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 "Roarrr!!" At that moment, a massive dragon's roar pierced the sky, bringing with it immense force as it suppressed the roars of the countless other dragons. That massive dragon's roar turned into a corporeal shockwave that blasted outwards, obliterating everything in its path.

Chi, chi, chi...

Countless Fate Dragons wailed, and anyone with a great amount of Fate, such as Heavenly Sword City's owner, Gu Qingyang, and the other ordinary people who had obtained gains during the Divine Fish Festival, felt a formless energy blast them, causing them to fly backward and cough up a mouthful of blood.

That dragon's cry was so terrifying that it seemed to cause the heavens and the earth to go dim, and everything trembled before it.

In the northern side, the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon suddenly opened its eyes. The Guardian Beast in the eastern ocean region, the one in the western flames region, and the one in the southern forest region also opened their eyes.

In fact, even outside the Legacy Land, some people seemed to hear this dragon's cry, and they also looked over.

A golden dragon had appeared in the sky and was spiraling around. It looked like the golden dragon that had been in front of Zhao Fu, with a pair of golden wings, sharp horns, and golden eyes, giving off a majestic, mysterious aura.

The golden dragon flew in the sky, and its eyes were incredibly sharp. It was as if it could see the entire world. It beat its wings, giving off an intense golden light as an intense wind rippled out, causing Heaven and Earth Fate to rapidly gather at a rate that could be seen with one's eyes.

The countless Legatees, as well as people with a great amount of Fate, were grabbed into the air by formless hands, They looked incredibly shocked, as they could feel their Fate being forcibly stolen.

Not just them, but in every region all over the world, Fate continuously streamed out and floated towards Great Qin.

"He's forcibly stealing the Fate of the Heavens and Earth from people and countless creatures!" Countless espers and ability users looked completely dumbfounded, and they couldn't help but tremble. Could Great Qin really do such a thing? It seemed impossible - even gods would not be able to steal Fate like this.

This was a method that could harm others and disrupt the flow of Fate in the world, giving it to oneself and providing one with supreme power.

Moreover, even though the golden pillar of light came from the direction of Great Qin, it did not have the aura of Great Qin but a new aura that was filled with death, slaughter, and destruction.

The Sect Masters of the School of Taoism, the School of Confucianism, the Buddhist Sect, the Vatican, and the Islam Sect all looked quite worried. This aura did not come from Great Qin and perhaps did not even belong to this world. It came from an unknown place.

"Hurry up and stop it!" Cries sounded out as countless people started to move.

Seeing the golden pillar of light, Xianru's expression became quite unsightly. She didn't know what was happening, but she hoped that His Majesty would be fine.

Following this, countless traces of Fate madly gathered, causing the golden dragon's light to become more and more intense to the point that many people couldn't open their eyes fully. It was as if a golden sun had appeared in the sky, giving off a boundless golden light, and the terrifying aura was also incredibly frightening.

Within the golden pillar of light, Zhao Fu's body started to go through changes. The golden light continuously entered Zhao Fu's body, causing his flesh and bones to start to go through a metamorphosis.

Boom, boom, boom...

Explosions rang out in the sky as terrifying auras burst forth and rocked the entire world. Massive chains that gave off different-colored light shot out from all over the Heaven Awaken World, bringing with them terrifying power as they shot towards the golden dragon.

The countless factions tried to use the same method that they had used when sealing the Chaos Imperial Star, wanting to top this unknown Fate Dragon from devouring more Fate.

Boom, boom, boom...

Explosions once again sounded out as the various Dynasty Legatees disregarded the cost in Fate as they unleashed their Nation Armaments, causing massive powers to shoot to the sky. If they did not use their Nation Armaments, it was possible that all of their Fate would be stolen regardless.

The countless chains brought with them an immense sealing power, wrapping around the golden dragon, and the Nation Armaments also burst forth with might and tried to suppress the golden dragon's power.

So many different powers simultaneously activating caused the entire Heaven Awaken World to suddenly dim, and wild gales buffeted the world. The ground started to crack as a terrifying aura spread out everywhere. Countless wild beasts ran in all directions as if they were escaping from a calamity.

Blood leaked out of the mouths of all of the Sect Masters as they did their best to stop this Fate Dragon from another world from stealing even more Fate.

The Legatees also gritted their teeth and did their best to suppress the golden dragon.

The golden dragon in the sky was locked down by countless chains, and its power was also suppressed by the countless Nation Armaments, causing its aura to continuously weaken, the Fate it was gathering decreasing.

Seeing this, everyone let out a sigh of relief - it seemed that they had successfully suppressed that Fate Dragon. They could not allow their world's Fate to be stolen by another world, or the entire world would suffer heavy losses.

But why had a Fate Dragon from another world appeared here, and why had it appeared right where Great Qin was? Just what sort of nation could have a Fate Dragon with such monstrous power?

None of them knew the answers to these questions, and right now, they only wanted to seal this Fate Dragon and stop it from harming the world.

Outside the Legacy Land, a few people seriously looked at the barrier shining with rainbow lights, and feeling those terrifying ripples, they felt quite shocked.

Just what had happened to cause such a thing? What sort of terrifying shockwaves could pass through the Heaven Domain Boundary?

However, without even thinking about it, they knew that unless it was something incredibly terrifying, there would not be such immense shockwaves, making them all feel quite shocked.

Feeling those shockwaves, they couldn't help but re-consider their original plans.

Within the Heaven Awaken World, countless people were affected by the shockwaves and felt incredibly terrified, but they were unable to defend against that power at all.

Countless City Lords stood in the air, looking towards Great Qin. The chains in the sky made them understand how terrifying this matter was, and if it wasn't for the Otherworlders stopping it, they would not have been able to stop the flow of Fate at all.

The golden light around the golden dragon's body became fainter and fainter, and that terrifying aura also gradually decreased, while the Fate in the world also settled down.

All of Great Qin's Generals and countless residents let out a breath of relief. They didn't know what was going on and didn't think that it had to do with Zhao Fu.

This was because the Fate Dragon gave off an aura from another world, which they could clearly sense. As such, they did not think that it had to do with His Majesty, and they hoped that the situation would be resolved as quickly as possible - the strength that the golden dragon had given off was simply too terrifying.

Even the ten or so Wyverns in Great Qin were laying on the ground and trembling. Even though they were normally incredibly wild and bold, they looked like incredibly tame dogs lying on the ground.

If even the powerful Wyverns were like this, the humans were even more pronounced.

Seeing this, the Sect Masters and Legatees decided to retract their seals and Nation Armaments.

"A bunch of ants!" Suddenly, an incredibly condescending, arrogant, and cold voice sounded out in their ears, making them feel greatly shocked.