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 Zhao Fu's tone was extremely calm, and his words did not contain any killing intent. However, they caused the hearts of everyone within Holy Light City to feel a chill. They almost felt as if they could see that scene, and looks of terror appeared on their faces.

"You..." the woman in white was extremely furious but could not say anything because it was true that Holy Light City had no hope in winning. The outcome would most likely be what the other side had set, and facing the suppression of 12 City Lords, she would not even have the opportunity to die.

"Are you still going to resist?"

The woman in white clenched her fists. If there was even a trace of hope in winning, she would fight till the end. However, after hearing how the other side threatened to torture her residents, she started to hesitate. If they failed, she didn't want to see such a scene.

Zhao Fu did not say anything else and looked at the woman in white.

A while later, the woman in white asked, "If I surrender, how will you treat my residents?"

"I will treat them kindly as my own subjects!" Zhao Fu said seriously as he raised his head.

Hearing Zhao Fu's reply, the woman in white hesitated for a moment before saying, "I surrender!"

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face - that was the benefit of having the other side surrender. They had lost nothing while gaining everything.

Hearing their City Lord's words, most people in Holy Light City let out a sigh of relief. Only a small portion of people was unhappy with this, but they followed their City Lord's decision.

Zhao Fu quickly ordered the Disaster Cavalrymen to divert the 300,000 Skeletons away. There were too many Skeletons, and Zhao Fu could not control all of them - he didn't want the Skeletons to go berserk and kill people right after he had accepted their surrender.

Following this, Zhao Fu officially took over Holy Light City. Great Qin's soldiers marched into the city, and the system main city soldiers and residents put down their weapons and gathered together.

Zhao Fu went to the City Hall, and the woman in white's body gave off waves of white light as a white City Lord Seal floated out of her body. Zhao Fu grabbed the City Lord Seal and made the city a Subsidiary City, causing the City Lord Seal to become a bit smaller, as some of its power was absorbed by the Great Qin Seal.

Zhao Fu then went over to the City Heart and placed his hand on it, choosing to conquer and relocate it.

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have conquered a system main city and obtained 5,000 Achievement Points."

"System announcement! Because you are a Legatee and you have conquered a system main city, you have obtained a large amount of this region's Fate."

"System announcement! You have relocated a system main city and have obtained 860,000 EXP."

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have obtained 200 War Points."

Zhao Fu did not care about the usual system announcements, but he was surprised to hear two more system announcements. The first was a nation system announcement, which meant that all Chinese people could hear it.

"System announcement! Great Qin has unified the Forest of Horrors. Players will no longer spawn in the Forest of Horrors, and Great Qin has obtained the title Region Lord and obtained a large amount of the region's Fate."

This system announcement was different to the ones from before. Back when Great Qin had destroyed four system main cities using Skeletons, the system announcement had only said that the four system main cities had been conquered and would not spawn any new players. On the other hand, this system announcement stated that Great Qin had unified a region, obtained the title of Region Lord, and a large amount of the region's Fate.

Zhao Fu thought about it - it was most likely because the Great Qin City was based here, so the system deemed that Great Qin had unified this region. After all, Great Qin was the only faction remaining in the Forest of Horrors.

Moreover, the four system main cities from before had all been conquered, relocated, and re-established in a different region. If Zhao Fu had re-established them in their original region, that region would have belonged to Great Qin, resulting in even more region Fate. The more territory one had, the more Fate one would have - and this was not a one-time provision but a continuous provision of Fate.

After obtaining a large amount of region Fate, Great Qin's Nation Armament and Clan Armament both leveled up to Level 5 and Level 4 respectively.

Naturally, the Nation Armament became even more powerful after leveling up, and even a bit of its power was incredibly shocking.

Zhao Fu looked at the Region Lord title and found that it was just an ordinary title, not having any effects.

After the nation system announcement sounded out, all of China was shaken - even though many of them had been expecting this, as no one could stop Great Qin, many of them were still incredibly shocked.

Great Qin had been the first to unify a region and provided itself with a cornerstone. In the future, it would continue to develop outwards, and the warring states period had once again begun. The world was once again about to descend into chaos.

This created a great pressure on the other Dynasty Legatees and factions - they had to quickly embark on the road to restore their nation and could not afford to waste any time.

There was another system announcement that Zhao Fu had obtained a Region Treasure Box. Looking at the Region Treasure Box in his hand, Zhao Fu felt quite excited but did not plan to open it just yet. After taking care of matters here and going back, he would see what it contained.

Following this, Zhao Fu brought Holy Light City's people back to Great Qin. After seeing Great Qin, all of them were incredibly shocked, as it was just as developed as a system main city.

After re-establishing Holy Light City, Zhao Fu had Li Si and Shang Yang take care of the residents. As for the woman in white, Zhao Fu called her to a hall. Looking at the pure-looking young woman in front of him, Zhao Fu's attitude became much better, but her face was still incredibly icy.

"Now that you've submitted to me, you need to follow my orders. However, I know what you're thinking, so I can give you two options.

"The first option is that if you don't want to fight for me, you can still be the City Lord of Holy Light City in name and live with your residents. However, I will give the City Lord Seal to someone else, as I will need it to attack other cities. Moreover, I will also make you a concubine, but I will not lay my hands on you - this too will only be in name only.

"The second option is that you will follow my orders and serve Great Qin wholeheartedly. As long as you work hard for Great Qin, I will not mistreat you or any of your residents."

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, she felt quite surprised that Zhao Fu's attitude towards her became so much better. He had seemed incredibly cruel and merciless before, but now, he seemed much more amicable and was willing to let her make reasonable choices.

At the start, the woman in white had given up on hope, as Bai Qi had mentioned that Zhao Fu was lacking concubines. As such, the woman in white knew that if she surrendered, she would be made one of Zhao Fu's concubines.

However, she was surprised that since he wanted to make her a concubine, why would he not lay his hands on her?

The woman in white felt quite confused. In actuality, she did not want to follow Zhao Fu's orders and work for Great Qin because she had seen how cruel Great Qin was, and it was something that she could not accept.

However, if she handed over her City Lord Seal, Holy Light City's status within Great Qin would become ordinary, and they would have no speaking rights. If she had some power, perhaps she would be able to do something for Holy Light City's residents. Thinking about this, the woman in white felt quite troubled.