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 After thinking about it, they decided to continue advancing. They had not even seen the shadow of Great Qin yet, but they had already lost so many people. Who knew what they would encounter if they continued onwards?

Moreover, Great Qin had an army of 450,000 people, and if they went off the assumption that a faction had five residents for every soldier, Great Qin had at least 2 million residents. If that was the case, they no longer held a great numerical advantage, and if they advanced, they would most likely lose a large portion of their army, which was not worth it.

When the time came, who knew whether it would be them destroying Great Qin or Great Qin destroying them. As such, they could only sigh and prepare to leave.

Swish, swish, swish...

Suddenly, the sound of the air being torn could be heard as arrows streaked towards the player army.

The player army was still close to the lake and were on open ground, making them an extremely easy target.

The players, who could not react in time, were instantly hit by arrows. Some soldiers quickly raised their shields, but under the immense rain of arrows, many people were still injured or killed.

This was especially so for those whose feet had been maimed - they were unable to even dodge, and those who were carrying them were completely unprepared and hit by countless arrows.

"Ahhh..." Countless cries sounded out continuously as blood flew everywhere, dyeing the ground and lake even redder.


As the arrows landed, a massive rumbling could be heard, causing the ground to tremble. Countless people looked over and were shocked to see a massive beast tide ferociously rushing towards them.

There were many wild beasts, such as Azure Oxen, as well as wild boars, deer, and goats. They were the livestock that Great Qin had been raising and were preparing to sell.

Currently, all of these animals' eyes were blood-red, and they madly charged forward.

"Hurry up and fire arrows!"

Countless people fired arrows in terror, but because the animals were charging out from a dense forest, many of the arrows struck branches or leaves. Moreover, because some arrows were too weak, they were unable to cause any damage.

At that moment, the system main city soldiers revealed their true strength. They drew their bows fully and released powerful arrows, which turned into black blurs that shot into the animals' bodies, causing them to die without any resistance.

Because these animals were all ordinary animals, how could they defend against attacks from Stage 1 soldiers?

The system main city soldiers reduced the incoming beast time by one quarter and greatly reduced their momentum.

"Hurry! Shields!"

Despite the system main city soldiers firing arrows, the massive beast tide continued onwards. The players started to come to their senses and raised their shields. It was impossible to run, so their only hope was to resist.

Seeing the beast tide flooding over, the three City Lords were about to attack when suddenly three powerful attacks shot towards them, forcing them to defend.


A massive explosion rang out as the gigantic beast tide smashed against the wall of shields. The wall of shields was instantly destroyed, but this greatly reduced the beast tide's momentum and slowed it down, allowing many people to rush up with their weapons.

A great battle between humans and animals began, resulting in massive sounds. The battle was quite chaotic - the various animals gored and sent players flying while players continuously stabbed into the animals' bodies.

Roars of pain could be heard, and blood continuously flew through the air. In the end, the player army was victorious. Not only did they have massive numbers, but the system main city soldiers were also able to kill the animals incredibly quickly. With the ordinary players' cultivations, they were able to barely defend against the animals as well.

However, the beast tide of around 400,000 animals was still able to cause nearly 300,000 players' deaths.

The three City Lords looked at the three people in the distance seriously. They could tell that these three people were also system main city City Lords, but why would such people be here? Moreover, they seemed to be helping Great Qin.

The various factions and Dynasty Legatees did not tell them Great Qin's true power in order to make them believe that they had the ability to defeat Great Qin and go all-in to heavily injure it. As for the survival of the three system main cities, they did not care at all - all that mattered was fulfilling their goal.

That was why the three City Lords felt so surprised upon seeing those three other City Lords.


Another explosion sounded out as ten black pillars of light shot into the clouds, causing the sky to shake. A massive black magic formation appeared, giving off a boundless deathly aura and black light.

Immediately, all of the animals that had died suddenly started to go through changes: their skin and flesh slowly started to wither and fall off, revealing their skeletons. Black flames lit up within their heads, and they slowly stood up from the ground again.

The countless players were incredibly shocked and quickly retreated. However, because that battle had only just concluded, many players were still beside these corpses. As soon as the countless animals' bodies turned into Undead, they immediately started to attack the people around them.

Many people were completely unprepared when they were suddenly attacked, resulting in many deaths. The people and animals once again began to fight.

However, the players still held the advantage, as the Animal Skeletons were not very strong. In fact, after becoming Skeletons, they had become weaker. The Skeletons that the Disaster Cavalrymen summoned were more powerful than ordinary Skeletons, but the Skeletons were still slightly weaker then how strong they were when they were alive.

After all, no skill could make Skeletons more powerful than when they were alive, and perhaps even gods couldn't do this. This was because turning a corpse into an Undead required a large amount of power, and this was taken from the Skeletons themselves. Unless their strength was boosted by someone else, they would always be weaker than when they were alive.

Swish, swish, swish...

Suddenly, yet another dense wave of arrows shot out from the forest, giving off an incredibly sharp aura.

However, the players were currently fighting with the sudden onslaught of Animal Skeletons, so they were unable to defend against these arrows, resulting in many more people dying. The more powerful auras seemed to be directed at the system main city soldiers, resulting in many of them perishing.


Upon seeing this, the various leaders and City Lords could only loudly call for the army to retreat. The players and system main cities had suffered disastrous losses, and if this continued, they might be annihilated here.

However, even though they wanted to retreat, the countless Animal Skeletons refused to let them go, and the continuous rain of arrows made it even more difficult for them to safely retreat.

Even though the three City Lords wanted to help out, whenever they tried to act, they were stopped by the three other City Lords, making it impossible for them to intervene.

In the end, some of the members of the player army were able to wretchedly escape, but they had suffered heavy losses. Only about two million players survived, and 50,000 system main city soldiers had died. Luckily, the system main city did not send any residents, or their casualties would have been even greater.