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 Back when Zhao Fu established Heaven's Choice, he had a decent relationship with Soldier Alliance because of Wu Qingniang. However, as Zhao Fu's status rose and he became Great Qin's Legatee's representative, the relationship between them became colder. Zhao Fu also knew that Dong Junhua was interested in Wu Qingniang and did not give him much face.

Dong Junhua had thought that Zhao Fu was Wu Qingniang's subordinate, so he had treated Heaven's Choice quite courteously and helped as much as possible. Of course, with Great Qin's power, there was not much that they needed his help with.

However, after Zhao Fu's status had suddenly changed, Dong Junhua's attitude towards him completely changed, as he most likely saw him as a competitor now.

Dong Junhua's attitude towards Heaven's Choice had also changed. Soldier Alliance had joined the movement to resist Great Qin, and perhaps Dong Junhua thought that because of his relationship with Zhao Fu, Zhao Fu would show him mercy.

However, Zhao Fu's eyes were incredibly cold as he ordered Great Qin's Assassins, "Kill everyone in Soldier Alliance. If there are any core members, feed them Reality Fruits then kill them.

"Also, do this for all of the large factions. If any of the core members remained, make sure they die a true death!"

Since they had been heartless, Zhao Fu would not show mercy either by killing them and giving their core members a true death. Even though they were of the same race and were all players, Zhao Fu did not feel guilty.

That was their punishment for offending Great Qin. If it wasn't for the fact that they did not have many Reality Fruits, Zhao Fu would execute everyone who had participated to show them the true terror of Great Qin.

"Yes!" the Assassin said before quickly leaving.

Day after day passed, and it became colder and colder. All of the leaves on trees had fallen off, and the grass also withered. There was now a thin layer of frost on the ground, and it was now late winter.

The colder temperatures caused Great Qin's army to slow down, as armies were not suited to fighting during winter.

However, Zhao Fu did not want to stop because things were also tough for the other side. Great Qin's soldiers had high cultivations, so they fared better in the cold and had an advantage over ordinary people during winter.

On the other hand, Zhao Fu did not want to waste time either. Time was of the essence, and they could not waste time. It was essential that they gained full control over the Forest of Horrors as soon as possible.

Four days later, Li Wen came before Zhao Fu, and seeing him, Zhao Fu grinned. After all, Li Wen's appearance meant that they had enough Soldier Souls to form another General Armament.

"Here, Your Majesty!" Li Wen also smiled as he delivered the Soldier Souls to Zhao Fu. He understood how important they were for Great Qin.

Zhao Fu received the Soldier Souls and immediately ordered people to bring Sima Cuo to an empty area. After hearing that another General Armament was about to be formed, many people came to watch from a distance.

Zhao Fu fused the 100 Soldier Souls into ten Divine Soldier Souls before handing them to Sima Cuo, who was excited.

Sima Cuo respectfully received these Divine Soldier Souls. The ten Divine Soldier Souls gave off a faint white light and automatically flew into the sky, forming a circle around Sima Cuo as they spread out.

The ten orbs started to give off blinding white light as the soldier images within them turned into traces of violet qi as their auras became more powerful, turning into a corporeal pressure.


Suddenly, an explosion sounded out, causing the sky to tremble as the ten massive orbs of light seemed to call out to each other. The traces of violet aura within the orbs trembled as a terrifying power spread out.

Immediately, the clouds swirled as the sky dimmed and a massive gale brewed. Countless trees swayed as rocks were brought into the sky, and it was as if a disaster was about to descend.


Within the sky, a massive sound like something shattering rang out as a violet star giving off a brilliant light slowly descended, emanating a boundless aura.

At that moment, countless ability users, espers, and Legatees were given a big shock, and they quickly went outside and looked towards the north. Their expressions were extremely unsightly as they saw that another General Star was returning, and it was once again in the northern side - one of Great Qin's people was definitely awakening his General Star.

This was the fifth General Star that Great Qin had unlocked. Apart from Great Qin, only Great Zhou's Jiang Ziya had undone his Fate Seal. No other Dynasty Legatee had been able to achieve this yet, which was quite shameful.

All of them were losing to Great Qin in power, Fate, and reputation. This meant that they were all inferior to Great Qin, making all of the Dynasty Legatees feel quite furious.

The northern side's various factions, that had all been heavily injured, looked at the star in the sky and could only heavily sigh. They had no way of stopping Great Qin, and they had only slightly recovered after being heavily injured. They were not able to threaten Great Qin at all.

Back at Great Qin, as the violet star slowly descended and gave off a powerful air of suppression, Sima Cuo raised his large saber and roared, exploding out with a powerful aura. The ground beneath him cracked as traces of a silver aura continuously rose out of his body.


Silver arcs of lightning flashed as a silver pillar of light shot into the sky and hit the violet star. A massive explosion rang out as the violet star trembled and slowly started to become silver.

Soon, the violet star had become completely silver and gave off a bright silver light and an incredibly sharp feeling.

"Hah!!!" Sima Cuo roared as his veins bulged, and countless traces of a blood-red aura rushed out as the ground continued to crack.


Bolts of lightning started to descend from the sky, giving off a destructive aura and causing the hairs of everyone nearby to stand on end, feeling an instinctive fear.

Suddenly, the sky once again trembled as three black stars also descended. Now that there were four stars in the sky, the pressure they gave off felt corporeal, and it weighed down on all countless creatures below.

Seeing this, many people felt quite surprised, because this was not a normal General Star awakening but a special method that Great Qin had used before.

The stars started to fuse, and the terrifying aura became even more intense, causing many creatures to shiver.

The lightning in the sky became even more intense as if it wanted to destroy everything. The scene seemed like a cultivator undergoing a lightning tribulation.

The target of most of these bolts of lightning was Sima Cuo, but they were all blocked by his blood-red aura.

The four stars in the sky fused together as a faint blue light shined. Gradually, the blue light became brighter and brighter, and finally, the three new stars fused into the original star, creating a blue star.