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 A group of seven people walked through the forest with a big man leading the way. The big man happily said, "How great would it be if we discovered Great Qin's location? We wouldn't have to worry for the rest of our lives. The real world is becoming more and more chaotic, and if we have the protection of a large family, we won't have to worry about safety anymore."

Another youth said excitedly, "That's what I was thinking about. If we find Great Qin, not only do we not have to worry about our safety, but we can also have anything we want!"

Suddenly, a plain-looking woman said worriedly, "Great Qin retreated, but now that we're daringly searching for it, won't Great Qin counterattack?"

"Hmph!" One of the youths coldly harrumphed and said mockingly, "Great Qin's nothing now, and there's nothing to be afraid of. It ran away like a scared dog when it saw us."

"That's right. There's nothing to be afraid of anymore. We players have all come out to find it, and facing so many of us, Great Qin is definitely hiding in fear. You don't need to worry," a middle-aged woman laughed as she said.

Hearing this, the plain-looking woman didn't say anything else because she felt that what they said was true - with so many people, what did they have to be afraid of?


Suddenly, a soft sound could be heard as a warm fluid splashed on the woman's face. The woman, who had been looking down and thinking to herself, brought her hand to her face and found that it was blood.

She quickly looked up and saw that the six others' throats had been slit and were lying on the ground completely dead.

Just what was happening?

Before the woman could react, a hooded figure appeared behind her and covered her mouth as a cold voice said, "Great Qin is not something you group of ants can resist!"

After saying this, the person's other hand mercilessly slashed her neck with a dagger, causing blood to spurt out. The woman felt a sting of pain in her neck and gurgled before dying.

After killing the seven people, a few hooded figures appeared and dragged their corpses into the bushes and covered them up before leaping into the trees and disappearing.

These were only a few people at the head of the player army, and those behind them had no idea what had happened. This was because every team was quite far away from each other - if they were too close to each other, once one team found Great Qin, the other teams would also know.

Because of this, it was much easier for Great Qin's Assassins to act.

After killing those seven people, the hooded figures found another group of six people. Whenever they found small groups like this, they would attack immediately.

They found an opportunity and suddenly darted out from the thickets. Before the six people could react, their throats had been slit, and their hearts had been pierced. The group of Assassins easily killed these people and dragged their bodies into the bushes again, covering them up.

This was to prevent other players from noticing anything, because after seeing the corpses, they would become careful, making it more difficult for Great Qin's Assassins to attack.

The people at the front of the player army were continuously hunted down by Great Qin's Assassins, while those behind had no idea what was going on and continued onward.

Great Qin's Assassins had killed countless people, and the sky gradually darkened. The moon and stars were not out tonight, making it quite dark. Now, it was even more ideal for Great Qin's Assassins to act.

The players started to become more alert and lit torches, but that only revealed their positions and made it easier for Great Qin's Assassins to find them.

As the night went on, most of the players started to rest or started to cultivate, and some of them left the Heaven Awaken World to return to the real world for a while before returning. This was because there was a big time difference between the Heaven Awaken World and the real world.

After returning to the real world, some of the players wanted to go to the Heaven Awaken World forum to look at threads of people praising them, but the forum was instead filled with threads about other things.

"Fudge! This elder was looking for Great Qin's position when I suddenly saw a black blur and was killed!"

"I was the same! I didn't see anything before being pierced in the heart from behind. I didn't even see who killed me! That feels so bad!"

"You guys as well? Everyone in my team was suddenly killed by a few people from the bushes. Those people were incredibly strong and fast, and we died before we could even react."

Seeing these threads, all of the people in the Forest of Horrors felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over their heads. Their pleased smiles immediately froze - how could so many people have died without them noticing anything?

They were all in the wilderness right now looking for Great Qin. In that case, they would most likely be attacked as well. When they thought of that, countless people quickly returned to the Heaven Awaken World.

Some people were quite lucky - after waking up, they saw some traces of blood and discovered their teammates' bodies within bushes. They had narrowly escaped disaster.

However, some were not so lucky. They quickly told their teammates about what had happened, but they were quickly surrounded by people in hoods and died shortly after.

The front of the player army was immediately gravely wounded, but those behind quickly spread the news, scaring some people into immediately running back to the system main cities.

Great Qin's Assassins continued to hunt them down. Now that people knew about them, they did not have to act as secretively. Pained howls tore through the night air, making the night seem incredibly terrifying - indeed, this was a night of slaughter.

Early the next morning, the red sun slowly rose over the mountains and cast an orange glow on the ground - a new day had come.

Countless players escaped back to the system main cities in terror, breathing raggedly. The previous night had been too terrifying - there had been hooded figures darting about all over the place, madly killing any players they saw.

Three million players had gone out, but only 2.6 million or so players had returned. In other words, in just a single day, they had lost 400,000 people.

This figure was simply too shocking, making many people's faces pale. They all stopped being so arrogant and realized just how terrifying Great Qin was.

Last time, Great Qin had only performed a tactical retreat - this did not mean that it was weak. Only after clashing with Great Qin again did they realize just how monstrous it was.

In actuality, 400,000 was not a lot. Zhao Fu had sent out 30,000 Assassins, which meant that each person had killed roughly 13 people.

That was over an entire day, and the forests were the most ideal terrain for them. Adding on their powerful cultivations and equipment, killing 13 people each in a day was not that impressive.

However, after that bloodbath, no player dared to come out to look for Great Qin anymore.