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 The youth felt that this was a good idea. Since time was limited, neither of them wanted to waste their time attacking smaller Nians, as they would not obtain many New Year Points. They had to find other big Nians to obtain even more New Year Points.

Soon, they found a target. It was a Level 2 Nian chasing after smaller Nians, and while it was distracted, they snuck over.

Because the Level 2 Nian was too focused on chasing the smaller Nians, it did not notice them. By the time it finally saw them, it had already been surrounded by them.

The Level 2 Nian warily looked at Zhao Fu and the youth and said in a hoarse voice, "Is it possible for the two of you let me off this time?"

They had finally cornered their prey, so how could they let it off? The youth, who was standing behind the Level 2 Nian, attacked first and leaped forwards.

The Level 2 Nian immediately hopped to the side, and Zhao Fu grasped this opportunity to charge and tackle the Level 2 Nian, sending it flying. By the time it landed, the youth had arrived by its side and swiped at its bottom, causing it to release bubbles and making it decrease in size.

Zhao Fu also quickly ran over and hit its bottom, obtaining 150 New Year Points. After being hit twice, the Level 2 Nian became quite small and was no match for Zhao Fu and the youth.

Zhao Fu decided to give the last hit to the youth, as Zhao Fu had hit the previous Level 2 Nian twice, so he decided to let the youth have two hits this time.

However, at that moment, a smaller Nian suddenly rushed at Zhao Fu. It was one of the Nians that had been chased by the Level 2 Nian, and it wanted to launch an ambush while Zhao Fu was distracted.

Luckily, Zhao Fu was able to react in time; if it had been the youth, he most likely would have been hit, as his focus was completely on the Level 2 Nian.

Zhao Fu immediately turned and sprang at the smaller Nian. Because Zhao Fu's body was more than twice its size, his body completely covered it.

"Ahhh... I failed again!!" the Nian angrily yelled as it tried to reach around Zhao Fu to swipe at his bottom.

Zhao Fu felt quite speechless - it was her again. No wonder she had tried to sneak attack him. Indeed, this Nian was the young woman Zhao Fu had not spared. Even though Zhao Fu did not remember her appearance, he remembered her voice.

By now, the youth had finished killing the Level 2 Nian, and ran over and asked curiously, "What's going on?"

Zhao Fu laughed as he swiped at the bottom of the Nian under him three times and said, "It's nothing; I just caught an idiot who was trying to launch a sneak attack."

The youth did not feel too surprised and nodded.

Because she had been hit by Zhao Fu three times again, the young woman's body gave off a white light. She felt incredibly humiliated that she had been killed by this person twice in a row so easily and yelled angrily, "Your granny's remembered you! Make sure..."

Before she could finish her sentence, her body disappeared. Zhao Fu smirked and completely disregarded her.

Afterward, Zhao Fu and the youth killed a few more Level 2 Nians and ate a few glutinous riceballs, becoming a bit closer.

"I forgot to ask - friend, what's your name?" the youth suddenly awkwardly laughed and asked.

Zhao Fu thought about it and told the youth that he was called Zhao Xin. He could not reveal his identity, as there were no benefit to this and only detriments. Afterward, the youth told Zhao Fu that his name was Liu Xinze, and they casually chatted.

Following this, they continuously killed Level 2 Nians and devoured glutinous riceballs, and they quickly both reached Level 3.

However, after rising to Level 3, the two of them split up. This was because Level 3 Nians were essentially at the peak right now, as most people were still only Level 1 Nians and only a small portion were Level 2 Nians. If two Level 3 Nians hunted together, they would not be able to obtain significant gains, and it would be more inefficient to be alone.

It would be better for them to split up and take over an area by themselves. With their Level strength, they were essentially unrivalled, and they would be able to obtain more New Year Points by themselves.

Level 3 Nians were as big as hunting dogs, and Zhao Fu also received two bonus attributes: one was a strength enhancement, and the other was a protective barrier.

The strength enhancement was quite simple and just made him stronger, while the protective barrier was a defensive barrier that could withstand the attacks of seven or eight little Nians and be used once every ten minutes.

After splitting up with Liu Xinze, Zhao Fu chose an area and started to hunt down Level 2 Nians, and almost all of the ordinary Nians ran at the sight of Zhao Fu. None of them dared to attack him. After seeing Zhao Fu, even the Level 2 Nians decided to turn and leave.

This was because Level 3 Nians were simply too powerful, and Zhao Fu could easily kill Level 2 Nians. Zhao Fu's skill at swiping and hitting bottoms had greatly improved, and even though it seemed a bit vulgar, those were the rules.

Very soon, Zhao Fu turned his gaze to a Level 2 Nian, and he turned into a black blur as he sped towards it.

The Level 2 Nian was given a big fright, and seeing how big Zhao Fu was, it immediately chose to run.

However, all of it was for naught - Level 3 Nians were extraordinarily fast, so Zhao Fu was about to quickly catch up to it. Just as Zhao Fu raised his paw as he had always done, the Nian cried out.

"Umm... please don't kill me!" the escaping Nian turned and said in a soft woman's voice, making Zhao Fu pause, as this voice was quite familiar.

Zhao Fu thought about it but couldn't work out who this voice belonged to. It was possible that she had gone to the same university as him or was someone who he had worked with before.

However, because Zhao Fu had always been quite introverted, whether it was university or work, he did not have many friends, so he could not remember who it was.

Seeing as it was someone he knew, Zhao Fu decided to let her off and turned to chase down other Level 2 Nians.

Seeing Zhao Fu leave, the Level 2 Nian felt quite surprised; she had never expected that asking to be spared would actually work. However, she still let out a breath of relief and wondered if the Level 3 Nian was someone she knew.

"Screw you! Stop chasing me!" a boorish-sounding Nian cursed at Zhao Fu.

However, Zhao Fu had no intentions of letting him off and ferociously leapt over, kicking the Nian's bottom three times. Since he had cursed at him, Zhao Fu would not let him off.

The boorish-sounding Nian howled in pain and continued to unleash insults on Zhao Fu as it faded.

Suddenly, a golden light shined in the distance and was quite obvious in this region, attracting many people's gazes. All of them felt incredibly excited, as this was a golden glutinous riceball and would be worth 500 New Year Points. Immediately, countless Nians started to rush over.