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 The green-robed elder on the ground was on his dying breath, and blood continuously flowed from his mouth. If it wasn't for his City Lord Seal's power stemming his injury, he would died a long time ago.

After all, Zhao Fu had used the Death Dagger, half a year of his lifespan, and the Poison Dragon Liquid to kill the green-robed elder.

Seeing the system main city soldiers rushing over, Zhao Fu did not hesitate and squatted down, tensing his hand into a knife hand strike and piercing into the green-robed elder's abdomen. He took out a shining green City Lord Seal, and the green-robed elder howled and immediately died.

It was not just because of Zhao Fu's attack; it was also because he was unable to stop the invasion of the deathly aura and poison after losing the City Lord Seal.

Following this, Zhao Fu put away the green-robed elder's corpse and turned into a ray of light as he flew towards where the City Heart was. Everyone in the system main city was greatly shocked as they received system announcements that their City Lord had died, causing Demon Tree City to immediately erupt into chaos.

"You killed our City Lord; I'll kill you!" Demon Tree City's three Great Generals flew towards Zhao Fu, and one of them, a big man, roared as he looked at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu turned to look at the three people and coldly laughed as he drew the Sky Demon Sword. He casually swung out, sending out a massive black sword light that hit the three Great Generals and sent them flying back. It was unclear whether they were still alive or dead.

Trying to attack him without a City Lord Seal was simply seeking death.

However, Zhao Fu ignored the three of them and rushed to where the City Heart was, and he quickly chose to conquer the city.

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have conquered a system main city and obtained 5,000 Achievement Points."

"System announcement! Because you are a Legatee and have conquered a system main city, you have obtained a large amount of this region's Fate."

"System announcement! You have relocated a system main city and obtained 860,000 EXP."

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have obtained 200 War Points."

Zhao Fu ignored those system announcements and kicked off the ground, turning into a ray of light that shot into the sky, breaking through the roof of the City Hall.


A spear light and a sword light suddenly flashed, containing immense power as they shot towards Zhao Fu.

The other two City Lords had arrived!

Zhao Fu dodged the attacks, but he was forced to stop. He looked at the two City Lords behind him, who both looked incredibly furious, and it was if they were determined to kill Zhao Fu.

"Right now, you don't have an advantage anymore. If you submit to Great Qin, I can spare you!" Zhao Fu said confidently.

However, the two City Lords coldly harrumphed and chose to directly act.

In response, Zhao Fu turned and flew away, not showing any intention to fight with them. They weren't alone, as there were also countless soldiers charging over, so Zhao Fu was not so stupid as to fight to the death with them.

Swish, swish, swish...

Countless arrows flew over like bolts of lightning, and Zhao Fu immediately cast his King's Domain. The arrows hit the King's Domain like raindrops, and because there were so many of them, they caused the King's Domain to slightly crack. Seeing this, Zhao Fu used his City Lord Seal's power to increase his speed.

In response, the two City Lords also activated their City Lord Seals and continued to chase after him.

However, very soon, Zhao Fu had flown outside of the city and stood in the air looking at them. The two City Lords stopped, not daring to step out becayse they could sense some danger.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu lightly laughed, "What, are you not going to chase me anymore?"

Soldier Forest's City Lord coldly harrumphed and said, "Just call out the people you have waiting; we won't fall for your trap."

"Really now?" Zhao Fu asked, but he did not ask for his hidden City Lords to reveal themselves.

He then asked, "Won't you two surrender? If you surrender, I'll treat both of you and all of your residents as subjects of Great Qin, and you will continue to be City Lords. We won't have to continue fighting like this. You won't have to die, nor do your cities have to be destroyed!"

"We'll never agree!" the woman in white replied icily.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu gave up on trying to make them submit. Now that there were only two City Lords left, they were at a complete disadvantage. If he had been able to convince them to surrender, Great Qin could have united the Forest of Horrors and would not have had to continue fighting like this.

Such a stalemate would not be beneficial to either side, and it would instead benefit the other Dynasty Legatees. After all, not developing meant going backwards because all of the other Dynasties were rapidly developing. If Great Qin continued this stalemate, their growth would be greatly slowed.

Since Zhao Fu knew that they were unwilling to surrender, there was no use in trying to convince them. He decided to fly away, but the two City Lords refused to follow him.

Seeing Zhao Fu casually fly away, the two City Lords could only angrily gnash their teeth, but they could do nothing about it.

After Demon Tree City's City Lord died, Demon Tree City's residents and players all panicked, not knowing what to do. Now, only two system main cities remained in the Forest of Horrors.

Seeing these players and residents, the two City Lords decided to each take half of them, making the players and residents incredibly grateful. This was because after losing their city, they would be defenseless if Great Qin attacked again.

The sun gradually rose over the horizon, and the rays that fell on the players' faces revealed a completely different expression - they were no longer as confident and worry-free.

In just a night, they had lost a system main city - how could they still feel as confident? It was an incredibly grave blow to them.

Even though they had not lost any people, they had lost an incredibly solid defensive position, making it more difficult for them to group together. Now, many of them became like a pile of loose sand that was easy to blow away.

The players desperately prayed that nothing would happen to the remaining two system main cities. Now, the City Lords and factions leaders all met together to discuss what to do.

Not only did they have to prepare defenses, but they also had to be ready for battle. If Great Qin came and attacked, they could not be as relaxed as they were in the past. If they lost another system main city, they would be doomed.

Back at Great Qin, Zhao Fu had already re-established Demon Tree City and given the City Lord Seal to Xiao Jian. Now, Great Qin City had 11 City Lords - eight of them were the City Lords of system main cities, while three of them were City Lords of Basic Cities. Great Qin had once again become a bit more powerful.

At the same time, Zhao Fu also heard about Demon Tree City's players and residents taking refuge in the two other system main cities.

Each of the remaining system main cities now had at least a battle force of 1.7 million people, and this was not including the countless player villages that could help.

Zhao Fu thought about getting rid of the player villages in the wilderness - this way, they would not be able to help the system main cities, but after thinking about it, he decided to give up on that idea.