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 Zhao Fu's older cousin Zhao Hong did not want to trouble Zhao Fu, so he said, "It's enough that Zhao Fu's giving us City Creation Stones; we should take care of the rest ourselves."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu's aunty immediately scolded her son. Now that Zhao Fu held so much power within the Ying family, everything would be much better with his support. Zhao Hong was stupid for not taking advantage of this opportunity.

"Don't listen to him. Zhao Fu, please give them some help if you're able to," Zhao Fu's aunty said as she smiled.

Facing his mother, Zhao Hong didn't say anything.

Zhao Fu's grandpa and grandma looked quite awkward. On one hand, they didn't want Zhao Fu to suffer losses, but on the other hand, they also wanted him to help.

Zhao Fu inwardly sighed, and in order to avoid any unpleasantness, he could only agree.

The atmosphere once again became lively, and everyone else became much more joyful. Zhao Fu just wanted to finish his meal and leave.

However, as Zhao Fu started to eat again, a leg touched against his from under the table. Zhao Fu thought that this was an accident, so he did not mind, but that leg started to rub against his, as if it was flirting with him, and it started to move towards his thighs.

Zhao Fu frowned and nudged the leg away with his knee. Feeling how soft and slim the leg was, it was most likely a woman's leg.

There were only three women close enough to do this: the first was Zheng Jiao, but it was most likely not her, as she had a resolute personality and would not do such a thing. The second was his aunty, which was simply impossible. That left the third woman, the flirtatious-looking woman next to his younger cousin.

Zhao Fu felt that it was her, but because he couldn't say anything, he only shot her a warning glare.

However, this caused the flirtatious-looking woman to laugh and put her arm around Zhao Jun's arm, saying coyly, "Look, Zhao Jun, we've been here for so long, but you still haven't introduced us."

The others also realised that they had forgotten about this. Zhao Jun pleasantly smiled as he said, "Cuz, this is my girlfriend, Mei Xiaoyan."

After saying this, Zhao Jun then continued, "This is my cousin! The Ying family's proxy family leader and the Great Qin's Legatee's representative!"

"Really now? Nice to meet you!" Mei Xiaoyan looked quite surprised and smiled as she formally greeted Zhao Fu.

After saying Zhao Fu's identity, Zhao Jun felt incredibly proud. Moreover, after seeing that his girlfriend only politely greeted Zhao Fu after knowing who he was and did not try to curry favor with him, he felt quite happy and felt that he had found a good girlfriend.

Zhao Fu's expression was quite cold, because there was now a foot shamelessly rubbing up and down his leg. However, he still politely greeted her back.

Even though on the surface Mei Xiaoyan did not do much but eat some food and chat with Zhao Jun, her foot still had not given up and was stretching towards Zhao Fu's crotch. If it wasn't for the fact that he had confirmed it was her, Zhao Fu would not have thought she could do such a thing.

Zhao Fu had no choice but to leave. However, just as he stood up, his grandpa grabbed onto him, "Fu'Er, it's so rare that we're all able to eat together; don't leave so quickly."

"This..." Zhao Fu didn't know what to say, so he could only say, "Don't worry, grandpa. I'm just going to the bathroom."

After hearing this, his grandpa smiled and pointed, saying, "The bathroom's over there!"

Zhao Fu nodded and left the table while everyone else continued to laugh and eat.

After relieving himself, just as Zhao Fu opened the bathroom door, a figure quickly darted in and seductively smiled as she looked at Zhao Fu.

Seeing that it was Mei Xiaoyan, Zhao Fu's expression became cold as he asked, "What do you want?"

Mei Xiaoyan flirtatiously looked at Zhao Fu, and her graceful body leaned in towards Zhao Fu, but she was stopped by him. Mei Xiaoyan lightly smiled as she said, "If you keep stopping me, I'll yell out that you're trying to violate me. Let's see how you explain that."

After testing Zhao Fu out earlier, Mei Xiaoyan knew what his personality was like, which was why she was so confident.

Zhao Fu could only put his arm down. Looking at the victorious-looking Mei Xiaoyan hugging his arm and rubbing her large chest against his arm, he said, "Sorry, but I'm not interested in you."

Right now, he could only clearly reject her.

However, Mei Xiaoyan did not seem to mind. She continued to hug his arm as she said, "Really now? I'm your cousin's girlfriend; I don't believe that as a man you're not excited by this situation!"

After saying this, Mei Xiaoyan's hand snaked towards Zhao Fu's crotch.

Zhao Fu immediately grabbed her hand and said, "If you want power or money, with my help, Zhao Jun will be able to provide you with those things. You don't need to do this."

Mei Xiaoyan snorted and said, "If it wasn't to get close to you, there's no way I would be his girlfriend. He's not even as good as a single hair on your body; how could I want someone like him?"

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised - at first, he had thought that this woman wanted power and wealth, but in actuality, her target was him. As such, he said in a cold voice, "Just who are you?"

Mei Xiaoyan retracted her hand and stroked Zhao Fu's chest as she said, "I'm a member of the White Lotus Society; we want to form a partnership with Great Qin!"

"White Lotus Society?" Zhao Fu felt that this name was somewhat familiar, but he could not remember much about it. However, Zhao Fu did not like such methods, so he immediately refused, saying, "Sorry, I don't want to work together with you!"

At that moment, just as Zhao Fu finished speaking, the bathroom door was once again opened and another figure walked in - it was Zheng Jiao.

Seeing Zheng Jiao walk in, Zhao Fu immediately tried to push Mei Xiaoyan away, but Mei Xiaoyan looked at Zheng Jiao and said, "Hurry up and attend to the lord!"

Zheng Jiao gritted her teeth and looked at Mei Xiaoyan as she reluctantly walked over to Zhao Fu and squatted down, reaching for his pants.

Zhao Fu felt quite confused - he had never thought that Mei Xiaoyan and Zheng Jiao were working together. However, looking at Zheng Jiao's expression, he felt that she was being forced.

Zhao Fu stopped Zheng Jiao, and she looked up at him with a trace of gratitude in her eyes.

However, Mei Xiaoyan's expression became icy, and she lightly smiled and said, "Looks like the lord wants to do it in here. Let's attend to him together!"

Hearing her words, Zheng Jiao bit her lips and lowered her head, taking off her dress. Her white skin and lower body were revealed - she was not wearing any panties. She then took off her bra, revealing her full breasts.

Mei Xiaoyan flirtatiously smiled at Zhao Fu and pulled up her skirt, revealing her lower body, while pulling down on her blouse, revealing a pair of large rabbits - she was not wearing any underwear at all.