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 While Zhao Fu was considering whether or not to act, the dragon egg was covered by a layer of azure light before instantly disappearing. It turned out that the Wind Dragon Lord had a very big spatial ring on one of its claws.

After the Wind Dragon Lord took the egg, the woman and Zhao Fu both thought that the matter was over, but the Wind Dragon Lord once again beat its wings and caused massive gusts of wind.

"You've returned my child, but what are you going to do as compensation for stealing my child? I want five million gold coins, or I won't spare you!" the Wind Dragon Lord said domineeringly.

All dragons loved to collect treasures, but Western dragons were especially greedy, and they collected everything of value, even coins. They especially liked golden coins.

Even though the Wind Dragon Lord didn't know who had stolen the egg, since it had ended up in this city, she wanted to take revenge on this city and unleash its anger on it.

In order to find this egg, she had spent a great deal of time and effort, so how could she just drop matters like this? Even if Holy Light City gave up everything of value within it, she would still savagely attack it until she no longer felt as furious.

This caused the woman in white to look quite displeased - five million gold coins was an astronomical sum, and she only had one million gold coins on her.

However, for the safety of Holy Light City, the woman in white could only take a step back and say, "I only have one million gold coins. I can give them all to you, but let's leave this matter at that."

The woman in white decided to be tougher. She was afraid that the Wind Dragon Lord would continue pushing and demand more and more, so she made her stance clear.

However, the Wind Dragon Lord did not appreciate this, and it unleashed a few more gusts of berserk wind before saying, "It's fine if you don't have enough money; take out everything of value in this city!"

"Absolutely not!" the woman in white immediately refused.

Hearing her words, the Wind Dragon Lord started to attack again. She opened her mouth and unleashed a gigantic pillar of wind, and the woman in white was forced to counterattack.

As such, the battle between them once again began.

Massive explosions sounded out in the sky, and gusts of wind and sword lights shot everywhere, leaving deep marks in the ground and sending out terrifying shockwaves. The heavens and the earth seemed to dim, and all creatures ran about in terror.

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he immediately returned to the Great Qin City and gathered the army - this was the best time to move against Holy Light City.

Before, Zhao Fu had wanted to destroy three system main cities in one go, but he had been worried about the retaliation from players. After all, if the three system main cities were all destroyed, they would have nowhere to go. Even if they were afraid of him, they would still resist.

Moreover, Zhao Fu was worried if the three system main cities allied together - if he attacked one of them, perhaps the other two would send reinforcements.

This meant that Great Qin might have to face 300,000 Stage 1 soldiers, and even though Great Qin had 450,000 soldiers, it did not have a great advantage over 300,000 Stage 1 soldiers. As such, Zhao Fu did not want to attack the Forest of Horrors too early.

However, things were different now - if he used the Wind Dragon Lord, Great Qin would be able to quickly take down Holy Light City. They would have to set up an isolation barrier so that even if the other two system main cities tried to help, they would have to run.

Another thing was that most of the players had run to the other system main cities, and without those obstacles, it would be even easier for Great Qin to take down Holy Light City.

If they could conquer Holy Light City, taking down the two other system main cities would be much easier as well.

Great Qin's soldiers quickly made their preparations, and in order to take precautions, Zhao Fu also brought with them the 30,000 Skeleton Mages and 150,000 Skeletons. Their force of 600,000 soldiers now set off towards Holy Light City.

The battle at Holy Light City was becoming more and more intense. The Wind Dragon Lord roared, and its body spun as a vortex gradually formed. Countless dark clouds gathered, and the vortex became a gigantic tornado.


The tornado started to move, giving off a massive sound as the ground began to crack. Everything around it, including boulders and trees, were sucked into it, and everything within 10,000 kilometers was affected. It was as if it was an apocalyptic disaster.

Seeing this, the woman in white's expression became serious, and she unleashed the full power of her City Lord Seal. A white pillar of light descended from the sky, and within it, the woman in white looked incredibly holy.

A gigantic white ring appeared in the sky, giving off a bright white light that dyed the entire sky white. Pure-white feathers floated down from the sky, and a heavenly melody could be heard in the surroundings.

A pair of white wings slowly spread on the woman in white's back, and immediately, she gave off a shocking Holy Light power. At that moment, she also slowly raised her white sword.

The enormous tornado, bringing with it immense power, arrived in front of the woman in white, and that terrifying might was enough to make people's souls tremble. However, the woman in white did not show any fear, and she slashed down heavily with her sword.


A massive explosion rang out as the woman in white slashed out a white sword light, which was blinding to the point that the entire world seemed to turn white.


The white sword light collided with the tornado, resulting in a massive explosion. Both of them held immense power, but the white sword light was a bit more powerful and destroyed the tornado, reducing it into countless berserk gusts of wind.

However, at that moment, the Wind Dragon Lord, who was within the tornado, suddenly attacked again, whipping its tail towards the woman in white and sending her flying.

The Wind Dragon Lord chased after her, preparing to once again attack, but the woman in white's eyes became cold. She pointed with her sword, causing a white sword light to suddenly shoot out. The white sword light easily tore into the Wind Dragon Lord's body, creating a large gash and causing a lot of blood to spill out. The Wind Dragon Lord howled in pain before retreating backward in the air.

The two of them once again faced off against each other, and the Wind Dragon Lord felt quite surprised that the woman in white was so powerful. In response, the woman in white looked at the Wind Dragon seriously, not daring to relax at all.


Suddenly, a massive black flood that gave off a terrifying aura swarmed over, and the two of them looked toward the black flood in surprise.

Zhao Fu came above Holy Light City and slightly smiled as he said, "Wind Dragon Lord, I can help you take down this city and give you everything of value, but I want the City Creation Stone."