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 Hearing that incredibly lewd voice, Zhao Fu felt quite frustrated and replied, "I have things to do!"

Zhao Fu had long since wanted to return to the Heaven Awaken World because he had already spent too much time in the real world. He wanted to go back and check on Great Qin's progress.

Mei Xiaoyan felt a bit disappointed, but she understood that now that Great Qin and the White Lotus Society were working together, there were many things for him to take care of. She said, "In that case, my lord, call me when you're free; I'll come over and keep you company at any time!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu couldn't help but sigh and think of his grandpa's family. No matter what, they were his blood relations and only family.

Thinking about this, Zhao Fu felt quite troubled. On one hand, he wanted to cut them off and not have any more to do with them. However, he felt that he could not do this, not only for his grandpa and grandma but also for his deceased mother.

"Can't you just be with Zhao Jun?" Zhao Fu asked as he did not want to have that kind of relationship with her.

However, Mei Xiaoyan coyly replied, "No way, my lord. I'm your woman now and will only serve you; how could I be his woman? Also, don't worry. I haven't let him touch me, and my body only belongs to you."

Now that she had finally developed that intimacy between them, how could Mei Xiaoyan just give up? She knew what Zhao Fu's personality was like, and if something happened between her and Zhao Fu, it would bring great benefits to the White Lotus Society.

Zhao Fu didn't know what to say, so after saying a few more words, he quickly hung up.

However, his phone rang yet again. It was another unknown number. Zhao Fu picked up and heard Zheng Jiao, who said, "Zhao Fu, are you able to talk for a moment?"

Zhao Fu replied that he was, as he felt quite curious as to why she would call him.

"Um, you're most likely working with them, right? In that case, I will also become your woman. I will serve you diligently, and I'll do anything you want. However, can you ask them to let my family go?" Zheng Jiao said as she sniffled.

Zhao Fu immediately realized why Zheng Jiao was like this - she was being threatened with her family. This was not a big deal, so Zhao Fu agreed to her request.

"Thank you so much," Zheng Jiao said gratefully.

Zhao Fu did not mind, and just as he was about to hang up and enter the Heaven Awaken World, Zheng Jiao said with some hesitation, "I think it's best that I break up with your cousin and go over to serve you. After all, I'm your woman, and it would be bad to stay by another man's side."

"This..." Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite speechless. After thinking about it, he said, "You like him, don't you? Just keep being with him."

"Mm, I like your cousin, but... I'm your woman now, and my body belongs to you. In actuality, if possible, I'd rather be your woman because you can protect me and family. I don't want to be treated like an ant by others."

Zheng Jiao felt quite terrible and couldn't help but cry.

Zhao Fu once again fell silent. Back when Zheng Jiao had been snatched over by the Ying family, no one had dared to resist, and she was now being blackmailed by the White Lotus Society and was still unable to resist. That was the tragedy of the weak and why Zhao Fu was determined to continuously become more powerful at all costs.

"Can I be your woman? You don't have to worry about my body not being pure; I've only kissed your cousin a few times, and I'm still a virgin," she said, a pleading tone in Zheng Jiao's voice.

Zhao Fu didn't know what to do about this, so he replied, "I'll take care of your family."

Zheng Jiao happily smiled and said, "Then I'll be your woman from now on!"

Zhao Fu felt quite troubled - Zheng Jiao was engaged to his cousin, and just as he wanted to say something, he heard his cousin through the phone, who said, "Jiao'Er, what's wrong? Why are you crying?"

Zhao Fu's cousin walked into the room and asked caringly what had happened.

Zhao Fu hung up and shook his head, putting this matter aside and entering the Heaven Awaken World.

It was already the next day in the Heaven Awaken World, and Zhao Fu sat in a hall as he looked through various reports.

Great Qin's army had been quite successful, and everything had gone according to plan. The army had spread out from Great Qin quite quickly, and the rate at which they cleared villages became much faster.

The villages had no opportunity to resist them, as Great Qin's strength was enough to completely suppress them. In just a single day, they had obtained a large amount of resources and money. They had also obtained 30,000 people, which was a shocking number.

With this sort of speed, Zhao Fu estimated that it would take a month to completely sweep through the Forest of Horrors. When that time came, Great Qin would have a solid grasp over the Forest of Horrors, making it Great Qin's first cornerstone.

Apart from clearing these villages, Zhao Fu also had people watch some player villages. Right now, the players were all moving en masse, gathering into groups of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands to cross the Void Zones.

With how dangerous Void Zones were, it would be difficult to cross without many people. However, even with so many people, they would suffer heavy losses passing through the Void Zone, and only a small portion of them would successfully reach another region. That was why many players had stayed within the Forest of Horrors.

Those who had stayed held onto a small trace of hope that their villages were too remote and that given how big the Forest of Horrors was, Great Qin would not find them.

Some were unwilling to let go of their resources - after all, they had developed here for a long time, so they were unwilling to leave.

Of course, only a minority of factions decided to stay; most of the factions knew the consequences of offending Great Qin and wisely did not dare to continue staying. Even if they took the risk of crossing the Void Zones, it would be better than staying here and waiting for death.

Zhao Fu did not bother chasing after the players who had left, as it was too late. As such, he placed his gaze on the players who had stayed within the Forest of Horrors.

Zhao Fu sent Assassins to investigate the player villages. They did not have much to do anyway, so they undertook that mission.

After a day or so, Great Qin's Assassins had some results and discovered some player villages. They also discovered that some people from Soldier Alliance had not left.

Soldier Alliance had been the largest player faction in Soldier Forest, and now, it existed in name only. It was not just Soldier Alliance but also the Holy Light Group and some other factions that had been destroyed or heavily wounded.

The larger families were able to survive this disaster due to their foundations, but some of the newer factions became much weaker. After all, they were formed by players, and once they were hit heavily, they would immediately collapse.