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 Wang Jian confidently looked down at the town and was not in a hurry to attack. He did not say anything either and only used his powerful aura to suppress the Basic Town.

This powerful aura made the Basic Town feel an immense pressure everywhere, and the air seemed to have frozen. The soldiers on the town walls felt their hands rapidly sweating, and they nervously looked at the soldiers all around them.

Everyone else in the town tried to convince Zhan Quanfu to surrender. In the end, after looking at Great Qin's terrifying soldiers, even his wife started to persuade him to surrender; she didn't want her husband and child to die.

With the pressure on all sides, Zhan Quanfu started to sweat, and his expression was quite grim. He felt incredibly troubled and was leaning towards surrendering.

"If you surrender, Great Qin promises not to kill a single person in this town, and your Mayor will still be the Mayor!"

Wang Jian's voice finally sounded out in the air. Even though his voice was not very loud, it was filled with might and confidence and could be heard by everyone in the town.

This was the final push necessary to convince Zhan Quanfu. Since the other side had promised that he would still be the Mayor and because they would definitely lose if they fought, Zhan Quanfu immediately made a decision and called out, "We're willing to surrender!"

Following this, they opened the gates, and the soldiers and residents put down their weapons. Great Qin's soldiers streamed into Six Peace Town and officially took over the town.

After tallying all of their gains, they found that they had obtained 10,000 or so pieces of equipment, 80,000 silver coins, and around 41,000 people.

This time, Great Qin had not suffered any losses to obtain such a great victory, and because Basic Towns were a prerequisite to upgrading to Great Cities, His Majesty would definitely be quite pleased.

Wang Jian smiled before conquering and relocating the Basic Town, and he returned to the Great Qin City.

Time continued to pass, and Great Qin's soldiers continued to conquer villages, causing Great Qin's population to continue to rise and for the territory it controlled to continue to increase.

Ten or so days passed, and Great Qin had already swept through one-third of the Forest of Horrors. After clearing such a large area, the gains that they had made were quite great.

First, Great Qin's population had risen to 4.4 million. Before, it had only been 3.3 million people, but after 20 days of clearing, they had obtained another 1.1 million people. The countless villages that they conquered also continued to spawn more people for them, and they now had 926 such villages.

Great Qin had also conquered four Basic Towns and now had enough Basic Towns to upgrade to a Great City and even had two more than necessary. Now, they only needed one more Basic City to upgrade to a Great City.

Apart from population, Great Qin's army had also swelled to 800,000 soldiers. 500,000 or so of them were Stage 1 soldiers, while the others' cultivations were not weak either, as they used Blood God Pills and Stage 3 cultivation medicinal pills.

Great Qin did not lack Blood God Pills - after breaking through so many system main cities, they had obtained many Stage 1 corpses, and they still had 100,000 or so corpses that they had not used yet.

What Zhao Fu was the most excited about was that Great Qin had nearly 10,000 Stage 2 soldiers. With how powerful Stage 2 soldiers were, they could easily defeat eight or nine Stage 1 soldiers by themselves. Even though there were only roughly 10,000 of them, they were a powerful force.

All of these Stage 2 soldiers were essentially the soldiers who had joined Great Qin from the start. With the Stage 2 Minotaur corpses from the Gloomy Jungle, they were able to refine a large number of Stage 2 Blood God Pills, which was why Great Qin had nearly 10,000 Stage 2 soldiers.

However, the teams they had sent out had finished exploring the outside of the Gloomy Jungle and killed all of the Goblins and Minotaurs there.

Even though Zhao Fu had not entered the inner regions yet, he knew that it was extremely dangerous, so he did not want the teams to enter yet. As such, the exploration teams returned, and Great Qin did not have any more Goblin and Minotaur corpses.

This made Zhao Fu feel slightly disappointed - if Great Qin had a large number of Stage 2 soldiers, their future would be safer. They would also have the confidence to face all kinds of threats. It was a pity that it was difficult to obtain Stage 2 soldiers' corpses.

Zhao Fu planned to explore the inner regions of the Gloomy Jungle when he had time to see what was inside. Perhaps he would find unexpected gains inside.

Also, after Great Qin attacked villages, they would collect the corpses and store them safely, as they would be important in the future.

Great Qin now also had 15 Wyverns, and there were ten that were able to fight. However, Zhao Fu felt that this was still not enough.

There were now seven mature Wyverns, four male and three female, so Great Qin started to breed them. However, they still would not be able to obtain many Wyverns in a short period of time.

Wyverns were all incredibly powerful, and Zhao Fu planned to hide them as his trump card. He wanted to use them to suddenly explode out and sweep away everything in his path.

Zhao Fu had also found two legatees for the Silver Lake Immortal Equipment. One of them was Moni, the Xiongnu woman who Sun Wu had brought to Zhao Fu.

When she was initially brought to Zhao Fu, she had loudly cursed at Zhao Fu, saying that they were incredibly shameless bandits and that she wanted to challenge him. As such, Zhao Fu had ordered the soldiers to let go of her and simply waved his hand, heavily wounding her. After that, she had been much better behaved.

This was because not only had Zhao Fu defeated her in a fair fight, but he also had her relatives in his control, so she had to submit.

Moni had some Phoenix Qi and was only a bit less than the women from the main families of large families. Xianru had advised Zhao Fu to take in women from Ancient Fallen Clans as it would be helpful to him when facing Ancient Fallen Clans in the future, so Zhao Fu made her a concubine. Afterward, he had found that she was quite suitable for one of the Silver Lake Immortal legacies.

As such, he had given her the Silver Lake Immortal Saber. After receiving it, the saber automatically changed into a strange-looking saber that was quite suited to her.

The second Silver Lake Immotal legatee was a male Elf called Josse. He used to be the Village Chief of a village, and after being attacked by Great Qin, he had surrendered and been captured.

The Silver Lake Immortal Bow had trembled within Zhao Fu's spatial ring when he met Josse, so Zhao Fu decided to give the bow to Josse.

Now, the shield, spear, sword, hatchet, and hammer were left. He would hopefully find suitable owners for them in the future, and he hoped that it would be sooner rather than later.

The temperature became colder and colder, and now, a layer of frost covered all of the trees.

Today, Li Wen once again came to Zhao Fu. Seeing Li Wen, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised. He most likely had not been able to collect enough Soldier Souls in such a short amount of time. After hearing from Li Wen, he heard that after opening up another passage, they had found a set of bronze doors.

Zhao Fu felt quite curious and went to the passage in the underground region. In front of him was a ten meter tall set of bronze doors that gave off a faint light. The inscriptions and pictures on them were all from the Heaven Murder Empire, and the bronze doors gave off an ancient, powerful, mysterious aura.

The bronze doors were extremely heavy, and Zhao Fu tried to push them open but found that he couldn't. Only after using his Great Qin Seal's power was he able to slightly open them.