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 This massive blue star gave off an intense blue light that covered the ground. The dark clouds in the sky scattered, as the blue starlight seemed to have a piercing effect that seemed to tear through the sky like countless sharp swords.

This was one of the 13 General Stars, the Great Gate Star!

The Great Gate Star's focus was right and wrong, and it was a General Star with extremely great judgment. It was a star that focused on cooperation and was quite ferocious when it came to fighting. It would never retreat and was an incredibly terrifying General Star.

The Great Gate Star gave off a blue pillar of starlight with Sima Cuo at the center, who started to show changes. The blue starlight continuously entered his body, causing his aura to become more and more powerful.

The blood-red aura from before gradually disappeared, and an incredibly piercing blue aura continuously streamed out from within Sima Cuo's body.

The pillar of blue starlight gradually became smaller as the saber in Sima Cuo's hand became blue-colored. Light swirled around on the blade as the words 'Great Gate' were engraved on it.

The pillar of blue starlight disappeared, and the blue star in the sky gradually faded as well. The abnormal signs also disappeared as the surroundings quietened down, but everything around looked quite disorderly.

Zhao Fu canceled his King's Domain and smiled as he asked to see the blue saber. Sima Cuo's saber had already been a Legendary grade weapon, so its stats were quite good.

[Great Gate Sabre]: Grade: Epic, Stats: Strength +30, Intelligence +20, Constitution +16, Agility +16, Description: A Legendary grade saber that fused with the Great Gate Star's power, forming the Great Gate Sabre, a General Armament.

The Great Gate Sabre had fairly high Strength, while its Constitution and Agility were relatively lower. This was because every General Armament's stats were related to the armament's General Star.

The Great Gate Saber's first five effects were the same as the other General Armaments, and Zhao Fu was quite curious about Sima Cuo's Soldier Aura Formation and what it would be.

Next, Zhao Fu looked at the Great Gate Saber's sixth special effect.

[Formation-Breaking Soldiers]: Soldiers in this state will have extremely powerful offensive capabilities while all of their other attributes will become slightly weaker. They will also have the ability to break through formations and can even use their lifeforce to obtain extreme power from the Great Gate Star, becoming incredibly terrifying soldiers.

This effect leaned more towards offensive attacks, which meant that these soldiers would specialize in destruction. Zhao Fu was quite pleased with the formation-breaking effect, as there were many formations in the Heaven Awaken World, and with this ability, they would be able to suppress such formations.

Zhao Fu felt quite pleased as he handed the Great Gate Saber back to Sima Cuo, and the other Generals all came up to congratulate him. Zhao Fu smiled before returning to the Great Qin City.

Elsewhere, all of the ability users and espers looked away, while all of the Dynasty Legatees felt quite angry and ordered people to quickly find ways to undo Fate Seals. They did not wish to fall behind Great Qin.

Elsewhere within the Forest of Horrors, Great Qin's army continuously took down indigenous resident villages, gaining many residents for Great Qin. There were many Outlanders among them, and as long as they surrendered, Zhao Fu was willing to take them in and treat them as Great Qin's subjects.

There were now fewer and fewer player villages. Those who had held onto hope had been scared off by Great Qin's slaughter and could only escape to other regions.

Right now, Great Qin's focus was on sweeping out the Forest of Horrors. Because of the isolation barriers on all sides, Zhao Fu did not have any way to leave, so he had his soldiers continue to sweep through the Forest of Horrors.

"Captain! We found a Basic Village ahead with around 400 people," a soldier said to his Captain.

The Captain happily laughed and patted his shoulder before turning and saying to the rest of the soldiers, "Brothers, we have more prey! After taking down this village, we can go back and claim Military Points!"

Everyone looked quite excited. In order to motivate the soldiers, Zhao Fu gave out abundant rewards, and those who took down more villages would have better rewards.

"Captain! Let's hurry and act!" the soldiers all said.

The Captain nodded and said, "Let's see if this village is dangerous; afterward, we'll start moving!"

The soldiers all nodded, came close to the village, and observed it before moving.

Swish, swish, swish...

Powerful arrows tore through the air, piercing into the villagers' bodies. Pained cries sounded out as the working villagers were all given a big fright and ran into the village.

"Charge!" Seeing that the first wave of arrows had killed dozens of villagers and that the village had lost any power to retaliate, the Captain immediately gave the order to charge.

The 1,000 soldiers raised the weapons and obeyed, rushing towards the village with a ferocious aura.

The village only had 400 villagers, and now that dozens of them had been killed, they had no power to retaliate at all. Seeing so many soldiers charging over, they felt incredibly terrified.

The men told the women and children to quickly run while they gripped their tools and charged at the soldiers. It was a pity that they would be immediately slashed to death by Great Qin's soldiers.

The 1,000 soldiers quickly surrounded the village, and the villagers looked at the soldiers in fear while the children burst into tears.

Zhao Fu looked at the roughly 300 people ahead and said, "Surrender to Great Qin or we'll kill all of you. Don't think that you can resist Great Qin!"

Seeing that 100 or so people had been killed in an instant and that those people had been the main fighting force of the village, none of the remaining villagers dared to resist.

"Sir, don't kill me. I'm willing to surrender!" a weak-looking youth said as he kneeled down in fear.

Seeing Great Qin's ferocious soldiers, the other villages knew that if they didn't surrender, they would most likely be killed as well. They knew how terrifying these soldiers were, so they also knelt down and did not dare to resist.

The Captain laughed in satisfaction, "Brothers, clean up the battlefield and relocate the village. Then, we'll go back!"

The other soldiers looked quite excited as they went and collected everything of value before conquering and relocating the village, bringing the terrified villagers with them back to the Great Qin City.


"General Sun! We've discovered an Advanced Village ahead with roughly 5,000 people, and it's a Xiongnu Village!" one of the soldiers respectfully reported to Sun Wu.

Sun Wu used to be the Mayor of a Basic Town, and after submitting to Great Qin, he had joined the army and become a General.

Hearing this, Sun Wu nodded and smiled. If he took down this Advanced Village, they would receive great rewards and also be looked on favorably by His Majesty. In fact, he might even be able to obtain a City Lord Seal in the future. As such, Sun Wu gave the order for a few teams to group up with his.

Soon, 20,000 or so soldiers gathered. Their arrangement was quite comprehensive - there were Shieldbearers all the way to Cavalry. In order to attack an Advanced Village like this, they needed to have different types of soldiers in order to reduce the injuries and casualties suffered.