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 This was because the player villages were scattered all over the place in the wilderness, and they would require a lot of time to find. Moreover, after destroying a few, the rest would most likely send all of their people to the system main cities, which would make their job in attacking the system main cities even more difficult.

As such, Zhao Fu decided that they would first attack the system main cities before getting rid of these player villages - that way, they would not have any way to resist.

However, now, each system main city had a battle force of around 1.7 million people, which was not to be taken lightly. In that case, should they do another assassination? After what had happened, they would most likely be incredibly wary, so it was unlikely that such a thing would work again. Moreover, the players and residents would make things quite difficult as well.

Zhao Fu could not think of anything, so he asked for all of the information on the two system main cities and looked into them in detail, hoping to find something of value. However, after looking through them, Zhao Fu still had nothing, making him feel quite frustrated.

"Your Majesty, your tea's ready," a female attendant said as she brought up a pot of tea.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu thought of something - he ordered his people to go to the various regions and buy all the lethal poisons they could get their hands on. Their target this time was the ordinary people.

Even though the City Halls would be heavily guarded, making it difficult to sneak in, because of how big system main cities were, it was impossible to secure every area. As long as they were able to sneak in and put poison into the water wells, they would be able to poison the ordinary people.

Moreover, Zhao Fu had the 30,000 Skeleton Mages and the Disaster Cavalrymen, so combining them together, he would be able to greatly reduce the other sides' forces.

Thinking to there, Zhao Fu discussed this with his Generals in order to prevent any oversight on his part.

Afterward, Great Qin started to buy in bulk all kinds of lethal poisons. In total, they had bought 100,000 vials of poison and spent a lot of money.

However, this money wasn't much to Great Qin - what Great Qin lacked least was money, and if spending money could resolve this issue, they would be more than happy to spend it.

This time, Great Qin would once again be relying on Assassins and as well as the Disaster Cavalrymen and Skeleton Mages.

There was no need to send in too many Assassins, as sending in too many would result in them being discovered. Zhao Fu chose 200 elite Assassins and gave them spatial rings filled with lethal poisons.

Following this, the operation began.

It was once again night time when Zhao Fu brought his group of people near Soldier Forest. Right now, Soldier Forest was not as complacent as Demon Tree City had been back then; the entire city was lit up, making it difficult for anyone to sneak in.

However, Zhao Fu was still able to bring his people in front an inconspicuous corner of the city and sneak into Soldier Forest.

The security within the city was quite tight - there were soldiers continuously patrolling the streets, making Zhao Fu and his people incredibly wary, and they executed the plan incredibly carefully.

Great Qin's Assassins moved around in stealth, heading to the water wells to pour in the poison.

After successfully pouring the poison into the water, it mixed in with the water without changing the color or smell, making it impossible for ordinary people to find out that there was something with the water.

Now that they had successfully completed this stage of the plan, they had to wait for an opportunity.

Early the next morning, just as the sun rose, a faint fog descended on the city. It was quite cold during winter mornings, but the residents still got up and started to cook, preparing for the new day.

After taking in the refugees from Demon Tree City, the two system main cities, which had been quite empty, once again became quite lively again.

After nothing had happened the previous night, everyone let out a sigh of relief. However, this peaceful morning was soon destroyed.

Cries of horror sounded out, causing everyone to feel quite shocked. They then found that many people had collapsed to the ground with blood leaking out of their mouths, and they soon died.

What was going on? Many people could not understand what was happening, and the City Lords and the leaders of factions soon heard about this. After looking over the bodies, physicians found that these people had been poisoned to death.

After doing some tests, they found that the water within the wells contained lethal poison.

After hearing about this, the countless players felt incredibly furious and terrified. They were furious that Great Qin had dared to sneak in during the night and shamelessly put poison into their water, and they were terrified because they had almost been poisoned to death. Soon, the matter of the poison sent the two system main cities into chaos.

The City Lords quickly gave the order not to drink any well water, and they estimated that roughly 200,000 from each city had been poisoned to death.

Many of these people were whole families - whether they were male or female, elderly or young, anyone who had drunk water from the well or eaten food prepared with water from the well had died without exception.

These scenes made the two City Lords extraordinarily furious, and they resolved themselves to kill this Dynasty Legatee.

Countless leaders of player factions couldn't help but sigh - all was fair in love and war, so even though Great Qin had acted shamelessly, in the end, victory was the most important thing.

Those who hoped that their enemies would not use underhanded schemes were essentially idiots; fair, just, and direct fights only happened in stories, while reality was much crueler.

Zhao Fu stood in the air outside Soldier Forest and watched all of this happen. He then gave the order for the next stage of the plan to be set into motion. The ten Disaster Cavalrymen raised their black swords and roared as ten black pillars of light rushed into the air, creating a massive black magic formation.

Seeing this black magic formation, the residents of Soldier Forest felt incredibly uneasy. The indigenous residents who had died became Skeletons, and they started to attack those around them.

Immediately, Soldier Forest descended into chaos. Many people felt terrified and wanted to escape, while others rushed up to kill the Skeletons. The sound of fighting and howls sounded out, sounding incredibly chaotic.

The Skeleton Mages then used their Evil Spirit summoning skill, summoning transparent Evil Spirits that flew towards the players.

Even though these Evil Spirits were not much use against Stage 1 soldiers, they were a great threat to ordinary players.

The players defending the city walls did not notice the Evil Spirits floating towards them. After the Evil Spirits invaded their heads, the players howled as their expressions became twisted. Everyone around them had no idea what was going on, and they hurriedly came over to look at them.

However, at that moment, the players who had been possessed started to madly attack those who came to check up on them. The others were greatly surprised to see these people attacking their own allies but quickly started counterattacking.

The 30,000 Skeleton Mages could summon and control 30,000 Evil Spirits, which meant that they could control 30,000 players. As these players started to attack each other, Soldier Forest became even more chaotic.

After the players possessed by the Evil Spirits were killed, the Evil Spirits continued to find more targets and continued their killing spree.

This was why Zhao Fu had chosen to act against Soldier Forest first - Holy Light City would have many things that could suppress the Undead and evil creatures.