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 The Wind Dragon Lord agreed. Currently, they were in a stalemate, so if she could obtain this human's help, she would be able to destroy this city.

When that time came, everything inside the city would belong to her, so she was naturally quite happy. She would be able to take revenge and obtain a large amount of wealth. How could she refuse such a thing?

However, the human said that he wanted the City Creation Stone, which was an incredibly precious treasure, and this was especially so for system main cities.

The Wind Dragon Lord thought about it and decided to pretend to cooperate with him for now before taking the City Creation Stone at the end.

"Human, as long as you help me, I'll give you massive benefits," the Wind Dragon Lord said as she inwardly laughed, pretending to seem incredibly earnest.

Zhao Fu agreed, but he also had his own hidden schemes as well. Even though he wasn't sure what the Wind Dragon Lord was thinking, he wasn't thinking of sparing her.

This was because right now, only Zhao Fu had revealed himself, while the nine other City Lords hid close by. When the Wind Dragon Lord and woman in white were both heavily injured, they would attack together and take down both of them.

Killing a Wind Dragon Lord like this would give incredibly good rewards, and he would see if he could get the woman in white to submit.

Facing the scene in front of her, the woman in white's expression did not change much, but she looked at Zhao Fu. In front of her was the Dynasty Legatee who they had lived in fear of for a long time, and now she had finally seen him.

Zhao Fu faced the woman in white's gaze and felt a bit guilty. After all, Great Qin had relied on Holy Light City during its early development, and now that they were going to destroy it, he couldn't help but feel a bit sad.

However, Zhao Fu's emotions quickly became resolute, and he could only say, "I'm sorry!"

Surprisingly, the woman in white nodded and did not seem angry. It was most likely because she had expected this day for a long time.

Zhao Fu gave the order to attack the city, and the Wind Dragon Lord started to attack the woman in white as well so that Zhao Fu could easily join the fight.

As Great Qin started to move, the two other system main cities also received news about this and quickly started to act as well. Not only did they gather their military forces, but they also started to give out lots of quests.

Many people who had nothing to do saw the quests and immediately joined, but none of them knew that they were going to attack Great Qin.

Through what Su Yan had told them in the past, many of the large families knew that Great Qin was in the Forest of Horrors. Many spies had also confirmed this, and only Great Qin would dare to attack a system main city.

In order to attract more people to join, they gave out abundant rewards and said that even if the players died, they would still be rewarded in the real world and receive protection, so there would be no danger.

Many people did not understand what was going on, but seeing the benefits, they couldn't help but join. This was especially so after thinking about the rewards and protection in the real world - they would not have to worry about their lives or offending anyone, which was quite tempting.

As such, many ordinary people decided to join, while the larger factions were smarter and held back because they knew that there was something being hidden.

After hearing from their spies, the countless factions were quite shocked - they had never expected Great Qin to be right here. All this time they had been living with a sleeping tiger next to them.

After hearing about this, they couldn't help but think about how Great Qin would treat them as factions and large families.

This made all of the factions within the Forest of Horrors quite anxious, as currently, Great Qin was destroying all of the factions that it encountered.

The various Dynasty Legatees also sent people to promise the factions and large families great rewards and protection, and they said that even if they couldn't destroy Great Qin, they would at least be able to heavily injure it.

The people sent by the Dynasty Legatees also told them about the three system main cities working together, resulting in many of the factions joining as well.

The Zhou family, Jiang family, Holy Light Group, Soldier Alliance... many factions that Zhao Fu was familiar with were all forced to join in. After all, because it was Great Qin, if they did not unite together, they would die.

Even though they knew of the potential consequences, if they didn't do this, their fate would be worse. They had no other choice but to fight, as they would potentially receive the protection of the various Dynasty Legatees.

Most of the gullible ordinary people had already joined, and many factions were now also baited in. The factions not only sent out players but also indigenous residents under their command. Everyone was going all-out.

As for the system main cities, they not only sent their 100,000 Stage 1 soldier, but also tens of thousands of able-bodied residents.

The only faction that did not move out was Heaven's Choice, as it was Zhao Fu's faction. Zhao Fu did not choose to hide this, and after Zhao Fu became the Ying family's proxy leader, Heaven's Choice had been admired and respected by many but also hated by others.

This was because Great Qin was in the Forest of Horrors, and facing the threat of Great Qin, there was no use in trying to curry favor. Since Heaven's Choice was created by Zhao Fu, it was definitely linked to Great Qin, so it was naturally viewed as an enemy by many factions.

After hearing about this, Great Qin's spies in each of the system main cities were quite shocked. This meant that Zhao Fu might have to face a three-pronged attack, and their enemies numbered nearly four million people, including 300,000 Stage 1 soldiers.

Great Qin's army only had 450,000 people, so Great Qin would definitely lose if it faced a three-pronged attack of four million people.

Soon, an even more shocking piece of news came: the three system main cities had methods to break isolation barriers, and they were already sending people to Holy Light City.

Great Qin would definitely be taken by surprise, and it would be crushed by the four million people.

The three system main cities had long since detected Great Qin's existence, and they knew that its methods were incredibly powerful - this was evident from the abnormal signs it had caused.

As such, they had been preparing this entire time. Just as Great Qin had been developing, they had been secretly preparing various methods to deal with it.

Since Great Qin could use isolation barriers, if it suddenly attacked a system main city, that city would be almost defenseless. However, since the Forest of Horrors' three City Lords had been preparing for such a long time, they naturally had ways to break through isolation barriers.

Great Qin's spies quickly sent this information to Zhao Fu.

Currently, Zhao Fu had not sensed any danger yet, and Holy Light City's City Lord was tied down by the Wind Dragon Lord. Everything was going to plan, and he believed that they would be able to take Holy Light City soon.