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 Zhao Fu continued to run and disregarded what was happening behind him. He did not pay any attention as to whether the uncle Nian had been caught, as escaping was the most important thing. Zhao Fu had always been more powerful than ordinary people, and now that he had become the same level as them, he was not quite used to this.

However, he could not do anything about it - the New Year Dreamland blocked off all powers, so after entering this place, he had to abide by its rules.

Now that his beginner protection had disappeared, he had to be careful because he could be attacked at any moment. Zhao Fu decided to look for his next opportunity to act.

Suddenly, a white light flashed ten meters away from him as a white orb appeared - it was a Level 1 glutinous riceball. While there was no one else around, Zhao Fu immediately ran over and ate the glutinous riceball.

"System announcement! You have eaten a Level 1 glutinous riceball and obtained ten New Year Points."

After eating the glutinous riceball, Zhao Fu's body became a tiny bit bigger, and because there was no one around this area, the next three Level 1 glutinous riceballs that spawned were devoured by Zhao Fu as well.

With Zhao Fu's current body, he was clearly bigger than most Nians, so he would quickly become a target for other people. Just as Zhao Fu was searching for more glutinous riceballs, a Nian stealthily walked towards Zhao Fu.

In actuality, Zhao Fu had long since noticed this Nian - even though he did not have his various powers, he was still incredibly wary and observant. This Nian was only the size of ordinary Nians and had not obtained any New Year Points yet.

Zhao Fu continued to pretend that he had not discovered it and went on to look for glutinous riceballs.

The other Nian slowly drew near until it was only about three meters away. The other Nian lowered its body and prepared to attack Zhao Fu.

However, at that moment, Zhao Fu suddenly backflipped and landed behind the other Nian, startling it and causing it to immediately start to run.

However, Zhao Fu quickly caught up to it, as he was stronger and faster.

Seeing this, the other Nian said in a young woman's voice that was quite pleasant to listen to, "Big brother, I was wrong; please spare me!"

It was a young woman, but Zhao Fu showed no mercy. After all, she had tried to sneakily attack him first. He stretched out his claw and swiped at her bottom three times.

"System announcement! You have obtained five New Year Points!"

"System announcement! You have obtained five New Year Points!"

"System announcement! You have obtained five New Year Points!"

It seemed that attacking newly-spawned Nian did not give many New Year Points - each hit was only worth five points for a total of 15 points, making Zhao Fu feel quite disappointed.

"Your granny has remembered you. Don't let me see you again, or I'll..." the young woman furiously cursed, her voice completely different to the voice when she had been begging for mercy.

However, before she could finish her sentence, her body slowly disappeared, as she had been hit three times by Zhao Fu.

Hearing her, Zhao Fu couldn't help but smile. Even though the young woman's words were quite vicious, it was unlikely that she could fulfill what she wanted.

Zhao Fu did not mind her words, as the New Year Dreamland was quite big and it would be almost impossible to see her again. After dying, she would revive at a different place.

Following this, Zhao Fu continued to search for glutinous riceballs. He also found his next target, which was a Nian that was twice as big as ordinary Nian. It was ferociously chasing after other Nians.

With its size, it was most likely a Level 2 Nian. Nians were all split into different levels: the bigger a Nian was, the higher its level. As Nians leveled up, they would also obtain some skills.

Zhao Fu was not in a hurry to act, because with his speed and strength, it would be difficult for him to hit that Nian, so he had to have a plan.

At that moment, another Nian that was about the same size as Zhao Fu came over and said quietly in a youth's voice, "Friend, do you want to work together to hit him?"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded. With his own strength, it would be quite difficult to hit that Nian, so he decided to work together.

Following this, the two of them talked before starting to move.

The big Nian continued to chase after a few other Nians, and because it was much faster, it was able to easily catch up to them. It swiped out with a paw, hitting one of the Nians before turning to another Nian.

Just as it was about to attack again, a black blur sped towards it. Zhao Fu had quickly run over and swiped at the big Nian's bottom.

However, that Nian had long since noticed Zhao Fu, and it suddenly turned and swiped at him. The immense power from its swing sent Zhao Fu flying, but luckily, he had not been hit on his bottom. Else, he would have lost some of his New Year Points.

Seeing Zhao Fu fly away, the big Nian coldly laughed and ran towards Zhao Fu, wanting to finish him off. With Zhao Fu's size, he probably had a lot of New Year Points as well.

However, at that moment, a claw swiped at his bottom - the youth working together with Zhao Fu had appeared, and he had been waiting for a while.

After being hit, the big Nian's body continuously gave off bubbles, and his body became smaller. After absorbing the bubbles, the youth's body became a bit bigger, but the big Nian's body was still much bigger. Facing the Nian that had just sneak-attacked it, the big Nian furiously roared and started to chase after that Nian.

However, at that moment, another claw swiped at its bottom - Zhao Fu had come back and attacked. Because they had discussed their plan beforehand, Zhao Fu and the youth were able to work together well.

After being hit by another sneak attack, the big Nian furiously turned and wanted to attack Zhao Fu. However, because it had lost so many New Year Points and Zhao Fu had absorbed so many, he was now bigger than it. Facing its attack, Zhao Fu dodged and swiped towards it.

After being hit on the bottom again, the other Nian's body started to glow with a white light. It had been hit three times, so it would have to revive. The Nian cursed before its body disappeared.

Zhao Fu had obtained two-thirds of that Nian's New Year Points, and he had become much bigger than ordinary Nians. He was now only a bit smaller than the bigger Nian had been.

The Nian that he had worked with ran over and laughed as he said, "Congratulations! You've become a Level 2 Nian now, right?"

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded because he had received a system announcement telling him that he had become a Level 2 Nian and received a boost to his speed.

"Would you like to continue working together?" the youth said. Now that Zhao Fu was a Level 2 Nian, with their teamwork last time, the youth trusted Zhao Fu, and if he continued to work together with Zhao Fu, he would be able to obtain even more benefits.

Zhao Fu didn't hesitate to agree, as he would be able to benefit as well.

Following this, the two of them attacked smaller Nians and ate glutinous riceballs. Soon, the other Nian had also become a Level 2 Nian.

By now, Zhao Fu could not be bothered with attacking smaller Nians, so he discussed with the youth about attacking another Level 2 Nian.