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 The woman was Ji Qin, the person who had brought him here. Zhao Fu thought about it before opening the door and asking, "What is it?"

Ji Qin slightly smiled and said, "Mr. Zhao, Big Miss Xi has invited you to meet with her."

Zhao Fu stared at her in surprise for a split-second. He knew who Big Miss Xi was. She was called Ying Xi and the successor of one of the Ying family's 6 main bloodlines. Why did she want to meet him? It wasn't because his identity as the Great Qin Legatee had been exposed because no one could possibly know about that.

"Why does Ying Xi want to see me?" Zhao Fu realized that she might have heard about what had just happened and thought that there was value in using him.

Zhao Fu thought about it before nodding and leaving with Ji Qin and the security guards. They came to a beautiful garden where there was a beautiful young woman who looked around 23 or 24 years old. She was wearing a white dress and looked like a celestial goddess among the flowers.

"Big Miss Xi, I've brought him here," Ji Qin respectfully said as she slightly bowed.

Ying Xi had just picked a small flower and charmingly smiled before looking at Zhao Fu and nodding.

When Ying Xi looked at him, he remained expressionless and calmly stood still.

"Come with me!" Ying Xi said before turning and walking away.

Zhao Fu followed behind her, and soon, they reached a pavilion within the garden. Ying Xi sat on an exquisitely-made bamboo chair and signaled for Zhao Fu to also sit. Zhao Fu nodded and sat down facing her.

"Do you know why I asked to meet you?" Ying Xi asked as she slightly smiled.

Zhao Fu thought about it, and even though he could guess why, he pretended not to know and shook his head.

Seeing this, Ying Xi asked in satisfaction, "Then do you hate the Li family?"

Just as expected, through what had happened, the Ying family's higher-ups had found out about his identity. Zhao Fu did not hide anything and truthfully replied, "I do!"

"If I help you take revenge, would you be willing to join my faction? Don't worry; I'll make sure you stay safe, and no one will be able to threaten your wellbeing."

Ying Xi did not beat around the bush and directly made her intentions clear after seeing the hatred in Zhao Fu's eyes.

"Help me take revenge?"

Zhao Fu knew that Ying Xi would not actually help him take revenge. Rather, she wanted to use him as a pawn to control the Li family in the future.

In the chaotic times to come, the world would be filled with war. Each of the large families started to make preparations, and the Ying family was no exception. If the Ying family wanted to deal with the Li family, Zhao Fu would be an important piece.

This was because Zhao Fu also had the Li family's bloodline. Even though he was not much right now, if the Ying family supported him, he would be able to divide the Li family and control it while remaining as one of the Ying family's pieces.

The Ying family had many collateral family members, so why would it choose to nurture Zhao Fu? It was because the pawn could not be too stupid, or the Ying family would be unable to control the Li family, and the pawn also couldn't be too intelligent because he or she could turn against the Ying family.

Moreover, Zhao Fu's identity was also quite attractive. Controlling someone with the Ying family's bloodline was much better than controlling a member of the Li family's collateral family.

Zhao Fu had long since guessed Ying Xi's goal, and everything she said was within his expectations. As such, Zhao Fu did not act too stupidly, nor did he reveal too much of his shrewdness.

Before coming here, Zhao Fu had wanted to expose his status as Great Qin's Legatee. Even though the Ying family and Li family were both quite dangerous, he had no choice. If he did not reveal his status, he might be killed by the Li family, so he had to reveal himself to stay alive and hope to slowly deal with the Ying family in the future.

Zhao Fu's current schemes were enough to make even some of the old foxes terrified and the strategists to be in awe. Zhao Fu had experienced many hardships since he was young and seen much of the world. His experiences let him understand the nature of this cruel world.

Zhao Fu had been by himself most of his life, and loneliness was indeed something that could bring someone pain and drive a person to madness. However, it could also cause a person to mature and see through other people's hearts, which was why Zhao Fu's personality and intellect were like this.

Zhao Fu nodded and agreed to Ying Xi's request. Since she would treat him as a pawn, he would use her to guarantee his safety for now. They were both merely using each other, and agreeing was in Zhao Fu's best interests right now.

For now, Ying Xi could control him completely, so he would act as she wished. As for the Li family, he didn't need anyone to help him take revenge - only by staining one's hands with the blood of those who one hated could one be satisfied.

Ying Xi was delighted when Zhao Fu agreed. Zhao Fu was an important pawn in her plans, so she immediately ordered for Zhao Fu to be treated well and moved to an even safer place.



Within a room in the Li family's residence, Li Feng furiously slammed his palm on the table and yelled, "The Ying family has gone too far!"

Li Feng was this furious because the Ying family had sent a message, "If Zhao Fu dies, we will slaughter 100 people from the main family."

The Ying family did not put the Li family in its eyes at all. The Li family was still quite a large family and had its own pride, so how could Li Feng accept such a thing?

"Hmph!" Li Feng coldly harrumphed as he said, "The Ying family is too arrogant. Do they think that the Li family has no talents and would fear the Ying family?"

When the butler saw that Li Feng was so furious that it looked like he wanted to start a war with the Ying family, the butler, who was beside him, quickly said, "Sir, please calm down. Acting against the Ying family right now simply isn't rational. They haven't found the Great Qin's Legatee yet, so we should lay low for now. In the future, the Li family will definitely grow to be much more powerful than the Ying family, and it won't be too late to deal with them then."

Li Feng nodded, his anger receding slightly as he asked, "Have you disposed of the assassin? We can't give the Ying family an opportunity to grasp onto us."

The butler respectfully replied, "Don't worry, sir, he has already been dealt with."

Li Feng let out a sigh of relief. If the assassin had fallen into the Ying family's hands, there would have been great trouble for the Li family. It would have been possible for the Ying family to say that the Li family had tried to kill an illegitimate child but failed, causing the Li family's reputation to take a hit.

However, Li Feng felt that he had overlooked something. After that bastard joined the Ying family, he had sent an assassin after him. No matter how well he took care of that matter, the Ying family definitely knew that the assassin was sent by the Li family. However, if the Li family did not act now and allowed Zhao Fu to grow, dealing with him would become more and more troublesome in the future. If he had known that this would happen, he would have killed both the mother and the son back then.

Li Feng couldn't help but hate Zhao Fu even more.