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 Zhao Fu was interested in both the General Medallions and General Fate. With General Medallions he would be able to summon different historical Generals, and of course, the more historical Generals the better. With General Fates, he would be able to give them to people who weren't historical Generals and help them awaken General Stars earlier.

However, even though Zhao Fu wanted both types, all of them were quite expensive. He would not be able to purchase everything that he wanted.

Time gradually passed, and even though there were not any system main cities that belonged to indigenous residents anymore so they couldn't see how such system main cities celebrated, they could see how Great Qin celebrated. After all, there were many people from system main cities in the Great Qin City, and they knew how to prepare for the festival.

Many red Spring Festival couplets were stuck on either side of doors, with joyful pictures drawn on them. The streets were filled with red lanterns - the main color of this festival was the color red.

It was no longer snowing, so the streets were filled of celebrating people. There were many stalls selling all sorts of celebratory gifts, and there were all sorts of snacks, such as candied fruits and glutinous rice balls. There were also all sorts of masks.

The streets were incredibly lively, and everyone seemed quite happy. Laughter could be heard everywhere. Zhao Fu stood on the top floor of a building and looked down with a trace of a smile on his face. The festivities were quite great in the Heaven Awaken World compared to in the real world.

"Your Majesty, it's still early. Do you want to go out and take a look? Everyone's celebrating right now!" Xianru said as she smiled.

Zhao Fu shook his head as he said, "I don't like these sorts of things, so it's best that I don't go."

"I'll make a few dishes for you then!" Xianru said in a soft voice.

Zhao Fu nodded. All preparations had been made by others, so he did not have to worry. He just waited for 12 AM.

Following this, Xianru made a few dishes and brought up a pot of wine. Xianru's cooking was something that no one could ever get sick of, and Zhao Fu ate the food while Xianru smiled and chatted with him.

Soon, it was 12 AM, and Zhao Fu stood on the balcony of the building and looked up at the sky.

Heaven and Earth Fate once again began to swirl and gather, forming colorful balls of light.

Bang, bang, bang...

Massive explosions sounded out as the colorful balls of light exploded into countless different-colored motes of light, floating in the sky like fireworks and looking incredibly beautiful.

It was not just Zhao Fu. Everyone in the Heaven Awaken World looked up at the sky, watching these beautiful fireworks.

Lovers held hands and leaned against each other, enjoying this magnificent scene.

The countless motes of light in the sky lightly floated down, as red pouches, which were as big as a palm and had a 'blessing' character embroidered on them, appeared in front of everyone.

This was a New Years gift, and everyone received one. This was why this festival was beneficial to everyone and enjoyed by all - even without doing anything, they would receive rewards, so who wouldn't like this festival?

A blessing pouch also appeared in front of Zhao Fu, and he did not hesitate to reach out and expectantly open it. A white ray of light shot out from the pouch as a few copper coins appeared in his hand.

"My luck's not that great; it's just a few copper coins." Zhao Fu couldn't help but smile and shake his head, but he still put the copper coins away.

There were all sorts of New Years presents - at the very least, people would obtain a few copper coins, but those with better luck would obtain equipment or skills. Those with very good luck could obtain Gold grade items, and there were even Legendary grade items.

This was only the prelude to the New Year Festival, and what came next was the true beginning of the New Year Festival.

The New Year Festival was split into day and night events, and each of them had different ways of obtaining New Year Points, which were used to exchange for rewards.

It was currently night time, so Zhao Fu decided to go to sleep. Indeed, he would not be doing anything except going to his bed to sleep.

Many people thought that sleeping at such a time was silly - why would people sleep instead of getting New Year Points? That was simply a waste of time.

However, in actuality, sleeping meant participating in the night event, as once people slept, their consciousnesses would be taken to a New Year Dreamland.

The New Year Dreamland was something that only appeared during the New Year Festival. It would begin at 8 PM each night, and anyone who slept could enter it. The dreamland closed at 8 AM in the morning, and everyone would be forced out.

During those 12 hours, not only would one be able to comfortably lay in their bed and sleep, but one's consciousness would also be able to participate in the event. This allowed one to both rest and participate.

That was the nighttime event of the New Year Festival, and it was incredibly suited to lazy people - they would be able to obtain rewards just by lying there.

Moreover, the New Year Dreamland was not a separate dreamland for everyone but a collective one. Everyone went to the same dreamland.

After entering the New Year Dreamland, people would not be able to use any skills or abilities, and Legatees would not even be able to use their Nation Armaments or Clan Armaments; they would only be able to rely on their own abilities.

Zhao Fu was not sure what would be inside the New Year Dreamland, but he felt quite excited about it. After returning to his room, Zhao Fu saw a few female attendants wearing thin clothing lying within his bed.

Seeing Zhao Fu arrive, the female attendants started to get up. Zhao Fu realized what was happening and decided to allow them to continue remaining within the bed. They were the Xianbei women that the Xianbei elders had given to him, and they looked quite pretty. They wanted them to serve Zhao Fu to get the Xianbei people better treatment.

They were here to warm Zhao Fu's bed, as it was quite cold and beds would normally feel quite icy whenever people got into them. If it was just a single person, it would take them a while to warm up his bed. As such, many rich people had people warm up their beds for them, and this was a common practice since a long time ago.

Zhao Fu very rarely slept lying down, as he usually slept cross-legged as he cultivated, so he didn't need them to warm his bed. However, because today was the beginning of a special event that required him to sleep, the female attendants decided to help Zhao Fu warm his bed so that he could fall asleep faster and more comfortably.

Seeing them, Zhao Fu felt a trace of warmth in his heart, and seeing their thin clothing, he did not ask them to get up so that they wouldn't feel cold. After all, the bed was quite big, and it was no problem for a few people to sleep in it.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had allowed them to remain within the bed, the female attendants blushed and looked on as Zhao Fu took off his outer clothes. Their hearts started to beat faster, and afterward, Zhao Fu lifted up the blanket and got in, causing their faces to become bright red and for their hearts to rapidly thump.

Zhao Fu did not mind them, and after entering the warm bed, he let out a comfortable sigh before closing his eyes and entering the New Year Dreamland.