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 Now, the Forest of Horrors still had two million players, and with the system main cities' population and soldiers, they had roughly three million people. If everyone went to attack, Great Qin would not be able to defend very easily.

This operation had been a failure, and the three system main cities went from an offensive position to a defensive position.

With this experience, they no longer dared to casually attack Great Qin, as they understood that they were not powerful enough to destroy Great Qin. As such, they could only go on the defensive.

News that the player army had been defeated quickly spread into the real world, causing many people to feel disappointed.

However, most factions had expected this - with Great Qin's monstrous power, they had never hoped to destroy it. They had only wanted to heavily wound it.

However, even though they had failed, they had still successfully made Great Qin seem less scary. Now, they knew that as long as enough people banded together, Great Qin would not dare to attack.

Since Great Qin would not dare to attack them and they had the power to resist, why did they still need to fear Great Qin?

As such, even though the player army had failed, they still made everyone less fearful of Great Qin and motivated people to resist Great Qin's tyranny.

The Forest of Horrors' three system main cities went into full defense mode, and Great Qin did not dare to casually attack, resulting in a period of peace within the Forest of Horrors.

There were much fewer people on the streets now within Holy Light City. Looking at the destroyed Westfall Restaurant, Jiang Rou looked quite worried. What had happened to Zhao Xin?

In order to destroy all of Great Qin's factions, the three system main cities naturally shut down any shops that they thought were associated with Great Qin. However, Great Qin had many shops, and because some of them were run by others, it was difficult to tell just which shops belonged to Great Qin.

However, the three system main cities would rather shut down the wrong shops than let Great Qin off, so even some innocent shops were dragged in as well.

Jiang Rou heard about Great Qin being in the Forest of Horrors due to such a big thing happening. Even if she didn't care about the matter, she would still hear about it from other people.

However, Jiang Rou still hadn't realized that there was a connection between Zhao Fu and Great Qin. She thought that Zhao Fu's restaurant had been wrongly shut down, so she was quite worried about him.

As Great Qin continuously developed in other regions, Zhao Fu's fake name, Zhao Xin, was gradually forgotten by everyone.

Barely anyone would be able to guess that Zhao Xin, who was Zhao Fu, was Great Qin's Legatee. It was impossible for Jiang Rou to guess such a thing, that Zhao Xin, who treated her so kindly, was Great Qin's bloodthirsty Legatee.

"What should I do?" Jiang Rou felt incredibly worried, but there was nothing she could do. This was because she normally went to the Westfall restaurant to find Zhao Fu, but now that there was no one there, she could not find any information about Zhao Fu.

After looking around the Westfall Restaurant, Jiang Rou could only dispiritedly return to her own tailor shop and pray that Zhao Xin was fine.

Jiang Rou truly thought of Zhao Fu as a friend and felt incredibly grateful to him. After all, it was only because of his help that she was able to live her own life.


Back at Great Qin, they had successfully defended against this attack. This was the first time that Great Qin had been on the defensive, and it had suffered some losses. For example, all of the Clown Bone Fish that they had been raising for so long had been killed.

The livestock that they had been raising had also all died, which meant that Great Qin would not be able to eat their own meat for a while and would have to eat other types of meat. If things came to it, they could buy meat from other regions as well.

Now, Great Qin had to consider how to attack the system main cities. They couldn't allow the situation to drag on like this - the system main cities would spawn new players every day, and if this continued on, they would regain the players that they lost during that last fight.

Great Qin had spent a great deal of effort getting rid of those players, so they couldn't allow the system main cities to regain their player force. If that happened, Great Qin would be in an even worse spot, and it would be even more difficult for them to defeat the three system main cities.

However, Great Qin now knew that the system main cities had ways of breaking through isolation barriers. If Great Qin attacked a system main city, the two other sides would immediately send people to pincer Great Qin. This made it quite difficult for Great Qin to attack, and Great Qin could only act once it thought of a sure-fire plan.

That was what the factions within the three system main cities were thinking as well. With the three system main cities as shields, they did not have to worry about Great Qin or fear Great Qin.

They only had to wait a bit for new players to spawn, and they would be able to once again attack Great Qin. They had obtained great benefits and were willing to do this for the safety of their factions.

They had failed this time, but they had only been disappointed for a short while. After returning to their system main cities, they calmed down and did not fear Great Qin. After all, they knew that Great Qin would not dare to attack, so they were quite safe.

Before, countless people would surrender before Great Qin even attacked. They would plead to negotiate, but now, such a thing would not happen.

As for the ordinary people, because they had just gone through much suffering, most of them stayed within the system main cities and did not dare to go out because they feared an ambush from Great Qin.

However, they did not feel depressed because even though they had lost, they still received some rewards from the large factions, which was still quite good.

Regardless, even though the three system main cities had lost this fight, they did not seem like they had lost - instead, they held their heads high and felt completely unafraid, not putting Great Qin in their eyes at all.

On the other hand, through much thinking, Zhao Fu thought of a good plan. It was not to send his army to attack but a more shameless method. He didn't know whether it would be effective or not, but it was worth a try because they would not lose anything if it failed.

Zhao Fu took his 12 Assassin leaders and Xianru along to his first target, Demon Tree City. Demon Tree City's City Lord was an elder, whose body and strength were weaker than the two other City Lords'.

There was a fairly high chance of success, and because Zhao Fu had no qualms about attacking the elderly, he set his sights on Demon Tree City's City Lord. After making some preparations, they waited until night fell to begin their operation.

There was a full moon that night, which was quite bright, making it not too hard to see in the night. Zhao Fu and his group of people moved out - their goal was to assassinate the City Lord.

Since they could not win in a direct fight, they would have to act in secret. If they could assassinate a City Lord, things would become much easier, but Zhao Fu was not completely confident that they could pull this off.