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 Chapter 507 - Wind Dragon Lord

Back at Great Qin, Zhao Fu stood in front of ten or so wooden cages, in which there were ten or so wild beasts. There were wolves, boars, bears, snakes, and other animals.

These animals all had a 'King' title, and Great Qin had been catching such animals because the King's Crown needed King's Aura, which could be accumulated bit by bit from such creatures.

Zhao Fu took out the King's Crown and ten or so black sword lights shot out into those animals' heads. The animals bellowed and roared, immediately dying, and ten or so traces of a golden aura rose out of their bodies and floated into the King's Crown.

Zhao Fu sensed the King's Crown's power after devouring that King's Aura, and he smiled.

Next, Zhao Fu decided to take care of internal affairs.

Before, Zhao Fu had planned for Great Qin to develop like system main cities, and he wanted residents to start contributing to the cities as much as possible.

First, anyone who worked for Great Qin would have a steady wage, whether it was a soldier or an ordinary resident.

Of course, the point of giving out money was to raise the economy, or else it would lose its worth. Zhao Fu greatly encouraged the development of Great Qin's businesses, and this was in both external and internal trade.

Zhao Fu allowed residents to set up their own shops on almost every street - there were restaurants, tailor shops, and grocery stores, and he also allowed them to set up small stalls or carts as well.

These developments would cause the residents' quality of living to become higher, and their loyalty to Great Qin would also become higher.

Under Great Qin's encouragements, many people found opportunities - these included Elves, Gnomes, and Ratfolk. All sorts of races opened shops, causing Great Qin to become quite lively.

Now that they were encouraging trade and giving wages, they also started taking taxes. After all, a nation's wealth came from taxes, and this was essential.

Taxes could provide a nation with enormous fortune, but if they were not controlled well, they could endanger a nation. Taxes that were too heavy could result in rebellions, so they had to establish a good system.

Seeing the Great Qin City become more and more lively, Zhao Fu smiled.

A few days later, a pillar of black light shot into the air as Great Qin leveled up into an Advanced City. Great Qin had been only a bit away from leveling up, and taking down Fragrant Moon City had provided a large amount of EXP. As they continued to conquer villages and towns in the wilderness, they finally accumulated enough EXP to level up the Great Qin City.Village Name: Great Qin City (Epic)

Level: Advanced (1,000/6,100,000)

Village Area: 2,600 square kilometers.

Village Territory: 101,800 square kilometers.

Residents: 1,292,950/3,240,000

Military: 212,640/832,000

Popular Support: 85

Village Special Stats: Territory Crop Output +140%, Territory Crop Growing Time -140%, Population Limit +100%, Residents' stats can randomly +10, Soldiers' stats +11%, Population Attraction +120%, chance of attracting higher grade population +120%.

Subsidiary Village Limit: 4,800

Subordinate Villages: Logue Village, Jean Village, Dorun Village, Li Family Village, Wolf Village, Ferocious Tiger Village...

Zhao Fu took a look at the Great Qin City's stats. The Great Qin City was now an Advanced City, and the next level was Great City. As such, they had to quickly fulfill all of the requirements so that all they would need would be EXP.

After gathering information on surrounding Basic Cities and Basic Towns, they would immediately act.


Just as Zhao Fu was leaving the hall, a massive explosion sounded out, and a gale blew past. Countless trees trembled, and it was as if they were going to be ripped out of the ground. Many large rocks were also blown into the sky. After that massive gale, the air was filled with dust.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu's pupils constricted, and he looked in the direction of Holy Light City - just what was going on?

"Roarrrrr!!!" A massive dragon's roar then sounded out, and Zhao Fu could tell from its roar that it was not an Asian dragon but a Western dragon. This was because Asian dragons' roars were more like a bellow while Western dragons' roars were more screech-like.

As Zhao Fu looked over, a hooded Assassin came over and reported, "Your Majesty, there's an emergency; a Wind Dragon is attacking Holy Light City."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu immediately headed to Holy Light City.

As soon as he stepped into Holy Light City, massive gusts of wind buffeted him, which was quite painful. As such, Zhao Fu activated his King's Domain to resist the wind.

At that moment, Zhao Fu saw the condition of Holy Light City - many houses had been blown over, and rocks and logs filled the sky. The residents were all huddled within buildings, while players were all escaping to other system main cities. The scene was incredibly chaotic.

There was a massive Wind Dragon that had a wingspan of 1,000 meters in the sky, and it had azure scales, a lizard-like head, and two long horns. Its entire body gave off a powerful wind-attribute energy.

This was not an ordinary Wind Dragon but the Lord of a region.

Zhao Fu knew the Lord of the Forest of Horrors, which was a Six-Eyed Flood Dragon. In that case, this Wind Dragon Lord was definitely from another region.

However, why was the Lord monster of another region attacking the Forest of Horror's Holy Light City?

Zhao Fu looked up at the Wind Dragon Lord and saw it furiously flapping its wings, sending out gigantic wind blades. The Wind Dragon Lord was fighting with a young woman in white - she was most likely the City Lord of Holy Light City.

"Return my child to me, you thief! Otherwise, I'll annihilate your city!" the Wind Dragon Lord said, her voice the voice of a mature woman.

Zhao Fu immediately thought about Holy Light City buying the Wind Dragon egg at that auction a few months ago - this was probably the mother of that egg.

No wonder this was happening. Luckily, Zhao Fu had not been able to buy that egg - even a system main city would find it difficult to defend, and this would be even more so for him.

The woman in white in the air hesitated - Holy Light City had spent a great amount of money to buy that Wind Dragon Egg, and they had never expected such a thing to happen.

However, seeing the destruction that the Wind Dragon Lord was causing, the woman in white sighed and replied, "I can give you the egg, but you have to stop."

Hearing the woman in white's words, the Wind Dragon Lord stopped attacking and looked at the young woman, saying, "Alright! Return my child to me."

Seeing that the Wind Dragon Lord had stopped attacking, the woman in white let out a slight sigh of relief and took out an azure-colored egg from within her spatial ring. She then threw it up and guided it with her power to the Wind Dragon Lord.

Zhao Fu wanted to get involved because attacking Holy Light City would be quite easy with the Wind Dragon here. However, they were too close and could both protect the dragon egg, so Zhao Fu did not have an opportunity to do so.