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The battle between the Wind Dragon Lord and the woman in white was incredibly intense, and the shockwaves created wild gales, making those nearby incredibly shocked.

Zhao Fu used the Dark Ghost World and Skeletons to quickly take over one of the city walls and prepared to enter the city without much resistance.

Despite the situation, the woman in white's expression still did not change much, and she continued to battle with the Wind Dragon Lord.

Suddenly, the Wind Dragon Lord sensed a large number of people approaching - as the Lord of a region, her senses were incredibly sharp, and after noticing so many people, she realized that the situation was turning bad.

Even though she knew that she was incredibly powerful, she did not have the confidence to fight against an entire region.

Since she already took her egg back, there was not much to worry about, so there was no reason for her to risk her life and stay here.

Just as she was about to leave, she looked down at Zhao Fu below. Even though their partnership this time had not worked out, there might be a next time. Thinking about the potential benefits, the Wind Dragon Lord warned him, "Boy, you should leave!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu also sensed some danger. After speaking, the Wind Dragon Lord unleashed some powerful winds and forced back the woman in white before retreating.

Zhao Fu understood that the situation had changed and immediately yelled, "Retreat!"

Great Qin's countless soldiers felt quite surprised - they were about to take down Holy Light City, so why were they retreating? However, Zhao Fu's commands were absolute, so all of the soldiers started to retreat.

"Your Majesty, what's going on?" some of the Generals, who hadn't noticed the danger yet, asked Zhao. An icy look appeared in Zhao Fu's eyes as he said, "The situation has changed. Tell everyone to quickly retreat!"

Hearing this, the Generals looked quite surprised and immediately ordered the soldiers to retreat faster.

Very soon, Great Qin's soldiers retreated like a receding ocean wave, and everyone within Holy Light City let out a sigh of relief - the danger was over.

The woman in white looked at Great Qin's retreating soldiers and understood what was happening. She had long since made an agreement with the two other City Lords - she would stall Great Qin while the other two sides came to pincer Great Qin.

However, Great Qin had been unexpectedly powerful, and they could barely defend the city walls. If they rushed out, they would die incredibly quickly in front of Great Qin's 450,000 soldiers.

Basically, all of the players had run to the other system main cities or other regions, so she did not have many players at her disposal. Otherwise, she could have used a large number of players to stall Great Qin.

However, even though they could not stall Great Qin for too long, this would be a good opportunity to heavily wound tGreat Qin, so they couldn't pass up on such a chance.

Since Great Qin had come to attack them, this meant that there was essentially no chance of them living in harmony; they would have to fight until only one of them remained.

The woman in white immediately made a decision and sent a large number of Stage 1 soldiers out of Holy Light City to chase after Great Qin. This was not to fight with them but to slow down their retreat.

Seeing the many system main city soldiers rushing out, Zhao Fu did not hesitate and left behind the 150,000 Skeletons as cannon fodder to slow down the system main city soldiers.

The system main city soldiers and countless Skeletons immediately started fighting while Great Qin's army quickly sped away.

Seeing this, the woman in white wanted to go and help, but she suddenly saw Zhao Fu's blood-red eyes. She immediately felt danger and an overwhelming chilling intent, so she stayed her steps.

Zhao Fu looked away - if the woman in white had chased after them, he and the other City Lords would have attacked her together.

Right now, escaping was their main goal, but if the other side was determined to stop them, Zhao Fu could only take the risk to kill her.

In the distance, two teleportation channels continuously flashed as waves of people streamed out and rushed towards Great Qin.

Zhao Fu finally received the news from his spies and understood what was going on. He couldn't help but coldly harrumph - it seemed that the ordinary players and factions were indeed Great Qin's biggest obstacles.

Seeing the two waves of people rushing over, the woman in white sent more people to join with them. The 150,000 Skeletons were able to stop the Stage 1 soldiers and cause many injuries and deaths, but they were quickly destroyed.

After all, the Skeletons were relying on their numerical advantage. They were summoned by the Skeleton Mages, not the Disaster Cavalry, so they were not very strong. However, those Skeletons could be summoned at any time, so losing them was not a big deal.

Right now, Great Qin had escaped the three-pronged attack, but the other side was still furiously chasing after them. The four million people formed a massive ocean and gave off an aura that seemed to shake the heavens.

Zhao Fu stood in the air, a look of fury on his face. His eyes coldly looked ahead at the ocean of people - this was the first time that Great Qin had run away so wretchedly.

However, with Great Qin's 450,000 soldiers, it was impossible to defend against four million people. It was not just a matter of numbers, but that there was no benefit at all to staying - it would only lead to their whole army being destroyed.

"Do you truly dare to make an enemy out of Great Qin?" Zhao Fu unleashed all of his power - not just the City Lord Seal but also his Nation Armament and Clan Armament.

A heaven-toppling aura rushed out, causing the heavens and earth to dim and for clouds to roll about. A devastating wind started to blow as trees madly swayed and rocks were lifted into the air. It was as if it was the end of the world.

A terrifying aura covered everyone present, and his cold voice seemed to stab into everyone's ears like an icy blade. Immediately, the massive ocean of people completely stopped.

What? Great Qin was ahead? Only now did the countless ordinary people understand the situation. Their expressions changed, and they were overwhelmed with fear, wanting to escape.

However, someone said, "Don't worry, everyone. Whether it's within the Heaven Awaken World or the real world, you will receive massive benefits. Even if you die you don't need to worry. You will receive protection.

"Also, you don't need to worry about Great Qin's method to bring people into the Heaven Awaken World; they can only do it to a few people. We have many people, so don't worry. Even if you're caught by them, just commit suicide before they can do anything to you.

"Right now, Great Qin is planning to destroy the Forest of Horrors' three system main cities, but if they're gone, where can we go? As such, we have to fight. Look, Great Qin is running away from us, so there's no need to feel afraid. If you think about it, do you really think that Great Qin will spare you? Fight! It's the same outcome regardless."