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 The bronze doors were simply too heavy. With the City Lord Seal's power, Zhao Fu would be able to easily move a massive boulder that weighed many tonnes. He had never expected opening this bronze door to be so difficult.

Zhao Fu had no choice but to erupt out with all of his City Lord Seal's power. Within Zhao Fu's body, the Great Qin Seal clanged, giving off a large amount of black light that seeped out of Zhao Fu's body as a terrifying power burst forth from his body.

With this power, Zhao Fu placed his hands against the bronze doors and gritted his teeth as he pushed forward with all of his might. The bronze door slowly moved, giving off a low rumbling as it finally opened a sliver.

Immediately, a gust of incredibly cold air rushed out. This cold air caused the bodies of everyone to freeze, making them feel as if they had fallen into an icy cavern. They felt incredibly nervous and continuously sweated, instinctively feeling a sense of danger.

Zhao Fu's expression became serious as he said to Li Wen and the others, "You should all leave first; this isn't something you can get involved in. Tell all of the other teams to leave the underground region as well."

Li Wen could sense the danger behind the bronze doors and said, "Your Majesty, it's probably best that you don't go in. You'll be in a lot of danger, so let us go in and explore first!"

The soldiers looked at Zhao Fu earnestly, hoping that they could go in his place. After all, he was the ruler of Great Qin, and they could not allow anything to happen to him.

However, Zhao Fu shook his head because they were too weak. If they went in, they would be instantly killed by whatever was inside and not be able to do anything. Moreover, players would not die a real death - this was the advantage that he had.

Seeing that they had no way to convince Zhao Fu, Li Wen and the others could only leave, and they decided to report this matter to the other City Lords and have them protect Zhao Fu.

After they left, Zhao Fu once again looked at the bronze doors. Based on the extremely cold air from behind the bronze doors, Zhao Fu knew that whatever was behind them was incredibly dangerous. However, he knew that this could also be a fortuitous opportunity, as it was something from the Heaven Murder Empire.

Even though it was dangerous, he could have a fortuitous encounter, allowing Great Qin to develop even faster.

After making this decision, Zhao Fu continued to use all of his strength to open up the doors until they were about 30 centimeters apart. A massive amount of cold air streamed out, and the terrifying aura from within was enough to cause anyone's soul to tremble.

Zhao Fu shuffled in sideways and saw a pitch-black passageway, but there was some light at the end.

Zhao Fu carefully walked along this dark passageway before reaching a 1,000-meter wide hall. This hall gave off a brilliant golden light, and it was as if its surface was covered with a layer of gold. There were also ornate pictures of scenery carved onto the walls and floor, looking quite beautiful.

What shocked Zhao Fu even more was that he had discovered that there was a ten or so meter long dragon lying down at the center of the hall. Its entire body was golden colored, and it gave off a golden light. It had a pair of sharp horns, golden wings, and five claws that gave off an icy, sharp light.

The dragon gave off a majestic, elegant, powerful, mysterious aura, and it seemed incredibly dangerous.

Zhao Fu recognized this dragon - the King Remnant Soul that Zhao Fu had obtained before had the image of this dragon, and he had never thought that he would see the actual thing.

The dragon ahead was most likely the Heaven Murder Empire's Fate Dragon. From the system announcement of the King Remnant Soul, Zhao Fu knew that the Skeleton that he had defeated was either a Prince or Princess, which was why defeating it had given him a King Remnant Soul.

Fate Dragons would be passed down with the bloodline, so anyone with the Heaven Murder Empire's imperial bloodline would possess such a Fate Dragon.

Similarly, if Zhao Fu's bloodline was passed down, his descendants would also have Zhao Fu's black dragon. This had already been decided when Qin Feizi had established the State of Qin.

However, the dragon in front of him was not just an image, which made Zhao Fu feel quite surprised. This was because the Heaven Murder Empire had been destroyed for an incredibly long time, and it was impossible for the Fate Dragon to have survived for so long.

As Zhao Fu was thinking to himself, the golden dragon suddenly opened its eyes, revealing its golden pupils and giving Zhao Fu a big shock.


A massive sound rang out - as the golden dragon opened its eyes, a terrifying formless energy rushed at Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu reacted in time but was still sent flying. He crashed against a wall and coughed up a large amount of blood, dyeing the front of his clothes red.

Zhao Fu looked quite shocked - he had simultaneously used his City Lord Seal, Nation Armament, and Clan Armament's power, but he had still been heavily injured by this dragon's casual attack.

This golden dragon was simply too powerful! Right now, he had to unleash all of his power, or he would not be a match for the golden dragon.

However, that golden dragon looked at Zhao Fu arrogantly and condescendingly. It said with a voice that was neither male nor female, "You think the trash Nation Armaments of a low-level world can defeat me?"

Zhao Fu's eyes were cold as he wiped away the blood from this mouth and stood up. He then said, "You think you're so great? The Heaven Murder Empire was destroyed long ago!"

"You..." It seemed that Zhao Fu's words had poked its sore point, and the golden dragon looked quite furious as its body flashed with a golden light, and a heaven-destroying aura rushed towards Zhao Fu. Even space itself seemed to be unable to withstand this and started to distort.

Facing this horrifying power, Zhao Fu did not dare to be careless, and he used all of his strength to activate his King's Domain. A black barrier with dragon inscriptions appeared around Zhao Fu's body, blocking that terrifying pressure.

The golden dragon looked at Zhao Fu with its golden eyes and stood up, releasing an even more intense pressure.


Suddenly, a crisp cracking sound rang out, and Zhao Fu was startled to see that a crack had appeared in the King's Domain. Zhao Fu's expression became quite unsightly, and he used even more of his Nation Armament and Clan Armament's power, allowing him to barely resist that strength.

"I already said that the trash Nation Armaments from a low-level world like yours can't defeat me. I've destroyed countless ones in the past!"

As the golden dragon spoke, its pressure became more and more powerful, until it was ten or so times greater than before.

This massive pressure caused Zhao Fu's King's Domain to be covered in cracks, and it looked like it would soon collapse.

This made Zhao Fu feel quite shaken - was he really going to die here? Even though he had used all of his powers, he was unable to even bear the other side's pressure. This golden dragon was simply too powerful! This meant that the Heaven Murder Empire's strength far exceeded what Zhao Fu could imagine.