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 Ancient Fallen Clans like the Xiongnu Clan had powerful battle intent and resisted greatly. Only by instantly destroying their confidence could they be subdued.

Sun Wu thought about it and had 600 or so soldiers take off their armor and pretend to attack as bandits. They would set up an ambush and bait the soldiers out; once the soldiers died, the remaining residents would not be able to retaliate anymore.

After making this decision, Sun Wu had the soldiers carry out the plan.

The 600 or so soldiers quickly went to attack that Xiongnu Village, using flaming arrows that lit up buildings and animal pens. Most Ancient Fallen Clans raised livestock, so the flames easily caused a lot of chaos.

The Xiongnu Village was able to respond quite quickly; soon, 1,000 or so Xiongnu soldiers rushed out, and seeing these Xiongnu soldiers, Great Qin's 600 or so soldiers immediately turned and ran.

The Ancient Fallen Clans were quite powerful, and they were the ones usually bullying others, not them being bullied by others. As such, seeing how lacking these 600 people's equipment was and how weak they seemed, their bloodlust was aroused, and they charged towards Great Qin's soldiers.

Great Qin's 600 or so soldiers quickly ran while the 1,000 Xiongnu soldiers madly chased after them. Soon, they led the Xiongnu soldiers to the ambush.

The place of the ambush was not too far away, as Sun Wu was worried that the Xiongnu people would not chase too far, so the ambush location was quite close. As soon as the Xiongnu soldiers ran some distance away from the village, Great Qin's soldiers would be able to attack them.

"Fire!" Sun Wu ordered as the sounds of the air being torn could be heard, and countless arrows whistled towards the Xiongnu soldiers. The Xiongnu soldiers were completely caught off guard, and as the arrows descended, most of them were instantly killed.

Those who survived immediately turned and ran after seeing this scene, but they were hit by another wave of arrows. Very soon, they had all been killed.

Next, Sun Wu led all of Great Qin's soldiers to the Xiongnu Village. He first had the Archers shoot flaming arrows into the village, lighting up many houses and causing the Xiongnu Village to become quite chaotic. The Cavalry then ferociously pierced into the village like a sharp spear and started a massacre.

Their spears tore through the Xiongnu people's chests, causing blood to fly everywhere. The other soldiers followed behind them and also started to attack.

The Xiongnu people did their best to resist, but their attempts were futile. Three Xiongnu people attacked a Great Qin soldier, but they were split in half by Great Qin's soldier with a single chop.

Most of Great Qin's soldiers that had gathered were Stage 1 soldiers, and they could insta-kill these Xiongnu people, who had low cultivations.

In fact, even if Sun Wu did not use any trickery and simply charged at the village, with the soldiers' high cultivations, they would be able to easily massacre the Xiongnu people. However, Sun Wu followed Great Qin's policy, which was to ensure victory with as little costs as possible.

The situation quickly came within their control, and the Xiongnu people were one-sidedly massacred. Soon, the 20,000 soldiers easily controlled this Xiongnu Advanced Village.

Seeing that the flames were becoming bigger and bigger, Sun Wu ordered the soldiers to bring the captives in order for them to not be surrounded by the flames.

After coming outside of the village, they counted the captives and found that there were 2,723 in total, which was a good number. It was a pity that most of the resources had been incinerated by the flames. However, to be able to bring back so many people, they would still be able to receive good rewards.

"General Sun, we've found an extremely beautiful Xiongnu woman, and she's quite strong as well. In order to capture her, many brothers were injured," a soldier came up and excitedly reported.

"Oh?" Sun Wu also felt quite interested and said, "Bring her up!"

Following this, a few soldiers brought over a woman to Sun Wu. The woman was bound with ropes and looked quite beautiful. She had light-brown colored skin and two plaids on either side of her face. She looked at Sun Wu vehemently, with a hint of the wild nature of the Ancient Fallen Clans.

Seeing this woman, Sun Wu felt quite delighted and turned to the soldier who had reported and said, "This woman is quite beautiful and can be given to His Majesty. If she possesses Phoenix Qi as well, we'll be able to obtain additional rewards."

Sun Wu's words caused all of the soldiers to feel quite happy.

"Release me, you bandits!" the Xiongnu woman roared as she looked at the soldiers around her.

Even though she spoke the Xiongnu language, because of the Language Stone Steles in Great Qin, Sun Wu had already learned the Xiongnu language and was able to understand her.

However, Sun Wu did not mind - after all, it was often the Ancient Fallen Clans who were the bandits. He ordered the soldiers to take her away, and they started back to the Great Qin City.


"General Wang, soldiers from the south-western direction have reported that they've found a Basic Town with 40,000 residents," a soldier reported to Wang Jian.

When it came to Basic Towns, there would always be a City Lord leading at least 100,000 soldiers.

Wang Jian nodded and immediately gathered 150,000 soldiers and five Generals with City Lord Seals before heading in the south-western direction.

The remainder of the Generals with City Lord Seals continued to remain within the Great Qin City and sent their senses in different directions to sense any changes in the situation.

The soldiers quickly surrounded that Basic Town, and the five City Lords' terrifying aura enveloped the Basic Town, causing its residents to descend into panic.

Wang Jian did not give the order to attack, because with Great Qin's strength, they would be able to annihilate this Basic Town. As such, he was waiting for them to surrender first.

The Mayor of this Basic Town was a chubby middle-aged man, and he looked down at the dark mass of soldiers below and the terrifying aura they gave off. What was even more shocking was that most of them were Stage 1 soldiers, and they even had five City Lords standing in the air.

It was not just the Mayor but the entire Town who were terrified. None of them had the heart to defend and felt incredibly terrified.

"Mayor, what should we do? Let alone the 150,000 soldiers outside, just the five City Lords alone will be able to bathe our town in blood; we should surrender!"

"Mayor! We can't fight against them; let's hurry and surrender before they attack!"

"Mayor, if we don't surrender, we'll definitely die. Even if you don't think about us, you should think about the residents and your family. Who knows? Perhaps if you surrender, you can continue being the Mayor."

"Mayor, they're right; we should surrender. We only have 8,000 soldiers and only a bit more than 40,000 residents. There's no hope in winning!"

Before Wang Jian even said anything, the people around the Mayor all tried to convince him to surrender, and not a single one of them suggested resisting. After all, Great Qin could easily crush them, and none of them wanted to die for nothing.

The chubby middle-aged man was called Zhan Quanfu, and he was the Mayor of the Six Peace Town. He looked quite troubled because he knew how terrifying the enemy was but was still a bit reluctant to surrender.