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 "Roarrrr!!" A massive dragon's cry sounded out in all directions, causing everyone, who had thought that the matter was over, to once again feel greatly shocked.

The dragon's cry was filed with domineeringness and might, and the aura that it gave off was one that they were familiar with.

"What's Great Qin doing now?" No one could guess what Great Qin was thinking, but with what they knew about Great Qin, they knew that it wouldn't be good.

However, that Fate Dragon from another world had attacked all Legatees, so Great Qin's Legatee had most likely been affected as well. Facing that terrifying power, they just wanted everything to settle down, but Great Qin had suddenly started something again.

This made countless people feel quite angry, and they all cursed at Great Qin, saying that it was too arrogant. Even ten Great Qins would be destroyed facing such might, and if it wanted to die, it better not drag in the rest of them.

The countless Legatees were scared stiff by the golden dragon, and if it wasn't for those unknown powers stopping it, all of them would have been killed. That sort of power struck fear deep within their bones.

What they didn't know was that the golden dragon now belonged to Great Qin.

Above Great Qin, the domineering and savage black dragon shot out of Zhao Fu's body and spiralled around in the sky, giving off a massive aura.

The black dragon looked at the golden dragon but did not seem hostile because they both belonged to Zhao Fu.

Facing the black dragon's gaze, the golden dragon did not seem to mind and continued to hover in the sky.

At that moment, Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and summoned the Great Qin Seal before lightly calling out, "We, as Great Qin's Legatee, order Great Qin's Fate to gather!"

After Zhao Fu spoke, countless traces of a black aura rose up from the ground in the Forest of Horrors and quickly gathered towards the sky.

Within the Great Qin City, the City Heart continuously trembled and gave off a large amount of Fate that also gathered in the sky. Traces of a black aura also rose up from Great Qin's residents and floated in the sky.

As Fate continuously gathered, Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and pushed it out towards the golden dragon.


A massive explosion sounded out as a massive amount of Great Qin's Fate flooded into the golden dragon's body. The golden dragon quickly devoured the countless traces of Fate, because it had truly become Great Qin's Fate Dragon.


As the countless traces of Great Qin's Fate entered its body, the golden dragon felt an immense power entering it and gave off a cry that shook the heavens.

A black pillar of light rushed up into the sky, causing dark clouds to quickly gather, forming a massive vortex that gave off a shocking pressure.

"Damnit! Great Qin's doing something again!" Feeling the disturbances in their Fate Dragons, as well as the terrifying shockwaves from afar, the countless Legatees felt quite furious - Great Qin was a scourge.

Even though many Sect Masters had died, there were still countless espers and ability users. They were different from the Legatees, as they could already sense the changes in the golden dragon. They all looked incredibly dumbfounded and terrified, as that Fate Dragon from another world had turned into a Fate Dragon of Great Qin!

Within the massive black pillar of light, the golden dragon seemed to go through changes - its golden eyes now became pure black.

At that moment, Zhao Fu stretched out his other hand and pointed it at the black dragon. The rune in his soul gave off a mighty power as a golden light shot out of Zhao Fu's hand and flew at the black dragon. After being hit by the golden light, the black dragon also felt an immense power explode out from within it.


Another explosion sounded out as a pillar of golden light also rushed to the sky and caused even more dark clouds to gather, forming another gigantic vortex.

The two massive pillars of light stood between the heavens and the earth, and two vortexes of dark clouds spun in the sky, becoming larger and larger. The aura of suppression that they gave off also became more and more powerful, and a wild gale blew in all directions, lifting many rocks and trees into the sky.

The massive shockwaves gathered even more dark clouds, and soon, the dark clouds covered the entire Heaven Awaken World as bolts of lightning started to descend and rain started to pour.

At that moment, everyone realized that the incident with the golden dragon had been caused by Great Qin, as the golden dragon now belonged to Great Qin.

Now that Great Qin had fused such a powerful Fate Dragon to Great Qin, many people's legs gave way, and they crashed to the ground. The countless Fate Dragons did not even dare to roar and could only whimper.

The faces of countless espers and ability users became pale - it was now confirmed that the golden dragon was linked to Great Qin, and if that monstrous Fate Dragon joined Great Qin, Great Qin would go through incredible changes, and its supreme position would be unshakeable.

Seeing this, Xianru and the others realized that His Majesty had obtained a fortuitous encounter.

Within the golden pillar of light, the black dragon also started to go through changes as its black eyes became a pure golden color.

The two pillars of light slowly weakened, and the two vortexes also gradually became smaller. After a while, the abnormal signs all disappeared, and the heavens and the earth became peaceful again. By now, the golden dragon had completely fused with Great Qin - the golden dragon and black dragon did not change too much; it was just their eyes that had changed color. The golden dragon's eyes became black while the black dragon's eyes became golden.

This had consumed a lot of Great Qin's Fate, but Zhao Fu felt that it was worth it - now that the golden dragon had joined them, Great Qin's Fate had become much purer, and its foundation had become much more solid as well.

Zhao Fu waved his arms, and the golden dragon and black dragon turned into two rays of light and entered Zhao Fu's body.

Zhao Fu had never thought that the Heaven Murder Bloodline would be something that would become more powerful using the sacrifices of countless traces of Fate.

The golden dragon had given Zhao Fu the purest trace of the bloodline and then used a massive amount of Fate to cause the bloodline's power to continuously become stronger. Now, with the purity of Zhao Fu's Heaven Murder Bloodline, he could be considered a member of the Heaven Murder Empire's Imperial Family.

Even though Zhao Fu also had Great Qin's bloodline, neither of the bloodlines were affected and were both incredibly pure.

However, Zhao Fu's heart was still on Great Qin's side. Even though he had two bloodlines, he was born with Great Qin's bloodline, while he had gained the Heaven Murder Empire bloodline with a technique. Because of this, he did not identify with it as much.

It was also worth mentioning that Zhao Fu's bloodline level was now Level 16, which meant that he now had a Sovereign Bloodline.

Before, Zhao Fu's bloodline had only been a Level 12 Royal Bloodline, and now that he had obtained the Heaven Murder Bloodline, his bloodline had skipped the Imperial Bloodline and reached the terrifying Sovereign Bloodline level.

The Heaven Murder Bloodline was not something that could be easily obtained, and the golden dragon had expended a lot of its strength to forcibly steal Fate from countless creatures to create and develop the bloodline. This showed just how rare Sovereign Bloodlines were.