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 However, Zhao Fu thought about it and remembered that if he died, he would just lose his cultivation and skills; his King's Profession and bloodline were already bound to his soul, and he would not lose them. Therefore, he did not have to worry.

Moreover, even though this underground region was near Great Qin, it could not threaten Great Qin because the Great Qin City now had the protection of the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon. No matter how powerful this golden dragon was, it was unlikely that it was more powerful than the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon.

After all, the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon was one of the Guardian Beasts of this world, so it was most likely stronger than the golden dragon. Therefore, he did not have to worry about Great Qin's safety.

Looking at his King's Domain continuously cracking, Zhao Fu decided to go all-out with this golden dragon. However, at that moment, a black mark appeared on the back of Zhao Fu's right hand that gave off a rainbow-colored light.

Immediately, Zhao Fu felt a surge of power enter him, and he didn't feel anything facing that terrifying might anymore. That mark was the Earth Realm Mark.

Seeing the Earth Realm Mark, the golden dragon's expression changed, and it hesitated before withdrawing its terrifying pressure and saying in surprise, "Boy, I never thought that you would be someone with a Mandate of Heaven Fate!"

Seeing that the golden dragon had withdrawn its aura, Zhao Fu inwardly let out a sigh of relief but did not respond to the golden dragon's words.

The golden dragon did not seem to mind and continued to look at Zhao Fu as it said, "How about the two of us work together? Don't worry. You'll obtain massive benefits, and if I wasn't in this predicament, I wouldn't want to work with a person from a low-level world."

Zhao Fu did not even need to think about it before refusing, "Apologies, I'm not interested!"

This was because the golden dragon was far too dangerous, and Zhao Fu was unable to control it. Moreover, Zhao Fu did not want to partner with the Heaven Murder Empire, because he was worried about its enemies. If they could destroy an empire as powerful as the Heaven Murder Empire, that meant they would be incredibly monstrous. The final reason was that Zhao Fu could not tolerate how arrogant the golden dragon was. However, because of the information he had obtained from God Kerr, he knew that what the other had said was true.

Regardless, Great Qin would not allow itself to be humiliated - Zhao Fu believed that one day, Great Qin would be able to surpass the Heaven Murder Empire.

"Oh? Don't you want the things left behind by the Heaven Murder Empire? They'll be enough for you to dominate this world," the golden dragon said in a tempting tone, feeling quite surprised.

However, Zhao Fu continued to resolutely refuse, saying, "No matter how good they are, I don't want to work with you. Even without those things, Great Qin will be able to dominate this world."

"You... do you not believe that I'll butcher Great Qin?" The golden dragon felt quite furious. It had already taken a step back, but this person still refused to work together with it. During the peak of the Heaven Murder Empire, it would not even look at a person like this, yet he had dared to refuse.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu did not feel angry because he wanted to use this opportunity to get rid of the golden dragon. The Great Qin City had the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon defending it, so Zhao Fu felt quite confident and was not afraid of the golden dragon.

"You can try it if you want!" Zhao Fu said with a hint of mockery.

Hearing this, the golden dragon felt quite furious and exploded out with its sky-toppling pressure again as if it was about to rush to the surface and start a massacre.

However, seeing Zhao Fu's cold smile, it immediately withdrew its aura and looked at Zhao Fu with its golden eyes. It then said, "Boy, I'm not going to fall for your trap!"

Zhao Fu felt a bit disappointed and lightly harrumphed, ignoring the golden dragon, thinking about ways to leave.

Even though he would not die a true death and would not lose his professions and bloodline, his equipment, four swords, and the King's Crown would all fall here. With how powerful the golden dragon was, it would be almost impossible to retrieve them.

Zhao Fu also didn't want to restart from Stage 0 again either, so if he could escape, that would be best. He wondered if there were any restrictions in this space; otherwise, why would the golden dragon stay here instead of rampaging in the world?

Moreover, with how powerful this golden dragon was, why would it suddenly want to work together with him? Thinking back to how the golden dragon had withdrawn its aura, Zhao Fu felt that something was off.

However, the golden dragon once again said seriously, "You've most likely obtained the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, right? Do you think they'll let you off? They control all sorts of heaven-defying formations, so do you really think that you can defeat them? What a joke! Once they find that the Heaven Murder Empire's remains are here, let alone Great Qin, your entire world will be massacred!"

Zhao Fu's expression became quite unsightly because Zhao Fu acknowledged everything that the golden dragon was saying - this was something that he had always been worried about.

Seeing Zhao Fu's expression, the golden dragon inwardly laughed before saying, "Now, your only option is to work together with me, or else you should know the outcome!"

The golden dragon continued to look at Zhao Fu's changing expression and felt quite pleased. From how it saw things, working together with it was Zhao Fu's best option, as well as his only option. Right now, the person in front of him had to give in.

Zhao Fu's blood-red eyes looked at the golden dragon, but he suddenly coldly harrumphed, "Even if Great Qin is destroyed, would they let you off, a remnant of the Heaven Murder Empire? Worst comes to worst, we'll die together. Stop trying to act all high and mighty."

Zhao Fu had already made a decision. He was not sure if the faction that had destroyed the Heaven Murder Empire still existed; after all, tens of thousands of years had passed. Anything could have happened over the course of history, and many powerful empires had been destroyed.

Even though they were powerful, that didn't mean that there were not existences more powerful than them, or perhaps they had had a civil war. As such, there was not a need to worry so much.

Moreover, Zhao Fu had heard from the golden dragon that the faction that had destroyed the Heaven Murder Empire controlled many different heaven-defying formations. This was quite shocking, as the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation was only one of the heaven-defying formations.

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, the golden dragon felt quite angry, but as it thought, its anger disappeared and its attitude became better. It no longer spoke in a condescending tone and started again, saying, "Alright, I'll respect you and view you as an equal partner. Would you be willing to work together with me?"

Seeing that its attitude had become much better, Zhao Fu felt satisfied and nodded.

In actuality, Zhao Fu had no other choice because he was also worried that Great Qin might be destroyed. If he worked together with the golden dragon, he would at least obtain quite a lot of benefits.

With how powerful the Heaven Murder Empire had been, even an ordinary treasure from it would be very useful to Great Qin. After all, they had not even established their empire yet and were still incredibly weak. They had no way to compare with the Heaven Murder Empire.

Seeing Zhao Fu agree, the golden dragon let out a sigh of relief. Without Zhao Fu's help, it would not be able to accomplish much.

Following this, Zhao Fu asked, "What do you need from me?"

The golden dragon thought about it before replying, "I need you to find the Heaven Murder Empire's imperial family, and if you can, restore the Heaven Murder Empire. As for its enemies, you don't need to think about them for now; I won't force you to fight to the death with them!"