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 Suddenly, the power locking down the two people disappeared, but Trần Xiangyue and Fu Qing did not dare to act. They were thinking about Fragrant Moon City's residents and those close to them.

Feeling Zhao Fu's killing intent and given his status as a King, he would definitely carry out what he said. As such, if they really did kill themselves, Fragrant Moon City's people would die with them, and those close to them would have an even worse fate.

They did dare to die, but because they had to think about Fragrant Moon City's people, they both stopped.

Zhao Fu's blood-red eyes icily looked at them. No one in Great Qin had ever dared to disobey him like this and resist death.

He had wanted to treat them well, but since they were like this, he decided otherwise. In that instant, Zhao Fu felt incredibly furious and decided to take out his anger on them.

"What? You're not going to continue?" Zhao Fu's cold voice once again sounded out.

Trần Xiangyue furiously yelled, "You're too shameless; you're using Fragrant Moon City's residents to threaten us!"

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and ignored her words as he said icily, "Take off your clothes!"

The only people in the hall were Zhao Fu, the five women, Xianru, and some female attendants. Hearing these words, they all felt quite surprised.

Hearing this, Trần Xiangyue and Fu Qing felt incredibly angry and almost slit their throats.

"I said take your clothes off!" Zhao Fu said with an even more severe tone, and his voice became even colder. He was filled with killing intent as he looked at the two women.

Under Zhao Fu's pressure, Trần Xiangyue and Fu Qing had given up on dying, but how could they do something so humiliating?

"Guards!" Zhao Fu shouted.

Trần Xiangyue and Fu Qing's expressions fell, knowing what Zhao Fu was planning, so they hurriedly called out, "Alright! I'll... take them off."

Trần Xiangyue put down her hairpin and slowly took off her green dress, while Fu Qing, feeling humiliated, also angrily took off her armor. As their clothes fell, their tears also dripped down.

Finally, they finished taking off all of their clothes and two pristine, white bodies appeared in the hall. The two women lowered their heads in humiliation with one hand covering their breasts and one hand covering their lower bodies.

"Take your hands away!" Zhao Fu's voice once again sounded out.

By the side, Xianru felt that Zhao Fu was going a bit too far, but seeing how angry he looked, she lowered her head and did not dare to say anything.

Trần Xiangyue and Fu Qing gritted their teeth and slowly moved their hands away, revealing their bodies entirely to Zhao Fu.

Those delicate breasts, slim waists, and lower bodies were now exposed.

Zhao Fu stood up and walked over to Trần Xiangyue and Fu Qing. He stretched out his hands and lifted up their chins, making them look up.

Both of their eyes were completely red, and tears continuously streamed down their beautiful faces as their cheeks became red. They had never been naked in front of so many people before.

Even though Zhao Fu raised her chin, Trần Xiangyue felt quite humiliated and furious, and she looked away, not meeting his eyes. On the other hand, Fu Qing glared at Zhao Fu in anger as if she hated Zhao Fu to her bones.

Just as both women thought that Zhao Fu was going to do something to them in that hall, Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and left.

Xianru followed behind Zhao Fu and also left with him.

Everyone present let out a sigh of relief. As a King, Zhao Fu's anger was something that everyone feared.

Trần Xiangyue and Fu Qing stemmed their tears and quickly put on their clothes before a few female attendants took them to a courtyard prepared for them.

There, they met Miao Qianmeng and Bai Yiqin. Seeing that another five women had been brought here, the two women sighed. They didn't understand why Zhao Fu had made them concubines. After thinking about it for a long time, they decided to just accept their fate.

Since the situation was like this, they were powerless to retaliate. However, even though they had officially become Great Qin Legatee's women, they didn't know why he had never touched them before.

They were quite confident in their looks, so they didn't know why Great Qin's Legatee never came. Afterward, they thought of that Phoenix statue and realized that it was possible that Great Qin's Legatee was not interested in them and had instead made them concubines because he was using them for something.

The two women didn't want to think about such a thing; they would rather have Great Qin's Legatee be interested in their bodies and toy around with them because then they would at least be women.

Staying here, they seemed to have lost the right to be a person, and they would be forever imprisoned here, suffering boundless loneliness and boredom until their lives ended. They didn't want such a thing to happen.

As such, they would be happy if Great Qin's Legatee would do something to them so that they would at least be treated as women and not just objects put into storage.

Now, seeing another five women be brought in, even though they didn't know what had happened outside, the appearance of these five women meant that their chances were even lower. This also somewhat confirmed what they had been guessing, causing their gazes to become dim.

Zhao Fu was currently sitting cross-legged beside a small creek as he fished in silence. Without realizing it, he had started to enjoy fishing, as it could help him calm his heart.

At the same time, Zhao Fu's Cultivation was also rapidly progressing.

"Your Majesty, you're not angry anymore, right?" Beside him, Xianru slightly smiled. In response, Zhao Fu nodded.

"Then is Your Majesty planning to take down that third objective?" Xianru asked caringly.

Zhao Fu thought about it but shook his head and said, "It's best to leave the third objective for now. Facing three system main cities is still a bit difficult, so let's fulfill the requirements to upgrade to a Great City first!"

The requirements for upgrading to a Great City were three Basic Cities, six Basic Towns, and Zhao Fu already had two Basic Cities and four Basic Towns. He still lacked one Basic City and two Small Towns.

Even though Great Qin already had seven system main cities, which were all Great Cities, the requirements were Basic Cities and Basic Towns.

However, this would make it easier when Great Qin was upgrading into a Capital City, as that required three Great Cities, six Basic Cities, and nine Basic Towns.