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 Even though the golden dragon was locked down by countless chains, its expression did not change in the slightest. It completely ignored the methods of this world and the Nation Armaments, as they were incredibly pitiful in front of it.

"Roarrrr!!" the golden dragon powerfully roared as it suddenly spread its wings, causing a brilliant golden light to ripple out. The golden light tore across the sky, causing the countless chains to shatter, and the many Nation Armaments were blasted back.

Countless people looked incredibly shocked - they had never expected to not stop this Fate Dragon at all despite having so many people and so many Nation Armaments. Just what sort of existence was this Fate Dragon for it to be so powerful?


The golden dragon escaped from its chains, and the power it unleashed caused Fate to gather even more madly, flowing like a river towards it.

As the Fate continued to gather, the golden dragon's golden light became more and more powerful, and within the golden pillar of light, Zhao Fu's body seemed to become transparent. His flesh and bones were all giving off a golden light, making him seem like a golden glass statue.

"It's not enough! Since you all want to die, I'll start with you!" The cold voice in the sky continued to sound out, making everyone's heart tremble. They all felt a massive weight on their bodies, and it was as if there were massive mountains weighing down on them. The atmosphere became incredibly oppressive.

"Arghhhh!!" The various Sect Masters' bodies were suddenly pierced by golden dragon claws, causing them to pitifully howl as blood flew everywhere. Their disciples were all greatly shocked, and tears streamed down their faces in grief and fury as they rushed up.

However, the golden dragon ignored those disciples, and the golden dragon's claws, holding hearts that were still beating, disappeared, leaving behind the Sect Masters' corpses.

The golden dragon's claws appeared around Zhao Fu, who was hovering in mid-air in the underground space. The hearts in the dragon claws exploded, turning into bloody mist.

The golden dragon then controlled the bloody mist to form a blood-red formation, which had many runes. All of them were the Heaven Murder Empire's unique runes, and every one of them contained immense power.

Within the formation, Zhao Fu's body and soul absorbed the blood-red formation's power, causing some changes in his body.

Seeing this, a trace of a smile appeared on the golden dragon's face, and it looked towards the countless Legatees and said, "With your bloodlines, the Heaven Murder Bloodline will become even more powerful, so you can all go die!"

The dragon claws once again appeared and sped at the countless Legatees. Facing those claws and the power they emanated, all of the Legatees felt immense fear.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Just as all of the Legatees were about to be killed, four sky-toppling auras burst forth, causing the entire world to tremble, and it was as if the heavens and the earth could not withstand such might.

The northern side was covered by an azure barrier, the south side was covered by a green barrier, the east side was covered by a white barrier, and the west side was covered by a fiery-red barrier.

The four different-colored lights filled the entire world, and everyone felt their bodies relax as that terrifying pressure suddenly disappeared. All of the dragon claws were also blocked off by the various barriers.

The golden dragon's expression changed, and it realized something. It knew far more than ordinary humans, and it had expected the Guardian Beasts to try to stop it. However, the golden dragon cried out in reluctance!


However, a ray of light shot out from each of the four directions, each of them bringing with it an extremely destructive power. The rays of light were incredibly fast, tearing through the sky, and everything that they passed through was instantly annihilated.

The four Guardian Beasts not only wanted to stop the golden dragon but also attack it. After all, something of the golden dragon's strength should not have appeared in the Legacy Land and could cause the world to be destroyed.

Seeing those four rays of light shoot over, the golden dragon's expression became quite unsightly, and it flapped its wings as it released a massive golden energy barrier.


The four rays of light smashed against the golden energy barrier, resulting in an almighty explosion. The shockwaves turned into gusts of wild wind, sweeping through the entire Forest of Horrors.

The golden energy barrier started to crack, but the four rays of lights' power had not disappeared yet. The golden dragon was quite surprised - with its current strength, it was indeed not a match for the Guardian Beasts. It would barely be able to defeat a single Guardian Beast, let alone four of them.

"Roarrrr!!" The golden dragon was quite furious - if it was at the peak of its strength, it could have easily killed these Guardian Beasts, but it did not have that power now.

Could it be that it was going to be killed by these four Guardian Beasts? The golden dragon felt quite unresigned and sent even more of its power into its energy barrier, trying to defend. However, it was still not enough.


The golden energy barrier shattered, and the four rays of light suddenly broke through and continued towards the golden dragon.

Just as the golden dragon was about to be hit, within the blood-red formation, Zhao Fu suddenly opened his eyes and stretched out his right hand. The Earth Realm Mark on the back of his right hand gave off a rainbow-colored light that shot into the golden dragon's body.

The golden dragon's body trembled as it exploded out with a ray of rainbow-colored light that shot towards the four other rays of light, causing them to dissipate. The golden dragon let out a sigh of relief and said to Zhao Fu, "Many thanks!"

Even though the four Guardian Beast's strength was not enough to truly kill the golden dragon, they could heavily wound and weaken it, forcing it to go into a deep sleep. The golden dragon did not want this, so it felt quite grateful that Zhao Fu had saved it.

The four Guardian Beasts did not attack again, and the four barriers gradually disappeared.

One of the reasons was because the golden dragon was no longer a Fate Dragon from another world, as Zhao Fu had successfully inherited the Heaven Murder Bloodline, so this golden dragon belonged to Great Qin from now on and was a part of this world.

The other reason was that the golden dragon had become incredibly weak and would no longer have the power to destroy the entire world.

Since it belonged to this world now and was not much of a threat, as neutral Guardian Beasts, they chose to stop. After all, this golden dragon belonging to this world was a good thing.

As Guardian Beasts, they knew what would happen in the future, so if the golden dragon joined them, this world's strength would become much stronger. Just then, if the golden dragon had not tried to kill all of the Legatees, they would not have stepped in.

At that moment, a rune appeared in Zhao Fu's soul - this rune gave off a dense blood-red light and a bloody stench, and it looked like the 'Murder' character. It also brought with it a pure killing and destructive aura.

Zhao Fu smiled as he said to the golden dragon, "I never thought that the Heaven Murder Bloodline would be created like this!"

By now, Xianru and the others looked quite shocked, as they had never expected this matter to be related to His Majesty.

As everyone reveled in shock, Zhao Fu released his black dragon because the fusing was not complete yet.