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 After hearing Zhao Fu's reply, Xianru respectfully stood by his side and accompanied Zhao Fu as he fished.

A while later, Zhao Fu felt that he had fished enough and called over Guo Binglin and Wang Ergou, and he ordered them to collect information on Basic Towns and Basic Cities. Great Qin would need many Basic Towns and Basic Cities to level up, while there were system main cities in every region so there was no need to worry about Great Cities.

After becoming a Capital City, Great Qin's next goal would be to become a Royal City. Only with a Royal City would Zhao Fu be able to re-establish Great Qin as a nation. Royal Cities were the basic requirement of a nation.

However, Great Qin was still only an Intermediate City, so it was still far off from becoming a Royal City.

Moreover, after becoming a Great City, it was not split into three sub-stages of Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced but five sub-stages.

A Level 1 Great City was equivalent to a system main city, and after becoming a Level 5 Great City, it would be able to level up into a Capital City. Capital Cities were split into six sub-stages, and above them were Royal Cities.

As such, even though it didn't seem like the restoration of Great Qin was too far away, there was still a great distance that they had to cover.

They would also need countless Basic Towns, Basic Cities, and Great Cities to fulfill the various requirements. This made sense, as only by having countless cities would one be able to call oneself a nation.

It would be best to have as many Basic Towns and Basic Cities as possible, as they would definitely be of use in the future.

Wang Ergou and Guo Binglin heeded Zhao Fu's orders and quickly went to look for information on Basic Towns and Basic Cities nearby.

Zhao Fu had his soldiers rest for a day as they would be going out to fight the next day. His goal was to control everything within 10,000 kilometers as soon as possible in order to increase Great Qin's strength and start making a move against the Forest of Horrors.


Within another region, Si Ji and Fuxi's descendant went to the City Hall of a system main city, which was filled with people.

Most of the people there looked like physicians and were holding medicinal boxes, and some of them held strips of canvas with blessings on them. These people looked like total frauds.

These physicians were all gathered here because the City Lord's wife was gravely ill and needed immediate treatment.

The City Lord's wife's illness was not simple at all. Her body was blistering hot, and she was continuously sweating. Her skin seemed as if there were countless bugs crawling around on it, making it seem quite terrifying. Normally, the City Lord's power would have been enough to heal her, but because nothing seemed to be working, he had called in many physicians.

This was already the sixth day that the City Lord's wife had been sick, and none of the physicians had been able to do anything about the illness. Seeing his wife grow weaker day by day, the City Lord felt incredibly pained and worried, and he could only offer a great reward for anyone who could cure her.

The tens of thousands of gold coins became hundreds of thousands of gold coins. By the sixth day, the City Lord was desperate enough to promise that anyone who could cure his wife would be given half of the city.

The physicians came into the room to check on his wife, and the truly skilled physicians could only sigh and shake their heads, signaling that there was nothing that they could do.

Some fake physicians wanted to just earn some easy money, so they gave out some useless prescriptions. Of course, the City Lord had people carefully check over those prescriptions.

He knew that there would definitely be some fake physicians among them, and if his wife took their medicine, she might get even worse. As such, he had the prescriptions strictly checked to prevent his wife's illness from becoming even worse.

After finding a heap of useless prescriptions, the City Lord became infuriated and ordered the fake physicians who had given those prescriptions to be put in the dungeon.

The City Lord had held onto a trace of hope because he had invited so many physicians - perhaps one of them could save his wife. However, none of them had been able to do so.

At that moment, Si Ji walked in with some people and said with a confident smile, "City Lord, I have a way to save your wife."

Seeing Si Ji, the City Lord's expression became serious, as he recognised that Si Ji was a Dynasty's Legatee.

This was because Si Ji did not hide his aura, so the City Lord was able to tell Si Ji's status at a glance. Every City Lord treated Dynasty Legatees with a great amount of respect.

Hearing his words, the City Lord felt quite delighted and quickly asked, "Are you really able to?"

Si Ji nodded earnestly before saying, "I can definitely save your wife, but I have a condition."

Hearing this, the City Lord's expression became serious. This person's demand definitely wouldn't be simple, but for his beloved wife, the City Lord still asked, "What do you want?"

Si Ji did not hide his goal and raised his head as he replied, "I want you to join Great Xia. Don't worry. Great Xia will not mistreat you. Moreover, Great Xia is the true ruler of China!"

Indeed, it was something that was not simple at all - he wanted him to submit to Great Xia. This caused the City Lord to hesitate, and he could not make a decision for a while.

"City Lord! Madam's illness is getting worse!" a female attendant ran over and called out.

This caused the City Lord's face to fall, and he finally made a decision, saying, "Alright, as long as you can save my wife, I'll submit to you."

Si Ji nodded and brought Fuxi's descendant to where the City Lord's wife was, and he had Fuxi's descendant check up on the City Lord's wife.

Following this, Fuxi's descendant took out a pearl-white medicinal pill and fed it to the woman on the bed. In just a few moments, the woman's illness became better, and her body was no longer as hot. Her skin also returned to normal.

Seeing this, the City Lord felt incredibly delighted and came to the bed to check up on his wife. Upon checking, he immediately felt that her body had become much better.

Three days later, the woman's illness was completely cured, but she was just a bit weak. After a few days, she would make a full recovery.

Just as he had promised, the City Lord joined Great Xia.

With the system main city joining, Great Xia became much more powerful - this was especially so after obtaining the 100,000 Stage 1 soldiers from the system main city, which greatly increase its battle power.

Great Qin had obtained the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, giving them Blood God Pills that raised cultivation and Grade Orbs that raised Grades. Because of this, Great Qin had 200,000 or so Stage 1 soldiers, while other Legatees only had tens of thousands of Stage 1 soldiers. Now that Great Xia had suddenly obtained 100,000 Stage 1 soldiers, its force became much more powerful.

In actuality, this was something that Great Xia had planned. The City Lord's wife wasn't ill but poisoned, and she had been poisoned by an ancient poison that Great Xia's forces had found in a historical remnant.

This was why Si Ji had been so confident. Even though using poison was a bit shameless, from the beginning of China's history, even though many of the Emperors could be said to be wise rulers or enlightened lieges, none of them were good people.

After all, truly good people would be unable to establish a mighty empire. As the saying went, a great man has to be ruthless, and that was the case in a dog-eat-dog world.