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 "Hurry and save the City Lord!" Before Soldier Forest's City Lord could reply, a few thousand soldiers rushed over.

Zhao Fu did not even bother looking at them as he coldly ordered, "Kill them all!"

"Yes!" the nine others said as they turned into black blurs and rushed towards the thousands of system main city soldiers.

Soldier Forest's City Lord also got into position to attack again as he looked at Zhao Fu, his eyes filled with battle intent as he said, "So what if I die?"

An explosion sounded out as his spear pierced towards Zhao Fu with an incredibly sharp aura. Right after Soldier Forest's City Lord finished speaking, he immediately attacked.

Zhao Fu stood his ground and slightly sighed. In actuality, Zhao Fu was not a bloodthirsty person - every time, he would ask if the other side would surrender, as he was not fond of pointless killing. If the other side refused to surrender, he couldn't just let them off, as they would most likely return to take revenge.

The spear shot over like a bolt of lightning, but Zhao Fu did not move. Only until it was about to hit Zhao Fu did he finally act.

He lightly grasped the incoming spear as his other hand instantly stabbed into the City Lord's heart, tightly gripping it and ripping it out.

The Soldier Forest's City Lord's corpse powerless fell to the ground. Everything had happened in the blink of an eye.

A black City Lord Seal floated out of the corpse, and Zhao Fu threw away the bloody heart and grabbed the City Lord Seal.

Soldier Forest's City Lord had already been heavily wounded, so Zhao Fu was able to kill him quite easily. This was because Zhao Fu's Great Qin Seal was strengthened by the power of ten other City Lord Seals, and it far surpassed any ordinary City Lord Seal. Even if Soldier Forest's City Lord had been in peak condition, Zhao Fu could have easily killed him.

Elsewhere, the thousands of system main city soldiers had been massacred by the nine City Lords, and corpses lay strewn all over the ground, with blood dyeing the ground.

After the City Lord died, Soldier Forest became even more chaotic. Many players ran in fear, and some of the soldiers and residents furiously ran over to where Zhao Fu was.

Zhao Fu quickly flew into the city and went into the City Hall. He chose to conquer and relocate Soldier Forest.

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have conquered a system main city and obtained 5,000 Achievement Points."

"System announcement! Because you are a Legatee and you have conquered a system main city, you have obtained a large amount of this region's Fate."

"System announcement! You have relocated a system main city and obtained 860,000 EXP."

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have obtained 200 War Points."

After relocating Soldier Forest, Zhao Fu and his people stood in the air, looking down at the countless terrified players and residents.

Zhao Fu breathed out and said, "Light fires and lock down Soldier City!"

After saying this, his subordinates conveyed the order, and Great Qin's Assassins, who were hidden below, started to light fires. In order for the flames to spread faster, they also poured oil everywhere, resulting in a large fire.

The ten people standing in the air turned into rays of light and shot out in different directions until they formed a circle around Soldier Forest.


A massive sound rang out as various City Lord Seals shot into the sky, giving off a shocking aura. They gave off intense lights of different colors and formed ten massive orbs of light that illuminated their surroundings.

The power of ten City Lord Seals was simply immense, and it caused even the weather to change. Not only did the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon at the center of the Forest of Horrors awake, but the woman in white also noticed this as she fought with Bai Qi, and her expression fell.

Only now did she realize that Great Qin's target had not been Holy Light City but Soldier Forest. Something must have happened at Soldier Forest, but what was with those auras? Could it be that the other side had more than three City Lords?

"What have you all done to Soldier Forest?" the woman in white roared as she asked.

Bai Qi ignored her question - since His Majesty's operation at Soldier Forest was successful, Bai Qi continued to tie down the woman in white.

The flames in Soldier Forest burned intensely, and some of the flames were dozens of meters tall. The temperature they gave off was enough to melt iron, and everyone 10,000 meters away could feel this heat.

As the massive flames spread, the countless players and residents escaped outside because they found that the teleportation channels were not working. However, after going to the city gates, they found that a formless barrier was blocking them, locking them within the city.

They desperately and madly attacked the barrier, but it would not be destroyed so easily. After all, it was something formed by ten City Lords.

The great flames quickly spread towards them, scaring the countless people into attacking the barrier even more desperately. After finding that it was impossible to destroy the barrier, they could only kneel down and hope that Great Qin would spare them.

"We were wrong! Please spare us. We promise to never go against Great Qin again!"

"I surrender! I really surrender; I don't want to be burned to death!"

"I'll call you my granddaddy, but please spare us. We will never go against Great Qin again; we can even help you take down the other system main city!"

"Please spare us! A great person should have mercy!"

Zhao Fu looked down at these people and had no intention of sparing them. He knew the character of these players - if he spared them, they would turn against him once again in the face of benefits. As such, he did not want to spare them.

Even though he could use them to attack Holy Light City, they could betray him at any moment, so he did not dare to use them.

The flames quickly spread throughout the entire city and devoured everything in their path. People began to be swept into the sea of flames, and they were incinerated before they could even cry out.

The flames did not stop burning even after 4 to 5 hours, and it seemed that everyone had died. After this, Zhao Fu and his people returned to Great Qin.

Only a small portion of people had survived - these people had jumped into the water wells. Even though the water was poisoned, as long as they didn't drink any, they would be fine. As such, some of the people were able to escape the calamity.

News of Great Qin burning millions of people to death quickly spread into the real world, as those who had been burned to death immediately went on the Heaven Awaken World forum and cursed at Great Qin.

Great Qin's conduct shocked quite some people, but most people already knew just how ruthless, bloodthirsty, and merciless Great Qin was. Burning people to death was just one more example of its tyranny.

Countless people already knew the true nature of Great Qin. They believed that it was evil incarnate and far crueler than anyone could imagine. It was simply a synonym for darkness, and it was no wonder that its color was the color black.

Over at Holy Light City, Great Qin's soldiers started to retreat. Seeing this, the ordinary people, who had no idea what was going on, started to cheer, as they thought that they had once again defeated Great Qin.

Only the woman in white's expression was quite unsightly as she watched Great Qin's soldiers retreat because it was most likely that something had happened to Soldier Forest.

Following this, news of what had happened at Soldier Forest quickly spread to Holy Light City, sending the entire city into a panic.