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 Because Zhao Fu and the 12 Assassin leaders all had the Assassin profession, it was quite easy for them to sneak into the system main city. The only person who didn't have the profession was Xianru, but with her Yin Yang techniques, she was able to get in without any trouble as well.

It was already late in the night, and most people were already sleeping. The system main city was completely dark and very quiet, and there was only the occasional cry of a bird.

Zhao Fu led his group straight to the City Hall. It was likely that it would be heavily guarded, so they all became quite careful - if they alerted anyone, their plan would fail.

Zhao Fu was currently the most powerful Assassin because he had not only passed a higher grade trial than the others but also had the Assassin Lord Ring. He could use the 12 others' powers, and with the Stealther's abilities, Zhao Fu could easily enter the City Hall.

The City Hall was quite big, and the City Lord was most likely at the center. Zhao Fu went in first to look around, and after confirming where the City Lord was, he came out and ordered the others to start acting.

The patrolling soldiers had no idea that some people had snuck in. By now, all of the 12 Assassin leaders had at least Stage 2 cultivation and their equipment sets' power, making it difficult for the soldiers to detect them.

Now, Zhao Fu's party headed straight to the center of the City Hall!

Currently, the green-robed elder had his eyes closed because he was sitting on a cattail mat as he cultivated. He had been quite surprised that three City Lords had been willing to help Great Qin's Legatee, which had been quite detrimental to them. In terms of high-end battle power, they had lost.

The other side not only had three City Lords, but it also had a Dynasty Legatee, which meant that if they fought, the Forest of Horrors' City Lords would be at a disadvantage.

What the green-robed elder didn't know was that Great Qin actually had ten City Lords and had only sent out three to give them some pressure and not reveal all of their cards.

Even though the other side had four high-end powers, with the three City Lords' strength, they would not dare to easily attack. However, the green-robed elder never expected the other side to come assassinate him right now.

Zhao Fu and his group did not dare to make any big movements, as once the alarm rang, it would be quite difficult to assassinate the City Lord, resulting in the failure of the plan. After all, once the alarm was raised, the other two City Lords would hurry over, making the situation quite bad for Zhao Fu's side.

A light breeze passed by, and the ten or so soldiers standing guard outside the room had their throats slit, and they instantly died. Their corpses were quickly put into spatial rings, and Zhao Fu's people also did their best to hide the smell of blood.

However, at that moment, the green-robed elder's eyes suddenly opened, giving off a cold light as the doors flew open and black blurs shot towards the green-robed elder.

Time was of the essence, and they could not waste even a single second.

Seeing these people shooting towards him, the green-robed elder showed an expression of disdain. Even though they were a group of Assassins, they only had Stage 2 cultivation while he had Stage 4 cultivation and a City Lord Seal. As such, he did not put them in his eyes at all.

He casually waved his hand, causing a green light to shine as 12 green leaves, giving off an abnormally sharp aura, flew towards the 12 people. The leaves contained immense power, and if hit, a person's body could be split in two.

Tuoba Qing understood how powerful this attack was, so she swung her large blood-red sword, giving off a blood-red sword light to defend against the leaf coming towards her, while Little Sha used his agile footwork to dodge. Everyone else also used one's various methods to defend against or dodge the green-robed elder's attack.

The green-robed elder felt quite surprised upon seeing this. Even though he had not used his City Lord Seal's power, he was still a Stage 4 cultivator, and normal Stage 2 cultivators should have been killed by that attack - these people were quite strange.

Seeing these people continue towards him, the green-robed elder stood up and wanted to use his full power to kill these people. He did not put these Stage 2 people in his eyes at all; as long as he unleashed his full power, he would be able to kill them in an instant.

However, at that moment, the 12 figures rushed to the side and stood around him. Each of them stretched out a hand towards him as a gray light enveloped their hands, and a magic formation suddenly formed beneath the green-robed elder's feet.

This magic was quite complex and made out of 12 circles. It gave off an incredibly cold and murderous aura and formed an invisible domain. This was the combined ability of the 12 Assassin Equipment Sets, 'Nothing Is True!'

Anyone within this domain would have one's speed and power reduced.

The green-robed elder was quite shocked that this domain could weaken his power. He did not hesitate anymore and immediately planned to use his City Lord Seal to blow these people into ashes.

However, just as he was about to attack, another figure appeared - it was an extremely beautiful woman in a violet dress. Her body gave off a strange light as she quickly performed hand seals. Ten violet talisman papers hung in a row in the air and gave off a mysterious violet light.

"Amnesty!" Xianru called out as the ten talisman papers turned into ten rays of violet light and shot towards the green-robed elder with terrifying power.

The green-robed elder could tell that these ten talisman papers were not ordinary. He unleashed his City Lord Seal's power and turned his attention to those incoming talisman papers.


The sound of a sharp weapon piercing into flesh could be heard. Without him knowing, a black-hooded figure, who was eerily smiling, had appeared behind the green-robed elder.

Immediately, the green-robed elder felt the aura of death seep into his body. Even though the dagger that had stabbed him had not hit any of his vitals, the deathly aura corroded his lifeforce. The green-robed elder's expression fell, and he tried to use his City Lord Seal's power to suppress the deathly aura, but a lethal poison also started to spread throughout his body.

The green-robed elder coughed up a large mouthful of blood before he stumbled and fell to the ground.

By now, many soldiers had sensed that something was off and rushed over. Everything seemed to have happened incredibly quickly, and less than three minutes had passed.

Seeing the soldiers charging over, Zhao Fu said to the others, "Hurry and leave!"

The others knew that the situation was quite urgent, so they obeyed Zhao Fu's orders and quickly vanished.

Zhao Fu looked at the green-robed elder on the ground. He had never expected the plan to go so smoothly - he had used the 12 Assassin leaders to make the City Lord lower his guard, then had Xianru attack from the front to distract the City Lord while he, the real attacker, attacked from behind.

Another reason why the plan had gone so successfully was because Zhao Fu had used the Death Dagger, which required the user's lifeforce. He had used it once when killing god Kerr's clone, and the effects had been quite good.

The final reason was because he had used the Poison Dragon Liquid, which would be able to take down even a dragon. Zhao Fu had obtained this during the Divine Fish Festival and finally found a use for it.