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 Soldier Forest became incredibly chaotic, but things were not good at Holy Light City either. This was because Zhao Fu had sent all of Great Qin's soldiers to attack Holy Light City.

Of course, they were not actually attacking. They were only making feints to tie down Holy Light City's people in order to allow Great Qin to take down Soldier Forest with more ease.

Seeing the soldiers outside, Holy Light City's people felt quite nervous. Even though they had three times Great Qin's battle force, after these continuous losses, they had lost their confidence as well.

"Hurry and alert Soldier Forest that Great Qin is attacking and tell them to help!"

Seeing Great Qin's soldiers, countless people hurriedly called out. As long as the system main cities worked together, they would be able to resist Great Qin.

"Fire!" Bai Qi was leading Great Qi's soldiers in this attack, and the soldiers obeyed Bai Qi's command, shooting out arrows as they started to attack Holy Light City.

Soldier Forest soon received news of Holy Light City being attacked, but they had no resources to spare. Not only were they facing Skeletons, but many players had also suddenly gone berserk. What's more, as long as the black magic formation in the sky remained there, any indigenous residents who died would immediately become Skeletons.

Outside Holy Light City, the woman in white glared at Bai Qi and yelled, "Why would you pledge your loyalty to such a person and help him? You're taking the side of a tyrant!"

The woman in white thought that Bai Qi was also an indigenous resident and could not understand why he would be loyal to someone so shameless, ruthless, and bloodthirsty.

Facing the woman in white's words, Bai Qi replied with a cold expression, "That's how the world is; if you want to live and become stronger, you have to respect the laws of this world. Everything His Majesty has done is for Great Qin, and no one has the right to criticize him.

"Also, you're already doomed to lose. His Majesty is lacking concubines, so it's best that you surrender and become His Majesty's concubine. Otherwise, everyone in this city will die!"

The woman in white angrily harrumphed. She had wanted to try to convince him to surrender, yet he was telling her to become that person's concubine. How was that possible?

"Do you really think you can take down Holy Light City with just 450,000 soldiers? Let's see if you can do it!"

The woman in white attacked first, sending out a white sword light that was dozens of meters long. It gave off a holy yet terrifying power as it slashed towards Bai Qi. In response, Bai Qi's gaze became icy as a large amount of a blood-red aura rose up from his body. He slashed out with his Seven Murders Sword, shattering the white sword light.

The woman in white felt quite surprised and felt that Bai Qi was different compared to other City Lords. However, she did not think too much about it and continued to attack.

The two of them started a massive battle in the air, while the soldiers below continued to fire arrows. The battle seemed incredibly intense, but Great Qin didn't intend on starting an actual fight.

Back at Soldier Forest, the City Lord looked at the chaotic state of the city and felt quite worried. Holy Light City was also being attacked, so he wanted to take people to help - otherwise, if one of their system main cities was lost, the other would fall quickly as well.

However, there was nothing he could do by worrying. The Skeletons within the city were still madly attacking players and residents, and without getting rid of them, they would not be able to head over to Holy Light City.

Moreover, he had no idea what was going on with those maddened players. After killing one wave of them, another wave would come. Moreover, with the black magic formation, as soon as indigenous residents died, they would become Skeletons, which was incredibly disadvantageous for them.

The City Lord wanted to destroy the black magic formation first - without that magic formation, they would be able to get rid of the Skeletons easily. They would then be able to deal with the maddened players and head over to Holy Light City.

However, a black-cloaked figure appeared in front of him. Seeing this person, the City Lord did not feel surprised. He gripped his spear and prepared to break through.

However, at that moment, even more figures appeared around him, ten of them in total. This caused his expression to become one of shock, as all ten of them were City Lords!

In actuality, Zhao Fu's plan was not only to get rid of the ordinary people but also to take advantage of the chaos to get rid of Soldier Forest's City Lord.

"Attack!" Time was of the essence, so Zhao Fu immediately gave the order.

The nine others exploded out with strength and started to attack Soldier Forest's City Lord. Spear lights, saber lights, sword lights, talisman papers - all sorts of terrifying attacks flew at Soldier Forest's City Lord.

Soldier Forest's City Lord gripped his spear and roared, sweeping out with his spear and creating a wild gust of wind. A massive black crescent moon, giving off a shocking aura, also burst forth.


A massive explosion resulted as the black crescent moon collided with the many incoming attacks. The black crescent moon instantly shattered, while the remainder of the attacks continued on towards Soldier Forest's City Lord.

Soldier Forest's City Lord used his spear to block in front of him, but he was still sent flying. He crashed onto the ground and coughed up a large mouthful of blood.

Saar wielded his large saber and rushed up, chopping down with a force that could split a mountain, and Soldier Forest's City Lord could only once again use his spear to block.

However, just as he blocked this attack, Wang Jian slashed towards him with a shocking sword light.

Soldier Forest's City Lord could only roll and retreat, once again blocking with his spear. Immediately, he was forced to slide back ten or so meters.

Xianru took out a green talisman paper and held it between two fingers as she chanted an incantation. Following this, the talisman paper burst into flames, and a green vine burst forth from underground and wrapped up Soldier City's City Lord.

Soldier City's City Lord was greatly startled and immediately tried to break free, but Meng Tian gripped his spear and slammed it against Soldier City's City Lord's chest.


A few of Soldier City's City Lord's ribs were broken, and he once again flew away.

Wei Liao, who had been waiting for him, sent out a green wolf that bit onto the flying City Lord. Its sharp teeth pierced into his body, causing Soldier City's City Lord to grunt, and he pierced his spear into the wolf's head.

The green wolf collapsed into traces of a green aura, and Soldier City's City Lord crashed onto the ground.

By now, he was already heavily wounded - after receiving the attacks of multiple City Lords, it was impossible for him not to be injured.

However, Soldier City's City Lord showed no intention of backing down. He looked at his enemies in front of him, his eyes filled with battle intent.

The battle here caused many of the system main city's soldiers to realize what was going on, and they hurried over.

Zhao Fu casually looked over at the soldiers before looking back at Soldier City's City Lord. A terrifying aura swept out from him as he leaned forward and kicked off the ground, causing the ground to crack.

Zhao Fu's body turned into a black blur, shooting forward as fast as lightning, and he reached Soldier City's City Lord in an instant. His hand contained immense power as he slammed it against the City Lord's chest.

Soldier City's City Lord was heavily wounded and had no power to defend, and after taking this strike, he was blasted back with his chest slightly caved in. Blood flowed out of his lips, making him seem quite wretched.

Zhao Fu looked at Soldier City's City Lord and said, "You only have two options: you can surrender, or you can die!"