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 Zhao Fu had thought about this for a while. Finding the Heaven Murder Empire's imperial family was not a big deal, but restoring the Heaven Murder Empire would be incredibly dangerous.

This was because the Heaven Murder Empire was simply too powerful, and Zhao Fu did not want to nurture an incredibly powerful enemy. After all, it was possible that the Heaven Murder Empire could turn against him, dragging Great Qin into danger. As such, Zhao Fu had to think about this carefully.

However, Zhao Fu did not immediately refuse and instead asked the golden dragon, "What material benefits can I get from this?"

"This... nothing for now!" the golden dragon said after hesitating.

"Eh?" Zhao Fu felt quite annoyed. There were no immediate benefits, yet the golden dragon wanted him to help it restore the Heaven Murder Empire - did it think that he was an idiot?

The golden dragon could tell what Zhao Fu was thinking, so it quickly said, "I can help you get rid of all of your enemies for now. However, my power is limited, and I won't be able to use it too much.

"Also, I can tell you the various secret techniques of the Heaven Murder Empire. With how powerful the Heaven Murder Empire was, it had countless secret techniques, and all of them were incredibly powerful and will be quite useful to you."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu inwardly cursed at the golden dragon - he had been scared stiff by its power before, but it turned out that its power was limited and could not be used much. No wonder it hadn't directly attacked and had instead used its pressure to weigh down on Zhao Fu.

"Do you really think that with just your strength and those measly benefits I'd be willing to task the risk to restore the Heaven Murder Empire? I can agree to finding the Heaven Murder Empire's imperial family, but I can't help you with restoring the Heaven Murder Empire. Not only is it too dangerous, but it's also incredibly difficult as well."

Zhao Fu told the golden dragon his thoughts; right now, he couldn't even restore the Great Qin Empire, let alone the Heaven Murder Empire.

The golden dragon understood Zhao Fu's concerns, so it took a step back and said, "I can give you the Heaven Murder Empire's Imperial Bloodline, which will make you one of the Heaven Murder Empire's Legatees. Even though there isn't much here, outside of the Legacy Land, there are many things left behind from the Heaven Murder Empire.

"Also, even though I only have less than one-thousandth of my power, with my current power, I can still be considered a terrifying existence within the Legacy Land.

"I don't need you to restore the Heaven Murder Empire right now, but you must look for the Heaven Murder Empire's imperial family and make them your official bloodline."

This made Zhao Fu feel quite troubled - if he restored Great Qin, the official bloodline should be the Ying family bloodline. Even though Zhao Fu only used to be part of the collateral family, he was still part of the Ying family; this was something that could not be changed. After all, Great Qin only belonged to the Ying family.

Now that the golden dragon was telling him to obtain the Heaven Murder Empire Imperial Bloodline and become one of its Legatees, that meant that his fate would be bound tightly to the Heaven Murder Empire; they would either survive together or die together.

Moreover, Zhao Fu didn't feel that making the Heaven Murder Empire the official imperial bloodline would be too good; that would be like fusing Great Qin and the Heaven Murder Empire.

However, if he refused, he would definitely die here; the golden dragon was strong enough to do this. Zhao Fu very much wanted the things from the Heaven Murder Empire, as they would be quite important for Great Qin; at the very least, they would be able to help Great Qin obtain a solid footing once the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world.

If he was an ordinary player and had the opportunity to obtain the Heaven Murder Empire's Imperial Bloodline, he would focus on helping the Heaven Murder Empire develop. However, he had long since been Great Qin's Legatee, so Zhao Fu felt a bit hesitant.

However, Zhao Fu thought about it - once the golden dragon found a rightful owner, it would definitely develop an extremely terrifying person, and because he had no power to stop this, Zhao Fu decided that he might as well agree.

The golden dragon let out a breath of relief and smiled as it said, "Don't worry. The benefits you'll obtain will be far greater than anything you can imagine!"

Zhao Fu nodded - he had no other choice, as the pressure on him was too great. Not only did he have to face the various Dynasty Legatees, but there were also countless players and the disaster after the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world.

Because of the information he had obtained from God Kerr, Zhao Fu knew how dangerous it would be in the future. Countless races would go extinct, and even if people didn't die, many of them would only live on as slaves.

Zhao Fu had no intention of saving the world, but he wanted to at least guarantee Great Qin's safety.

"In that case, stand in front of me, spread your hands, and accept the bloodline I'm about to give you!" the golden dragon said.

Zhao Fu nodded and came in front of the golden dragon, spreading his hands out.

The golden dragon's expression became serious as it lightly beat the golden wings on its back, causing a faint breeze to sweep out. The golden dragon's body left the ground, after which its body gave off a brilliant golden light, and a powerful aura emanated out from it.

The golden dragon's golden eyes looked at Zhao Fu before it turned into a ball of golden light and rushed into Zhao Fu's body.

Zhao Fu instantly felt an unimaginable power shoot into his body. The golden light completely passed through his body, causing his body to shoot out countless rays of golden light.

"Arghhh!!!" Zhao Fu felt as if something was going to explode out of his body, causing him to howl in pain.


A shocking explosion rang out as a golden pillar of light rushed into the sky as if it was going to tear the sky apart, and it seemed to shake the entire world. Immediately, clouds swirled as the sun dimmed.

The Legatees all over the world felt their Fate Dragons reluctantly roar within them, and these roars shook the entire world.

The countless Legatees felt quite shocked and had no idea what was going on and why their Fate Dragons would uncontrollably roar. They suddenly sensed something and quickly rushed out of the room, looking towards the golden pillar of light connecting the heavens and the earth.

Si Ji, Di Wutian, Ji Shenming, the Roman Legatee, the Egyptian Legatee, the Arab Legatee...

All of their expressions were quite unsightly because they were yet again looking in that familiar direction. They weren't sure what Great Qin, which had been peaceful for a while, had done this time to make their Fate Dragons so unsettled.

After being told by Li Wen, Great Qin's City Lords all hurried over to the doors, but the sudden burst of the golden pillar of light sent out a shockwave that knocked them back like leaves.

It was not just them. Everything within 100 kilometers of the golden pillar of light, whether they were boulders, trees, or mountains, were instantly obliterated, flattening the ground.

The City Lords all looked quite shocked, not sure what had happened. With their power, they were surprisingly unable to go close at all.

Hearing the roars of the many dragons, countless people looked incredibly shocked. The sky started to be dyed golden, and golden rays of light fell on the ground, as golden feathers also drifted down from the sky. The scene looked incredibly holy, majestic, and beautiful.

At the same time, a heaven-toppling might suddenly descended, causing cracks to appear in the sky. The ground continuously trembled as a berserk gale erupted out, making it seem as if the end of the world had come.