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 Sovereign Bloodlines were normally something that could only be obtained after establishing an Empire, and they were something that ordinary Kings could not obtain. This showed just how difficult it was to obtain a Sovereign Bloodline.

Of course, ordinary Royal Bloodlines were far inferior to Sovereign Bloodlines, and now that Zhao Fu had a Sovereign Bloodline, many of his stats and attributes were greatly increased.

However, Zhao Fu did not feel too happy as the golden dragon had said that the lowest bloodline of the Heaven Murder Empire's Imperial Clan was a Sovereign Bloodline.

Zhao Fu could not even imagine just how powerful the Heaven Murder Empire was. Above Sovereign Bloodlines were Origin Bloodlines, and he had no idea what was above Origin Bloodlines.

After recalling the two Fate Dragons, Zhao Fu looked at Xianru and the others who had come over and flew towards them.

Xianru and the Generals smiled as they said, "Congratulations, Your Majesty, for encountering yet another fortuitous opportunity!"

Zhao Fu smiled; this was not a big matter, and he led everyone back to Great Qin. Great Qin's goal was still to clear the Forest of Horrors.

This news quickly spread to the real world. The Sect Masters who had died all looked incredibly weakened, and hearing the reports from their disciples, they all sighed. They had not seen how the situation had ended before they were killed. They were worried that their world's Fate would all be stolen; if that were the case, their world would be greatly weakened.

Even though Great Qin was ruthless and bloodthirsty, it was still a human faction. As long as the Fate was not lost to an external force, that would be fine.

After many people heard that Great Qin had obtained such a powerful Fate Dragon, they once again shamelessly ran to the Ying family and tried to negotiate. They had all witnessed the golden dragon's power for themselves, and it was powerful enough to annihilate everything. This made Great Qin simply invincible.

The Ying family chased away everyone who came and did not give them any face.

Last time when Great Qin had suffered a slight setback, all of them had deserted it, and now, they had shamelessly run back. If Great Qin suffered another setback, they would most likely turn away from it again.

On the other hand, those who had stayed behind last time felt incredibly joyful. They had bet everything on Great Qin, and now that Great Qin had accepted them, once they formally joined Great Qin and it became even more powerful, they would be in an even better position.

The families who had sent their women to the Ying family felt incredibly happy - they had believed in Great Qin's potential, and those who had opposed Great Qin all suddenly disappeared.

The other families who had women on the Ancient Beauty Rankings all started to consider whether they should send their women to the Ying family. They knew that the Ying family would not accept ordinary women, but if they were on the Ancient Beauty Rankings, perhaps the Ying family would accept them. After all, apparently Great Qin's Legatee was very fond of beautiful women; his licentiousness was known all over the world.

If Zhao Fu knew that this was what everyone thought of him, he would definitely feel quite wronged.

Within a secretive room, Mei Xiaoyan stood in front of an extremely seductive-looking woman, who was, of course, the White Lotus Society's Saintess.

"Looks like choosing to work together with Great Qin was the right decision. We can use Great Qin's power to take revenge on the other Dynasties. You must hurry though and make Zhao Fu yours. He's Great Qin's Legatee's representative and wields great power, so if he falls into our hands, the benefits will be unimaginable!" the Saintess said to Mei Xiaoyan while smiling enchantingly.

Mei Xiaoyan also smiled and replied, "I understand, Saintess. I'll do my best!"

Of course, only a minority of people were happy about this; the majority of people's expressions were quite unsightly. It was Great Qin time and time again, making them gnash their teeth in anger.

Since Great Qin was their enemy, none of them wanted to see Great Qin continuously grow stronger. Great Qin was already immensely powerful, and now that it had obtained that golden dragon, how were they meant to keep living?

The Dynasties and factions felt that they could not continue to wait; if they kept waiting, who knew what Great Qin would do next? When that time came, they would be even more terrifying. As such, they made the decision to stop defending and instead start to continuously attack and cripple Great Qin.

This meant having the players in the four regions around the Forest of Horrors start to attack Great Qin and surround it from all sides.

However, even though that was the plan, they still had their worries. That golden dragon was simply too powerful, and it was able to obliterate everything before it. As such, they had to investigate this matter first.

They couldn't allow their army to arrive and suddenly be instantly killed - not only was that detrimental to their resources, it would be extremely shameful.

Right now, in the surrounding regions, they had roughly one million players each. Because of their fear of Great Qin, many of them had not participated before and survived.

Apart from those regions, most of the other regions had 500,000 or so players. Because of the disasters that Great Qin had caused, they had swept away many of their obstacles, especially the players who viewed money as important as their lives and madly attacked Great Qin.

Great Qin now increased the speed at which it cleared the Forest of Horrors in order to complete the first step of restoring the Empire. Afterward, they would attack other regions and take their second, then third, and even more steps to restoration.

The various Dynasty Legatees also started to secretly investigate the foreign factions. They felt that they could no longer just sit by, as Great Qin now greatly threatened them. If they continued to allow Great Qin to develop, they would have no path before them.

As such, all of the various factions all over the world started to contact China's Dynasty Legatees, wanting to work together with them to at least suppress, if not destroy, Great Qin. They had to slow it down so that it could not continue developing like this.

This time, the various factions decided that whether it was in terms of people or resources, they would support it with everything they had. This made China's Dynasty Legatees incredibly happy - with their help, they would be able to create a massive obstacle for Great Qin. Even though many of them were from different countries, they had the same enemy.

Now, it could be said that the Chinese Dynasty Legatees had all started to formally work with foreign factions to destroy Great Qin. With this kind of support, the Dynasty Legatees' factions became incredibly monstrous, and this was especially in terms of their fame and power. It was almost as if Great Qin was against the entire world.

However, some people suddenly asked - wasn't this Chinese people attacking Chinese people? They were not only having a civil war but also having other nations help them attack their own people. As Chinese people, shouldn't they be more united? Why did they have to ally with foreign factions to destroy a fellow Chinese faction?

Regarding this, the countless Chinese factions only scoffed at those people. They did not care about those things anymore and only wanted to destroy Great Qin. Even if they had to work together with foreign factions, that was fine.