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 Hearing Bai Qi's words, Zhao Fu thought about it and said, "Send out all of our Assassins to hunt down anyone who searches. The Forest of Horrors' terrain is quite suitable for them.

"However, they must not wait until the people have reached Great Qin's territory before acting; they must actively search out people and attack them in different places to confuse them. Otherwise, they'll be able to pinpoint Great Qin's location.

"Also, Bai Qi, I leave all of the soldiers and one million residents to you. I want you to set up a large number of traps around Great Qin's territory.

"Even though we have 2.8 million residents, making it difficult for them to take down the Great Qin City, the other villages might be in danger, so we need to set up traps to deal with a large number of people."

"I will do as you said, Your Majesty!" Bai Qi replied.

Following this, Zhao Fu said, "Finally, order Bai Shan to see if he can research a way to attack people in the real world. Unless those ordinary people's lives are in danger, they won't feel any fear."

Even though Great Qin had the Reality Fruit Tree, it only grew five Reality Fruits per day, which was equal to 50 in ten days. This was not of much use, so Zhao Fu wanted Bai Shan to research a way to attack people in the real world.

Zhao Fu gave out a chain of commands, and the Generals all left to take care of those matters.

In the end, it was just Zhao Fu and Xianru left in the hall. Zhao Fu thought back to how he had almost lost control of his soul. Back then, his mind had been incredibly hazy, and he looked at Xianru and asked seriously, "What just happened?"

Xianru lowered her head and answered truthfully, "Because Your Majesty fused with a demon god's divinity and unlocked the Chaos Imperial Star, this is one of the side-effects. If Your Majesty is able to stick to your ideals, there won't be any problems. However, if they start to guide and control Your Majesty, there will be some unknown effects.

"Even though I don't know what the final product of the combination of a demon god's divinity, the Myrtle Imperial Star, and the Chaos Demon Star will be, the three of them are incredibly powerful and will turn Your Majesty into a forbidden existence."

Speaking to there, Xianru's tone became even more serious as she said, "Your Majesty, you must pay attention to this matter and keep your emotions in check!

"In fact, if Your Majesty can increase your contact with women, that would be for the best. This is especially so for the women whom you've made your Imperial Concubines. Their Phoenix Qi is not only good for Your Majesty's body, but it can also refine Your Majesty's Fate and neutralize some of the demon god's attributes and the Chaos Imperial Star's effects.

"If Your Majesty is unwilling to lay a hand on them, women like Liu Mei, Daisy, Ly Qinqian, Liu Subai, and Asani are all quite good. However, the ones who I think would be best are Ba Qing and Tuoba Qing.

"Both of them have immense Phoenix Qi; in fact, the amount of Phoenix Qi that Ba Qing has can rival the amount of Phoenix Qi your Imperial Concubines have combined, and Tuoba Qing has a bit more than Ba Qing. However, there seems to be some sort of power interfering, making it difficult for me to see it clearly.

"Tuoba Qing's background is definitely quite extraordinary, so Your Majesty, I would recommend her. Of course, if Your Majesty chooses both, that would be for the best, and if Your Majesty needs supplements, I can refine for you some special medicinal pills from the School of Yin Yang!"

Ahem... somehow the topic had turned to this. Hearing Xianru mention refining special medicinal pills, Zhao Fu couldn't help but cough. What was going on? Normally, subordinates urged their lieges to stay away from women, yet Xianru was trying to throw women at him!

In the end, Zhao Fu could only say, "I'll have a think about it."

Seeing this, Xianru inwardly sighed, but she could not say much else.

Just as both of them stopped talking, a flirtatious voice suddenly said, "Owner, hurry up and do me! I've been waiting for you day and night, and I've started to leak fluids..."

This shameless voice caused Zhao Fu and Xianru's faces to both turn red. The only person who would say such a thing would be the Sin Dragon, Long Xiaoxiao.

Zhao Fu could only helplessly reply, "Didn't I say to be quiet normally? Look how quiet the three other swords are!"

In response, Long Xiaoxiao harrumphed, "They don't have needs, but I do. Every day, I want to use all sorts of positions..."

Hearing these incredibly shameless words, the three other swords couldn't help but step in. The Sky Demon called out, "Perverted dragon, can't you be more prudent? Why are you thinking about these sorts of things every day?"

Zhao Fu nodded in agreement, approving of what the Sky Demon had said.

This made Long Xiaoxiao quite displeased, and she cried out in protest.

Beside them, Xianru couldn't help but lightly laugh, saying, "Your Majesty, this sword's grade is extremely high, so make sure you take care of it."

Hearing that there was someone on her side, Long Xiaoxiao felt quite happy. Just as she was about to say something, Zhao Fu hurriedly cut her off. If this went on, Zhao Fu wouldn't be able to take it anymore.

Elsewhere, Great Qin's 30,000 Assassins followed Zhao Fu's commands, and under the leadership of the 12 Assassin Leaders, they started to move out.

In the face of massive rewards, countless people wanted to find the super treasure chest that was Great Qin. There were people all over the place searching because once they found Great Qin, the reward would belong to them.

Given the dangers of the wilderness, which contained ferocious wild beasts as well as Outlanders, some people decided to make groups of ten or so people to stay safe.

Countless people started madly searching, and if they continued like this, Great Qin would be discovered sooner or later.

The Forest of Horrors was filled with all sorts of strange trees and plants, and massive trees blocked out the sun wherever they were. This made the lighting quite dim, and the terrain was filled with obstacles, making it difficult to move around in the wilderness.

Most people with battle professions felt quite uncomfortable in such an environment because it was difficult for them to move around or attack.

However, to Rogues or Assassins, this was their playing field. They could use their agile bodies to dart about completely unnoticed.

Great Qin's 30,000 Assassins started to move out. In complex terrain like the Forest of Horrors, a numerical advantage meant nothing. Of course, if it was on open, flat ground, Zhao Fu would not have even sent the Assassins, or they would have been slaughtered in an instant.

Right now, the countless people had not noticed any danger, as they were not clear as to what methods Great Qin would use. On the other hand, they were still drunk on their victory - after all, they had just defeated Great Qin, and there were countless threads on the internet about how mighty they were and how Great Qin had run away from them.

Moreover, because there were so many of them, they felt that they had nothing to fear, so they swaggered about without any caution. It was as if they did not put Great Qin in their eyes anymore and thought that they would be able to win against it again.

Soon, Great Qin's Assassins would clash with them for the first time!