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 Following this, the family leaders left, and Zhao Fu gave up on thinking as he could not come up with anything. He would have to see if there were any opportunities in the future.

He asked his bodyguard to order some food, and he prepared to return to the Heaven Awaken World after eating.

At that moment, a phone call came through from his grandpa. Zhao Fu felt a bit hesitant - after meeting with them last time, he had rarely come into contact with them.

Zhao Fu's impression of his cousins was not great but not bad either, but he didn't like his uncle and aunt. The only ones who he felt close to were his grandpa and grandma; if it wasn't for them, he wouldn't bother interacting with that family.

Even though Zhao Fu could understand why they did the things they did, that did not mean he approved.

Ever since Zhao Fu had become the proxy family leader, his relatives' statuses had also risen. They were treated like members of the main family, and not only were they given separate villas to live in, but they also were given a lot of money.

Moreover, because of Zhao Fu, many people tried to curry favor with them by sending them luxurious and high-class gifts. Now, their lives were hundreds of times better than before.

Zhao Fu did not care about any of this; because of his grandparents, he did not say anything about this.

After hesitating for a moment, Zhao Fu answered the call. After all, they were his only family members in this world. "Hi grandpa!"

His grandpa excitedly laugh as he said, "Fu'Er, remember how we texted you about your cousin's engagement? That's gone by already, but you should hurry over and have lunch with us; don't be late. Don't worry. We didn't invite anyone else; it's just our family."

Hearing how excited his grandpa sounded, he had no heart to refuse and could only agree to go.

A while later, Zhao Fu arrived at his grandpa's villa with his bodyguards. His grandpa welcomed him in, as he was quite worried that Zhao Fu would not come, so he had waited by the door the entire time.

After seeing that Zhao Fu had arrived, his grandpa happily grasped his hands and brought him inside.

There were many people seated around the circular dining table - apart from his grandma, uncle, aunty, and two cousins, there was also Zheng Jiao, the woman Zhao Fu's cousins had saved before, and she had started dating his older cousin. It was most likely that the two of them had been engaged.

Zhao Fu did not care much about this. Zheng Jiao's looks were quite good - she had delicate facial features and white skin, and she wore a white, flowery dress.

She was sitting with his older cousin, looking quite lovey-dovey. However, after seeing Zhao Fu arrive, her attitude slightly changed, but she hid it well so that no one noticed.

There was also a woman sitting beside Zhao Fu's younger cousin. This woman was also quite pretty, and she had red lipstick on as well as a tight-fitting dress. She was also wearing silk stockings and looked quite pretty and flirtatious.

Currently, Zhao Fu's younger cousin was putting food into her bowl, looking quite affectionate. They were most likely lovers as well.

After Zhao Fu was brought in by his grandpa, all of them greeted him with smiles. His identity was incredibly prestigious, and everything they had was because of him.

This was especially so for Zhao Fu's aunt - she treated him far too well, and as soon as he sat down, she began putting food into his bowl and told him to eat up, look after his body, and that he was welcome to come over at any time.

Zhao Fu politely smiled, but he knew the truth behind all of this and did not pay it much attention. He decided that he would leave after eating.

However, just as Zhao Fu ate a few mouthfuls, his aunt said with a flattering smile, "Ah, Zhao Fu, you're the Ying family's proxy leader and the most powerful person in the Ying family. Everyone does what you want. Look, your cousins just stay at home all day; do you think you can find a job for them?"

Even though they did not have to worry about their daily lives, there was nothing that truly belonged to them, and they could lose it all easily. They didn't have any actual power.

As such, they wanted Zhao Hong and Zhao Jun to find a job and actually have some power.

Zhao Fu's grandpa and grandma did not intervene because they too wanted their grandsons to have something to do. If Zhao Fu was willing to help, things wouldn't be too difficult.

Zhao Fu thought about it, and he could indeed do such a thing. However, if he gave them an unimportant job, they would most likely be displeased, whereas if he gave them a job that was too important, they would be underqualified, and he was worried that things would go wrong. As such, he asked, "Aunty, what would you like them to do?"

Just as Zhao Fu's aunty was about to respond, Zhao Fu's younger cousin, Zhao Jun, said first, "I don't want a job; I just want a City Creation Stone so I can be a leader. Perhaps I'll be able to do great things in the future." After speaking, Zhao Jun excitedly looked at Zhao Fu.

"Cuz, if possible, give me a City Creation Stone as well. Rather than working for someone else, I'd rather pave my own path. Plus, those City Creation Stones are too expensive, and ordinary people can't buy them," Zhao Fu's older cousin, Zhao Hong, said.

Zhao Fu's uncle and aunty felt that this would be quite good. Rather than working for someone else, it would be better to create their own factions. In the future, even if the Ying family kicked them out, they would have something to fall back on.

They already knew that the real world would be devoured by the Heaven Awaken World, so they had to think about the future. Even though the Ying family looked quite powerful, they understood that Great Qin had made many enemies, so the Ying family might be doomed with it in the future.

If Zhao Fu could provide them with City Creation Stones and they created factions, that would be perfect. After all, they could use Zhao Fu's help and cause their factions to grow even faster, resulting in a better future.

"That's right! Zhao Fu, can you prepare two City Creation Stones for us?" his uncle also said.

Zhao Fu turned and looked at his grandparents, and seeing how hopeful they looked, he nodded and agreed. Even though City Creation Stones were quite difficult to obtain for normal people, it was no big deal for Zhao Fu, and there would be no harm in him helping them a bit.

Seeing Zhao Fu agree, everyone at the table became incredibly excited, and his uncle and aunty told him to eat up, seeming incredibly caring.

"Cuz, can you give me a good quality City Creation Stone, hopefully not an ordinary one? The ordinary ones' stats aren't that great. Also, can you give us some resources. Since you're in charge of the Ying family, that shouldn't be too big of a problem!" Zhao Jun happily said as he ate a piece of meat.

Now they were getting a bit too full of themselves, making Zhao Fu feel quite displeased. Zhao Fu didn't have an obligation to help them, and if it wasn't for his grandparents, he would have long since severed ties with them. However, Zhao Fu couldn't stand them demanding this and demanding that as if they were entitled to those things.