Since their families did not stop them, why would Zhao Fu meddle in other people's business? Zhao Fu ignored them and walked into the real estate office to ask what benefits and restrictions Barons had.

At this moment, Jiang Rou saw Zhao Fu and Bai Qi. Even though they were wearing cloaks, Jiang Rou recognized them immediately. She couldn't help but call out, "Excuse me, are you Mr. Zhao?"

Zhao Fu paused in surprise, not expecting to be recognized instantly. He nodded, indicating that he was.

The pompous young man's expression became cold when he realized who those 2 people were. They were the ones who had beaten him up back then. When he had heard that the young man was a Legatee, Zhou Jie had thought that he had caused great trouble. However, after investigating, he found that there were no Legatees surnamed Zhao in the Forest of Horrors, and there were no powerful families in the Forest of Horrors either.

After all, if a Legatee was in the Forest of Horrors, his or her family would also move to the Forest of Horrors to help him or her gather resources and develop. However, there were no such signs.

Moreover, they had only thought that Zhao Fu was a Legatee because his followers addressed him as 'Your Majesty.' As such, there was no solid evidence that he was actually a Legatee.

Zhou Jie believed Zhao Fu to be a commoner who liked acting cool by ordering his subordinates to address him as 'Your Majesty.' Goddamit, what a shameless person - even his family didn't dare to do such a thing.

Zhou Jie coldly laughed. He believed that the people he had brought last time were too weak, and he had learned his lesson. From then onwards, he always had people who were fairly strong around in hopes of taking revenge on Zhao Fu someday.

"Boy, step outside with your elder if you dare," Zhou Jie said with a cold smile. He knew he definitely couldn't do anything in here, so he planned to call Zhao Fu outside to deal with him.

Jiang Rou's expression became ugly, and she realized that she had inadvertently caused trouble for Zhao Fu. She had reported that there was a Legatee in the Forest of Horrors to her family. However, after they did some investigating, they completely disregarded her words and took them as a joke, causing her to be sternly reprimanded.

Despite this, Jiang Rou still felt that Zhao Fu was extraordinary and believed that he was a Legatee, and a powerful one at that. In fact, she had a feeling that his name would one day resound across the world. Even if everyone took what she said to be a joke, she still believed it.

"Zhou Jie, don't cause trouble; this won't be good for the Zhou family!"

Jiang Rou tried to stop Zhou Jie, but he was too furious to listen to reason. After all, their families had acted as matchmakers for them, and Zhou Jie had long since started to see Jiang Rou as his fiancée. Now that his fiancée was trying to help another man, how could he not be angry?

Zhao Fu was quite surprised that Jiang Rou would try to help him out. Regardless, he didn't have the time or energy to bother with Zhou Jie's provocations.

When Zhou Jie saw that Zhao Fu was ignoring him, Zhou Jie ran up and tried to slap Zhao Fu while yelling, "You little bastard, didn't you hear your elder talking to you?"

Zhao Fu's gaze became cold, but he didn't even bother moving. Beside him, Bai Qi coldly harrumphed, caught Zhou Jie's hand, and twisted. A crisp crack sounded out when Bai Qi broke Zhou Jie's arm.

"Arghhh!" Zhou Jie screamed pitifully. Zhou Jie's people rushed at Bai Qi to help Zhou Jie. Even though they could be considered strong among normal people, trying to fight against Bai Qi was simply seeking death.

By now, Bai Qi's cultivation was already at Stage 0-7. Adding on the bonus stats from his equipment, how could they defeat him? In just a few hits, he had beaten all of them to the ground and injured them so badly that they couldn't even crawl.

When Zhou Jie saw the thugs that he had paid so much money for defeated so easily, he immediately shouted fearfully at the manager of the real estate office, "Look, he's attacking people! Hurry up and arrest him!"

However, something shocking happened. The manager, who normally acted indifferently towards players, respectfully walked over to Zhao Fu and said, "Esteemed Baron!"

Zhao Fu calmly nodded - evidently, this was one of the perks of his rise to Baronage. He turned to look at Zhou Jie, who was nursing his broken arm while staring at him with a look of disbelief, and asked the manager, "What are you going to do about this?"

The manager smiled and said, "I personally saw this troublemaker attack Esteemed Baron first, and Esteemed Baron rightfully defended himself. This lowly one will immediately send for some people to throw them out."

Following this, the manager called the guards to throw Zhou Jie and his thugs onto the street.

Jiang Rou and everyone else watching had never expected things to take such a turn. No one had expected that Zhao Fu would already be a Baron - after all, even Jiang Rou, someone from a large family, had only just become a Citizen, and she was far away from becoming a Baroness.

Most of the normal families had established their villages near main cities, so it was relatively safe there. However, that also meant that they didn't have many opportunities, so within the entire Forest of Horrors, only Zhao Fu had risen to the status of Baron.

"Mr. Zhao, we meet again. I'm terribly sorry for bringing trouble to you!" Jiang Rou came to apologize for calling out to him, resulting in the present situation.

Zhao Fu thought for a moment before replying, "It's nothing much, Miss Jiang. There's no need to apologize."

Jiang Rou still felt quite apologetic and said, "This matter was my fault, and I'm truly sorry. Also, there's no need to call me Miss Jiang; you can just call me by my name."

In response, Zhao Fu nodded.

At this moment, Jiang Rou couldn't help but ask, "Mr. Zhao, would it be alright for us to become friends?"

Everyone watching felt incredibly jealous; there were very few people who could make Miss Jiang take the initative.

Zhao Fu hesitated before replying, "Alright, but don't call me Mr. Zhao anymore - just call me Zhao Xin." Zhao Fu did not want to give out his real name, so he made up a name for himself.

She couldn't help but feel incredibly happy when she heard Zhao Fu agree and tell her his name. She lightly smiled, making her seem incredibly gentle and beautiful. Anyone looking at her couldn't help but space out.

Zhao Fu was quite resistant to her charms though, and after chatting for a bit, he found out why Jiang Rou had come here. The Jiang family had made Holy Light City its main place of development and wanted to buy some land here.

No one wanted ordinary residential land - the Jiang family wanted to buy land along a main street, but that land was restricted to residents, so the Jiang family could not buy it.

Zhao Fu thought about it and realized that he could buy this land and then sell it for a high price to these families to make a massive sum of money.

Zhao Fu thoughts raced, and he felt incredibly excited. However, when he heard what Jiang Rou said next, he became quite disappointed.