain!

Within his Beast King Domain, all of Zhao Fu's attributes were enhanced, while those that stepped within his Beast King Domain would have their attributes weakened.

After rising to Level 6, Zhao Fu became even more overpowered, and he continued to massacre everyone he came across, leaving behind no survivors.

Seven hours later, Zhao Fu's body had become 20 meters tall, looking like a small mountain, and he gave off a horrifying aura. Any Nians that saw Zhao Fu in the distance would immediately turn and run.

By now, Zhao Fu was a Level 9 Nian, a peak-level existence, and he was simply incomparable.

After reaching this state, Zhao Fu realized how lonely it was being this powerful and that the number of prey was decreasing. Zhao Fu did not even bother killing hundreds of smaller Nian, so he could only walk around looking for more powerful Nian or massive groups of Nians.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu saw a familiar figure, and he lightly laughed as he jumped and landed in front of a little Nian.

That little Nian had been quite happy as she ate a glutinous riceball, but the sudden appearance of the figure in front of her caused her to immediately turn and run. The aura of the figure in front of her was simply too powerful, simply a monster.

Seeing that she wanted to run, Zhao Fu stretched out a claw and pressed her against the ground, and the little Nian looked at the massive figure in terror.

Because Zhao Fu's body had become so much bigger than before, it took the little Nian a while to realize who he was before she waved her little paws, angrily shouting, "It's you again! I'll kill you!!"

She was that young woman Nian, and Zhao Fu had never expected to see her again. Funnily enough, she still wanted to kill him, and Zhao Fu grinned as he flicked her away, not even bothering killing her.